I'm 42 y/o , 5'2 and 95 lbs. 350 CC Style 20 Natralle. Nashville, TN

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I was full 32 A before I had kids but always want...

I was full 32 A before I had kids but always want to have bigger boobs. I don't want them too big and look fake. I'm back and forth between 275CC and 300 C. My surgeon said most women wish they can go bigger.
Only 3 weeks before my surgery!! I'm so excited and little nervous.

I would love to hear from your experience

I have BOOBS !!

I went to the hospital at 6:00. I was a little nervous but all the nurses were joking around. My PS came in to draw on my chest and my final decision was 350CC HP. Shorty after that I was out. Seems like I went for nap for 30 minutes. As soon as I woke up I looked down and here are my twins. I dont feel any pains at all. Just very tight on my chest. The nurse helped me to put my clothes on. I just had sweatpants and zip up sweatshirt. ride home wasn't bad at all. I able to eat some crackers and drink Ginger Ale so I can take pain pills. I know I haven't fell much pain yet but I go head take some. Some of ladies said taking them every 6 hours would help so I'm doing that.
Good luck to all of you having BA today. Happy healin.

Good bye to small boobs !

I can't even fill out 32A. My left slightly bigger than left breast. My PS still used 300CC HP for both side

Day 2 pos op

Hi Ladies,
Do you think my breast to far apart ? Will they get closer after few months ?
I want cleavage but I guess it never happen. I would love to hear from you.

Day 5

I stopped taking medicine all together after day 2. I m not constipated either. I don't have any appetite. I tried some light chicken noodle soup, Hot tea and honey. I can move my arms above my head no problem. I allowed to shower 2 days after surgery. I'm still wearing the strap and it's killing me more than anything else. I don't think my breasts has drop any yet but it feel softer a little bit. I'm very happy with the size and hopping the gap between them will get closer. And hope they won't look square like the pic above.
Ps: I'm typing on my phone so pls forgive my typing error.
Hope you all healing well !!

11 days after surgery

My surgery Oct 12th. Back to work Oct 19th. I was still dizzy and my mind was not clear. I guess beause of anesthesia. It was scary driving too , feeling like you taking drugs. But last only 2 days and I was fine the rest of the work week.
1 week post op went well. My PS wants me to wear the strap for another 2 weeks specially at night but I have been wearing during the day too. I can massage my girls now at least 5 times a day. last 3 days I woke up in the morning without Boobs so tight. Feel much back to normal and feel they are mine ( I can say they are mine lol ).
take care everyone.

Dream came true !!!!!!

So I wore a backless dress to a wedding yesterday. Let me tell you how happy I was. Some clothes that I thought I NEVER able to wear. My boyfriend saw me the 1st time after my surgery. He was so happy as much as I was. For the 1st time in my life I feel a real women ????
I'm happy for all of us that finally step up to do something for ourself. Thank you for all of your supports and advices.
ps : I didn't take any pix of the dress I wore last night.

2 weeks post op

I don't need to wear the strap anymore.My PS said my boobs still continue to gets closer And drop more YAY !!!! Have any one's PS uses Keller Funnel??My PS did , I heard that would avoid infections.
He said I can use Merderma gel or Sillicone Scar Sheet. Dose any one use either one of those and have a good result?
Hope you all doing well !!!

1 month post op

Last 2 weeks i couldn't help myself to wonder my boobs will drop and look better if I didn't go for the max with narrow BWD. I was emotional roller coasters !!!! I didn't see any chances till yesterday. Boobs feel much softer and the right one dropped more than the left. Must be because my left was a little bit bigger before BA. My PS said I don't need to wear the strap after 2 weeks but I still wear it at night. I still think mine are square shape, and of course still way too high.
I was at the beach last week. My PS told me to cover scar with tape to avoid darkening. Either then that I can lay out in the sun.
I really love the feeling of having boobs lol. Walked in VS last week. The lady asked if I know my size. I said never have VS bra before. Yes it's true, I only have padded sport bra from them. She take my measurement , I'm 32 C. Woo hoo !!!!!! Never dream I could fit a B cup bra. Bought a bra even I can't wear it yet.
I'm not good about going to detail about recovery but just want to tell to newer BA friends PATIENT IS A KEY !!!

