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Today I had my saline implants drained, I am on a...

Today I had my saline implants drained, I am on a journey to get back to my natural self. I have had implants out in twice, the first time I was in my thirties and finished having babies, just wanted to repair the saggy boobs after babies, the doctor suggested implants so I went with his idea, well they turned out HUGE! I hated them but lived with them for 7 years and then finally got the money up to have them removed completely, I went to the same doctor and he suggested a smaller omplant and said that a lift would look horrible and he didnt want to cut me up, well I went again with his suggestion and agian my boobs were still BIG! I had a size C cup before I ever had my first implants and I didn't want bigger boobs only more filled out to fix the sagging, instead what I really needed was a lift, I had plenty of breast tissue obviouslly, well I seen a different doctor, a lady doctor that understands what I want, so here I go again, one more time, I hate being in this situation again but I will be rid of the giant implants that look stupid and have back my natural breast again, I am worried about the lift though, I keep thinking what the original doctor said about cutting me up and how awful I would look, I trust this lady doctor though and have seen many photos that everyone has posted on here and everyone looks beautiful. I am praying for the best outcome but in the end I will be so happy to be rid of these heavy fake boobs and be my light self again. I had them drained today and they look pretty good right now. I will post updates as my journey continues, so far so happy!

I am really enjoying my new look with the drained...

I am really enjoying my new look with the drained implants, I am scheduled to see the PS May 7th to discuss if I want to do a lift or just take out the capsules, I like the way my breast look as of now but I think I am doing the lift anyway. I think that eventually I would want to do it so I might as well do it now. I will let you all know what I decide after my visit with the doc. I have almost decided yes so I scheduled my lift for May 21st.

Ok, here are what the boobies look like with...

Ok, here are what the boobies look like with capsule still in but drained out, I more than likely will have a lift May 21st due to one boobie looks bigger than the other and they are still too heavy and I am in my 40's so will need it sooner or latter, so I thought about saving $$$ and just having the capsule out but in the long run I think I will be happier about having a lift and implant free forever! I do have sagging as well. BOO.

Well today I paid my deposit in the lift and...

Well today I paid my deposit in the lift and removing the capsules still in my boobies. I am scheduled in a couple of weeks, now I am getting worried about the scar I will have after. It's either be saggy no scar or lifted up to be perky with a scar, I am trying to weigh it out at this point. I really want the lift but just worried about that scar, my sister had this done 10 years ago and still has a scar that bothers her but her breast were like EE size and she had to have it done due to back pain, for me it would be to look better but will I really with that scar. It's scheduled to happen but I am so concerned about that scar.

Paid my deposit today for the lift, I have to get...

Paid my deposit today for the lift, I have to get these capsules out, they feel painful at times and I don't like the feeling under the skin of the capsules. I don't know if it's been the stress of the whole breast thing, draining, do I lift or not, capsules empty now and feeling uncomfortable at times but I have been getting these extreeme headaches the past week, I think it's stress related to what I am doing with my boobies right now. I have been looking at many before and after pics and some can really scare the heck out of you and others look great. I've never been a lucky gal except for marrying the sweetest man. This should be easy, it's only breast!

Well this Tuesday I will be doing the Explant...

Well this Tuesday I will be doing the Explant instead of a lift. I am going to take out the drained capsules first and then try to take off about 15 more pounds before I have the lift. I have lost 13 pounds over the past year trying to get healthy. I am planning on doing the lift this fall. I will let everyone know about how the explant proceedure goes with the PS. I am so happy just to have that darn capsule out, it feels so strange under my skin, it also looks weird when I lay down in bed a night. If anyone wants to know, it costs me $500 to drain and will cost another $500 to explant them in the ps office. I will not be put to sleep but will have a local numbing shot to the area, a little nervous about this since I am a whimp that passes out at the sight of a needle! My ps said when I do the lift, she will apply the amount it cost me to drain and explant to my lift proceedure! Yay! It will still cost me about $7,000.00 by time it's all done. I could get it done cheaper in Nashville but I feel that I am in the best hands this time. No more farting in the wind as they say! lol!

Drained capsules came OUT today! So happy! :)

Today I went in and had the drained capsules taken out and I felt so happy to know they were out now forever! I was given a valuim 30 minutes before the in office proceedure, when the PS came in, I was already in one of the ugly little disposable capes and a little nervous at the thought of having them removed, after the valium kicked in and I put on a great pandora radio station, put my ear plugs in, I was ready to do it. The PS laid my chair back, I closed my eyes and she numbed me up really well, the stick hurt just a little not much and the I could feel the pressure of what I think she was doing and it was not painful, just felt the pressure and then I felt a deeper pressure and sensation of the implant coming out, I felt relieved and my breast felt lighter, she then placed drains in my breast and it pinched just a little and some pressure, the drains are small not to uncomfortable right now, sewed me up and cleaned me off, put me in a sports bra that I bought form Wal-mart, clips in the front and I was on my way in about a total of 30 minutes, not bad at all! I am at home now and relaxing, so happy I am done with those dang things, they are OUT of my body. YAY! The boobs still look abput the same as when they were drained, I can live with that. Might do the lift after I see what the tissue does in the next 3-4 months. I am so happy to have my body free and clear of those implants, never again will I ever do that or recommend anyone do it. They have to come out sooner or latter and it's not fun. Totaal so far with the 2 office proceedures at $500.00 to drain and $500.00 to remove was just $1,000 to start the beginning of a heathier me! YAY!!!!!!So happy!

Feeling awesome today! Capsules out!

I feel so much better today, not much soreness and about to take a shower, I was told it's ok to do with 24 hrs of the explant, I have drains so this will be a challenge. I am more happy than I have been in years of dragging these obnoxious uncomfotable hooters around, I always felt embarrased by the matronly size and they made me look so heavy, I am 48 and feel like I am 21 now! Good riddance saline implants!

Drains came out today!

I had my drains taken out today, so happy, those things are sooooo uncomfortable, as soon as my doctor looks at me in about 7 days after I heal up, I will post some new photos, I will say the boobs still look acceptable to me, like the pics above, just a little saggy but not horrible. I feel like they are just a lttle smaller now that the drained implant came out a couple of days ago but I am so happy with my decision to have those things out of my body.

My new boobie look after 2 weeks of having the explant!

Well I think I can live with the new look of my freshly explanted boobies. these oics are as of today. I had the bags removed a couple of weeks ago and I feel amazing! Too happy! The boobs are starting to fluff again and I have been wearing my sports bra every night and a regular good bra during the day. I made the right choice and I don't know if I will do a lift at this point, I need one because one boob is bigger than the other but I think I might leave well enough alone.
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