33 Year Old, One Toddler, Breast Reduction 32E to B or C 115lbs Need Relief! - Nashville, TN

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I have my consultation for great reduction...

I have my consultation for great reduction scheduled 6/21. This is something I have ALWAYS wanted to do, but I wanted to wait until I was finished having children. My daughter is almost two, and we have decided she will be an only child. I feel like I just need to do it now while I have the courage. My back has been killing me lately! I thought maybe after breast feeding my breasts would shrink. Hahahaha...think again. They got two sizes bigger and now sit about two inches lower pulling on my shoulders daily. I can't stand it anymore. I have been reading so many reviews, but one thing I have yet to see mentioned is what to do about caring for your children. This makes me think maybe my timing is off. Should I wait until my daughter is older? I'm planning on letting my mother-in-law keep her for a week or two while I recover. She will be two by the time I have surgery. Anyone have experience with having a breast reduction with small children at home?

6 days until consultation

I started to get really nervous about the surgery. I was pumped to do it for a while, and reading other reviews has made me nervous. Most people say they are glad they did it, but I am nervous for the first few days afterwards. I am mainly nervous about the anesthesia. I had a c-section two years ago and didn't even take pain medication. I feel like I can deal with the pain afterwards. I just don't want the nausea and unpleasant side effects of the pain meds and anesthesia. I was thinking maybe I could get away with just Tylenol, but I have yet to read anyone who has done that successfully. Looks like I will need the pain meds at least the first few days. I am also worried about my two year old wanting to be picked up. It is going to be so hard not to pick her up and hold her for several weeks. I don't know why I am nervous when the surgery has not even been scheduled yet. Ya for anxiety! Haha


Well, I had good news and bad news during my consult. The doctor said i would be a great candidate for breast reduction because I still have good breast density and they are large for my size. However, with Blue Cross Blue Shield they require 400g to be removed and that would leave me at an A or small B. He does not recommend this because it would be way smaller than where I would want to be. Now I am scrambling trying to figure out what I can do to finance this. I have Care Credit, but I would only have 6 months to pay it off interest free which is impossible. I have credit cards, but the interest rates are high and I don't want to pay high interest. So now I am just looking at all of my options. I just can't imagine having to put up with this back pain anymore. I was so convinced I would be able to get it covered. I was disappointed. You would think they would consider my weight and height compared to my bra size. I am determined I am getting this done some way somehow. I have put it off for years and years. I don't want to have to put it off again! Will update once we decide what to do.

Another Consultation scheduled

I decided to make a consultation with another doctor. They said that hopefully they will be able to get it approved by my insurance and suggested getting a letter from my chiropractor. I have the next consultation scheduled for July 11th. I feel better that at least they are going to try to get it approved. If they deny me, at least I know it came straight from the horses mouth.

Submitted to BCBS TN

I went for another consultation with another doctor and he told me that based on my weight and height I would only have to have a minimum of 240g removed. My chiropractor of 4 years also wrote a letter, and all of this was submitted to Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee. I hope they approve my surgery! My back hurts so bad. Sometimes I just hold my boobs up with my hands to take the weight off and my back immediately feels better. I have also been getting headaches daily, and I feel like it stems from chronic back pain. I will update when I get the results

Care Credit and Surgery Costs

Insurance denied me for surgery. However, I decided to go ahead with the self pay route. I'm planning on using Care Credit because the interest rate is lower than my credit cards. I had to put $800 down and I was able to do 6 months interest free. I have done this before with dental surgery and it was a really good deal. The surgery itself can be either 24 or 48 months of payments with 15% interest. I decided to do the surgery in January because it is a slow time at work, my daughter will be 2 1/2 by then, and I am hoping I can get money for xmas to help with my surgery expenses. This surgeon was my favorite and also just happened to be the least expensive so that's great. My pre-op is scheduled for December 19th.


I had my pre-op a few days ago. It was pretty straight forward. We discussed the procedure, and what my goal was as far as size. We decided on a C. They will remove around 100g from my left breast and 200g from my right to even them out. He said that most people tolerate the procedure well. I was really, really nervous when I decided to schedule the surgery. I haven't really had any anxiety about it since then. I guess just making the decision to do it was giving me anxiety. Now that it is for sure happening I just haven't thought about it as much. Dr. Tarola really put me at ease. He said that I may be able to return to work after a week since I have a desk job. He also said that Tylenol might be sufficient for the pain. I am more nervous about the anesthesia and pain medication than the pain from the surgery. I just hate feeling out of it. When I had my c-section I only took Tylenol the entire time and had no problems. I also had a crown put in without any numbing medication. What a weirdo right? If I can make it through the first day and recovering from the anesthesia I think I will be good! I have surgery at 8:00am January 9th. So I will update then!

