33 Year Old, One Toddler, Breast Reduction 32E to B or C 115lbs Need Relief! - Nashville, TN

I have my consultation for great reduction...

I have my consultation for great reduction scheduled 6/21. This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do, but I wanted to wait until I was finished having children. My daughter is almost two, and we have decided she will be an only child. I feel like I just need to do it now while I have the courage. My back has been killing me lately! I thought maybe after breast feeding my breasts would shrink. Hahahaha...think again. They got two sizes bigger and now sit about two inches lower pulling on my shoulders daily. I can't stand it anymore. I have been reading so many reviews, but one thing I have yet to see mentioned is what to do about caring for your children. This makes me think maybe my timing is off. Should I wait until my daughter is older? I'm planning on letting my mother-in-law keep her for a week or two while I recover. She will be two by the time I have surgery. Anyone have experience with having a breast reduction with small children at home?

6 days until consultation

I started to get really nervous about the surgery. I was pumped to do it for a while, and reading other reviews has made me nervous. Most people say they are glad they did it, but I am nervous for the first few days afterwards. I am mainly nervous about the anesthesia. I had a c-section two years ago and didn't even take pain medication. I feel like I can deal with the pain afterwards. I just don't want the nausea and unpleasant side effects of the pain meds and anesthesia. I was thinking maybe I could get away with just Tylenol, but I have yet to read anyone who has done that successfully. Looks like I will need the pain meds at least the first few days. I am also worried about my two year old wanting to be picked up. It is going to be so hard not to pick her up and hold her for several weeks. I don't know why I am nervous when the surgery has not even been scheduled yet. Ya for anxiety! Haha


Well, I had good news and bad news during my consult. The doctor said i would be a great candidate for breast reduction because I still have good breast density and they are large for my size. However, with Blue Cross Blue Shield they require 400g to be removed and that would leave me at an A or small B. He does not recommend this because it would be way smaller than where I would want to be. Now I am scrambling trying to figure out what I can do to finance this. I have Care Credit, but I would only have 6 months to pay it off interest free which is impossible. I have credit cards, but the interest rates are high and I don't want to pay high interest. So now I am just looking at all of my options. I just can't imagine having to put up with this back pain anymore. I was so convinced I would be able to get it covered. I was disappointed. You would think they would consider my weight and height compared to my bra size. I am determined I am getting this done some way somehow. I have put it off for years and years. I don't want to have to put it off again! Will update once we decide what to do.

Another Consultation scheduled

I decided to make a consultation with another doctor. They said that hopefully they will be able to get it approved by my insurance and suggested getting a letter from my chiropractor. I have the next consultation scheduled for July 11th. I feel better that at least they are going to try to get it approved. If they deny me, at least I know it came straight from the horses mouth.

Submitted to BCBS TN

I went for another consultation with another doctor and he told me that based on my weight and height I would only have to have a minimum of 240g removed. My chiropractor of 4 years also wrote a letter, and all of this was submitted to Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee. I hope they approve my surgery! My back hurts so bad. Sometimes I just hold my boobs up with my hands to take the weight off and my back immediately feels better. I have also been getting headaches daily, and I feel like it stems from chronic back pain. I will update when I get the results

Care Credit and Surgery Costs

Insurance denied me for surgery. However, I decided to go ahead with the self pay route. I'm planning on using Care Credit because the interest rate is lower than my credit cards. I had to put $800 down and I was able to do 6 months interest free. I have done this before with dental surgery and it was a really good deal. The surgery itself can be either 24 or 48 months of payments with 15% interest. I decided to do the surgery in January because it is a slow time at work, my daughter will be 2 1/2 by then, and I am hoping I can get money for xmas to help with my surgery expenses. This surgeon was my favorite and also just happened to be the least expensive so that's great. My pre-op is scheduled for December 19th.
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