Sorry I forgot some pics.

Already 6 weeks

I had 6 weeks appointment this morning. My PS said I need to aggressive massage my left breast. Good news is he think left pocket still have room for the implant to drop. He said continue to cross my arms or push implants together. He doesn't think they would get much more closer. I'm feeling blue to hear that. Kicking myself for choosing high profile. I wonder if modarate plus profile will helps my breasts closer together. I try to stay positive. maybe just take me longer to drop and fluff. I like my boobs with clothes on but looks so fake when I'm naked. I forgot to ask him when I can wear regular bra but I enjoy wearing bralette. i will see him at 2 months and go from there.

I'm back 100% to normal. I sleep on my side after week 4. I can run but still can't do push-ups. i didn't gain any weight but feeling I'm.
last week I thought I would have a lot to say but I can't even think of anything else right now. I will add more if I remember later lol.
I hope November ladies are doing well and good luck to Everyone gets Breast Augmentation in December.

November 12th - December 12th

I tried so hard not to take any pic last 2 weeks. I extremely feel happy this morning to see the changes when I try on same bra and swim top. I have been massage my left breast a lot and wear the strap just on the left side at night. What's a different !!!!
I'm back to running and push ups. I still try not to pick up real heavy stuff. I don't have much to report because I didn't have any complications during healing. Just see a huge drop on my left in the last 2 weeks. You still able to tell the left is still higher but not as much as before. Do I love them now ?? Yes , I really start to fall in love with them. Special when I see a different in pics. Do I wish I could go bigger ? YES YES and YES !!!But I already went the max my PS said I could have. So if I ever have BA again I have to go with Ultra High Profile to get e'm bigger. I didn't have much experience to tell everyone during healing process expected you need to be PATIENCE PATIENCE!!!
I don't think the gap will get any closer. Guess I have to wear pushed up bra to have cleavage that I want. I have some 32 C bra from VS but still haven't wear them yet. I'm happy wearing bralette for now.
Hope everyone is doing well. Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

Correction October 12th -December 12th.

I'm 8 weeks OP.

3 months post op

I went in for my 3 months appointment. PS said they still need to drop a little more. The left is still a bit higher so I still need to massage the left more.
As you all know, I have been talking about wanting bigger. He Personally think they plenty big on me lol but if I want to go bigger I could. He suggests I should wait through swim suit season, he thinks I maybe happy with them. Because of my skin already stretched, I could go up to 100cc more. He explained to me the risk of the surgery : bleeding , infection , scar , off from work , anthesiasa ... ect. He said the 2nd would be easier recovery then the 1st time. Its suck I have to pay the 2nd time but I don't think I have a choice. 350CC was the MAX I could handle this time.
Either than boobs greed I'm doing fine. Back to work out and normal activities. I was 32 C at 3 weeks but I'm 32 D now. My boyfriend is so thrilled with letter D.
I don't think many of us talk about this suject. I feel much confident and sexy after BA. Our sex life has been crazier than before. Sorry about too much info here. Any of you exprience this ??
Hope everyone is doing well. Happy New Year !!!!

Need to report this profile

Any of you receive Private message from this person. I think it's a guy.

Bikini in January!!!!