Surgery is tomorrow!

My surgery is tomorrow morning at 9:30. They said it should take about 2 1/2 hours. I've been nervous all day, but also excited. I'm mainly nervous about waking up from anesthesia. I hear a lot of people saying they feel dizzy, nauseous, and miserable when they first wake up. I'm just hoping I feel tired but now sick to my stomach! I'm also slightly worried about being in a lot of pain when I first wake up. Although, I have heard less people say that. I just know I will be happy in the long run. There is no turning back now. I will update after surgery if I'm coherent enough to type

Before and after photos

Here is a before photo and my goal photo. You can see one side is much larger than the other. They are going to remove 100g from one side and 200 from the other.

About to go back

I'm literally feeling terrified right now. My anxiety level is through the roof. Either way this is about to happen. See you on the other side with smaller (hopefully much smaller) boobs

Day 1- Home from surgery

I'm going to try to write as much as I can but I'm pretty tired right now. Surgery went really well. They gave me lots of anti nausea medication, and a patch behind my ear. Before I knew it, they wheeled me back to the OR. They gave me something in my IV and told me I probably would not remember anything but I do! I remember everything in the OR until the transferred me from one bed to the other and that's when I stopped remembering. Everyone was so nice it put me at ease...well maybe it was the medications but still. Next thing I know I was waking back up in the room I was in at first. They asked me my pain scale and I said 2 out of 10. No pain, no nausea, just sooooo tired. After an hour in recovery and feeling pretty good they tried to get me to stand up and use the bathroom. I tried two-three times but every time I would get lightheaded and lay back down. They let me go ahead and leave and wheeled me to the car. The car ride wasn't bad. I had brought a pillow to put between my chest and seatbelt which helped a lot. I was mostly awake the whole car ride. Since then I've been cuddled up in the bed sleeping in and off. I can barely stay awake ten minutes or so with out falling asleep. The pain is stil very minimal as long as I'm laying down. I've tried to get from the bed to the bathroom a few times and it is no pleaseant! I don't see how people get out of bed without using those muscles. Tomorrow I can take off the bandage and take a shower so it will be my first look. I'm not sure how much he had to take from each because he left before I woke up. He talked to my husband a lot, but they didn't discuss that. I guess I'll ask at my post op appointment Monday.

Day after surgery

Today has been mostly a fog of sleeping and eating. I woke up with blurry vision which was really odd. I still have it, but the doctor said it could be from the anesthesia. I also had a motion sickness patch behind my ear this morning and one of the side effects of the medication was blurry vision. I can't read or watch tv. Because I can't really see it. So I figured I would just spend the day resting. I took my bandages off today and attempted to take a shower but I almost passed out. No shower for me today. I bought all medium sports bras, and none of them fit. I guess because I'm so swollen. I have a regular one on right now. It doesn't open in the front but it is the most comfortable. I had a slight cough when I went in to have surgery that was left over from a sickness a few weeks ago. The cough has gotten worse. Also, I have a fever around 100 which I read was normal right after surgery. I'm just keeping an eye on that.

3rd day

I just woke up, but I can tell I feel much better today. I was so dizzy and had blurry vision yesterday. I pretty much slept all day because it was too annoying to stay awake. I'm assuming the vision issue was from the patch I had behind my ear. Also, I have not taken any of the Percocet I was prescribed. I have only taken Tylenol. I did take two phenergan yesterday because I was dizzy. Today I woke up and made myself breakfast & everything. I have no soreness in my arms as other people have described. I am very sore around my ribs though. I put a few maxi pads into my sports bra to keep the bra from rubbing into the incisions. Other than that nothing new to report. I'm probably going to hang out in bed all day with my pillows again and watch movies. I'm going to attempt to take a shower again tonight when my husband gets home from work. I still have that nasty cough today. I have been coughing up stuff though so I guess that's a good thing. I will post photos tonight when I take a shower

Day 4 (exactly 3 days since surgery)

Today I woke up and decided I was going to try to start moving around more. Laying in bed is making me sore and I'm getting cabin fever. I got up and made some tea then took my first shower. It was probably the quickest shower in history. I just get light headed and am so worried about getting the incisions wet. But I do feel better now that I've washed my body from the hospital. I just noticed today how winded I get walking up the stairs, or even just talking on the phone. Everything just takes a lot of effort. I know that will come back with time. My level of soreness has gone way down. I feel like I can move my arms pretty good and can push myself out of bed much easier. I do have some swelling and notice swelling under my arms a little. Im just so happy with the way they look. They are so much smaller and my back feels a million times better already. Im sitting up straighter and feel like I can breath deeper. I know this is going to be one of the best decisions of my life. I can't wait to see how I'm feeling in a few months

Day 5- 4 days since surgery

I'm trying to make sure and post every day. I tried to find reviews where people posted daily and it was really hard. A lot of people post a lot the first day or two and then don't post for another week . So, I hope this can be of help to someone so they know what to expect every day. I slept pretty well last night. I was very swollen and sore before bed I think because I tried to do a little too much yesterday. I did take a very quick shower yesterday but I would like to attempt a better one today. I'm starting to develop dreadlocks at this point lol! I can see some yellow bruising starting to show up that wasn't there before. I'm sure this is part of the healing process. I still have a lot of dried blood around my incisions that has been there the whole time. Last night I switched to one of my old sports bras because I was too swollen. The medium sized bra I had on was digging into my incisions on the bottom. My old bra is much more comfortable for now. I do think overall I'm slightly more sore than I was yesterday. I'm not really sure why that is. I'm going to be extra lazy today other than my shower just to make sure I'm not irritating them. I can't believe it's Friday already though. This whole week of recovery has gone by so quickly. I took next week off work as well so I still have one more week to recover. I go Monday to see Dr. Tarola to get my stitches out. I'll post some update photos when I take my shower today

Photos-4 days after surgery

I managed to take a shower. I don't know why I'm so nervous about the water hitting my sutures, but it didn't hurt at all. I did feel a little nauseous. I'm back laying in bed now resting. It's hard to see in this lighting but there is some faint yellow bruising now. I've been taking Arnica daily to help with the bruising.

Day 6- 5 days after surgery

I'm a little worried about one of my nipples. It looks pale compared to the other one. I'm not sure if that's normal. You can really see the bruising now. Not much pain today. I'm feeling some zingers. I slept really well last night. I even propped myself slightly on my side and slept and it was awesome! I do feel some tugging from my sutures when I move certain ways. If anyone has had one nipple look pale like this let me know!

I posted the wrong photo!

Here is what they look like today. See how one nipple looks kind of pale?

6 days post surgery

Not much has changed. I finally got out of the house last night and went out to eat. I really realized how sore I still was then. When I'm laying in bed I feel no pain at all. I was worn out when I got home. But I would say overall for having surgery Monday I'm doing great! The pain is nothing unbearable. It just feels sore. I still have a good amount of swelling and some under my arms still too. I have my follow up tomorrow so I will post an update then

One week check up

Things are going great. I just had a recheck and had two sutures removed from each side. He said I'm healing great. Only one of the sutures on the bottom hurt. The other ones felt like tugging. He felt around and did not feel any hard bumps in either breast. I have feeling in both nipples which is good. I had 138g removed on one side and 275g removed from the side. I can't believe there was so much difference. I'm glad they are even now. I had a question by another subscriber and forgot to mention before that I did not have drains. I also did not have tape. He uses absorbable sutures and glue. So no nasty drains or tape which has kept things very clean and dry. I was supposed to start my period three days ago, but it is late due to the surgery. I can tell I'm about to start so I've been a little more tender today. But even when he was pushing around feeling for lumps it didn't hurt. I was surprised because I've been hesitant to even touch them in fear it will hurt. Im super happy with my results so far. I made sure to tell Dr. Tarola today because I was sooooooo nervous. None of the things I was worried might happen have happened so far. I'm extremely happy and would definitely recommend him for surgical procedures.

8 days post surgery- started work

I went back to work today. I did leave early because I was so swollen. I guess just being on my feet and moving my arms a lot made them sore & irritated. I wanted to leave earlier but people kept coming in. Now I'm laying in the bed trying to relax. It feels like my boobs are throwing a temper tantrum. They are not so happy with me right now. I'm probably just going to do half days this week. I don't want to jeopardize my healing. I own a boutique so my hours are flexible thank goodness. Here is a photo from today.

Day 9 post op

I'm going to wait to post again after my next recheck on Monday. Things are staying pretty much the same. I wake up barely sore at all and then throughout the day they get more swollen and sore. Today was a little better than yesterday but I still left work early before they got too bad because I could feel them starting to swell again. I think that's pretty normal. So ladies...if you do go back to work after a week I would suggest taking half days! And that's even with a desk job. Even though you feel much better you aren't healed yet and your body will let you know it by the end of the day!

Day 12 Post Op- Itchy!

Things have been going well. The pain level has remained pretty consistent all week. Mild in the mornings and a little more sore and tender in the afternoons. Nothing unbearable just a little annoying. Some areas of my incisions have a burning feeling, but starting last night they started itching. I think they are dry and also appear to have some glue finally coming off so I think that's contributing to the itchiness! It's not that bad. It kind of reminds me when you are peeling from sunburn and get itchy. The bruising is about the same. I do have one breast that is larger than the other. It actually used to be my smaller breast. The other breast was way larger than this one. I'm not sure if it's swelling or fluid. The doctor just said keep an eye on it and if I notice any warmth or discoloration he wants to see me right away. It feels normal, but it is much larger. I would say a whole cup size. I don't notice it in my first photos so I'm hoping it will even out over time. I'm not that worried about it because I know I'm still really early in my recovery. I see him again Monday and will update then. I'm very happy about the shape of my breasts now. They look like they used to ten years ago! I know they will drop a little, but they have to be better than before!

Day 16

I went to the doctor Monday and he said everything looks great. I'm healing well. There is some differences between the left and right breast still, but they seem like they are changing almost daily. They have dropped a bit from last week. I did some comparison photos. You can tell how swollen they were before and it seems like that's settling down. The nipples are pointing more upwards now too. They are still sore and somewhat itchy. Nothing too bad though.

Almost week 5!

Really not much hasn't changed between week 3-5. Some of the glue has come off now and I can see that the incisions seem to have healed nicely. I'm terrified they will pop open so I'm constantly making my husband look at spots to make sure they aren't opening. He thinks I'm crazy! However, so far so good. I've been able to sleep on my side since about week 3. I still prefer to sleep on my back because the incisions are still tender on my sides. I also have weird burning on my nipples. My nipples really hurt some days. They are over sensitive. It seems like that is getting better now. The main thing that seems to have changed recently is more psychological. I was sooooo happy with my breasts at first. Now I'm worried they are too big. I know that it can take 6-12 months for all the swelling to go down. I still am just not sure. I ordered a size C wireless bra. I will be anxious to see if it fits. I didn't want to go get measured in fear they would say I'm a size D and I might have a total meltdown. I just went ahead and avoided that for now. I'll go at the 6 month mark. One breast is still larger than the other. The opposite breast that used to be the small one is now the big one. I thought it was swelling at first, but nothing has changed in three weeks. I know I'm probably just over analyzing them. Thank god I took before pictures. Comparing then and now gives me a lot of relief. Because if it wasn't for that I'm not sure I would be convinced there was any change. I know that sounds weird because clearly there is a change. I'm just going to ride it out and try not to worry too much until I'm closer to 6 months. Has anyone else done this? Happy at first and then start feeling like they are big again? Lastly, you feel like they are so perky and high up and literally every week they start dropping down lower. As the swelling goes down so do your boobs. When I was younger and had C/D cups they looked like implants because the upper pole was so full. Now I feel like they are flat almost until you get to the bottom and then there is all this weight there. Ok...I said no more over analyzing and here I go. I will leave you with this photo from my last post compared to now. Any feedback would be appreciated. Do they still look to large?
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

I had gone for consultations to a few different doctors, and Dr. Tarola and his staff made me feel the most comfortable. The procedure went amazing, and I did not even have to touch my pain medications. His choice of no drains and glue as a dressing was the right way to go to keep things clean and pain free. Dr. Tarola was very comforting, and alleviated my concerns before the procedure. After the procedure, Aubrey was very helpful communicating between Dr. Tarola and I and answering all of my questions. She is very nice and helpful. I will definitely be using them for any future procedures. And my results are great by the way! My back pain is officially gone, and I feel more confident. My only regret is not going to Dr. Tarola sooner! Thank you all for what you do!

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