It's snowing in Nashville right now. I have some time because I don't have to go to work so here are some bikini pics on Snow Day.
Bikini is not what I want to talk about. I have been depressed for 2 weeks everytime I look at my boobs. They are too ROUND to me. They look ok on bra n clothes but Either than that I'm not happy at all. I posted question for Dr on here and get half answer said that's very how they look. Some of Dr said I still have more time to drop and change sharp. I was thinking revision in a year to go bigger but now I want to change to Mod + profile instead. I have seen so so so so many of you get HP and look so perfect. I don't know why mine don't drop and give me the sharp I want. Just click in my head I been doing push-ups for a year and half. I did 50 in morning and 50 at night. I wasn't thinking at all about chest muscle. I even push myself to do more 2 weeks before surgery, I tried to make up 2 months recovery. Do you think mine dropping slow because of that reason ?? Any of you had the same shape as me at 3 months and changed after ??? Do I have any hope at all ?? New2023 told me took her very long time to dropped. But either than her I don't see anyone else on here has the same problem as I do. I massage them more every day just hopping that helps. I don't think mine still sit high but I'm concern about the shape. i really appreciate any advice!!!
Have a great weekend my sweet Realself friends. !!!

I can't believe it's 4 months.

Not much changes but thought I keep my update monthly. I still wear bra size 32 D. After giving my left breast a good amount of massage , the left looks almost even with the right. The gap between them don't get any closer. I still think mine haven't dropped completely yet. Thank you for some of sweet lady told me could take up 6-9 months to drop. I try to keep positive and hope. I have seen so many of you look so natural and beautiful even you got HP or UHP. Mine look like 2 tennis ball on my chest. I still don't have any Lower fullness at all. I'm ok without it but I still want the natural slopes.
Im back to regular work out. I don't do push-ups anymore just hope my chest muscle will relax.
I still want to revision. I have been thinking about it every day. I haven't really talk detail to my PS yet. If he tell me UHP is the only option to go bigger than I'm not doing that. I got HP and I don't like the look then UHP won't works.
Hope everyone is doing great. Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

I need help !!!

I'm 4 months PO. I don't have any numbness, shooting pain at all. I feel the implants are part of me during the day when I move around a lot. But I feel weird ( not sure if I should call numb ) when I just wake up in the morning. IS THAT NORMAL FOR 4 MONTHS ??
I stlll massage them every day. I have noticed they dropped some but not much more softness than 3 months post op. I read couple lady have CC without any system or breasts changing shape. 'm worry and scare
Pls let me know if the way I feel in the morning it's normal or not normal ???
I m going to call PS to see him next week to have him exam just to be safe.
Thank you for all of advice I can get.
Have a great weekend !!!!
PS : I included pics of my scar at 4 moths that I forget to post

Comparison 1 month post-op and 5 months post-op

I have not noticed any huge change since last month. I have massage the left wayyyyyy aggressive and it's paid off. I barely can tell the left is higher anymore.
I came in to see my PS couple weeks ago and he confirmed no sign of CC. We also discuss about revision. He won't charge me surgery fee. I only need to pay anesthesia, hospital and implants fees. Thats very sweet of him because I was the one picked the size. Since I know the cost I really think I'm going to go bigger in fall.
I still think my boobs so round and hard line. I have not seen anyone has outcome like mine even they went with bigger implants. I don't remember who had the pic below on her wish boobs. She has mentioned perky and fake look. I just realized mine look just like hers. Sighs
I will try to stay positive !!!
Here is some thought after 5 months BA. The recovery is not as BAD as you think so don't be nervous!!
Any of you have weird boobs shape at beginning pls don't worry. They won't be like that forever.
Anyone that has one side higher than other. Pls don't worry , just massage the higher one ONLY for a week and it will drop.
Anyone worry about the gap between your breasts. Pls don't worry , they will get closer.
And 1 last thing , boob greed is REAL !!! pick 1 size up from the sizers you like. You will loose some Cc if you go under muscle.
My update is never as good as most of you in here but hope my pics could help !!
Have a great weekend to all of my RS friends.

It's 6 months and revision surgery booked !!!!

It's hard to believe I had BA six months ago. I don't see any dropping except they still get softer. I get less upper pole fullness. They don't look as hard and fake as last month.
With the encouragement from my boyfriend and some good friends , I go head and book my revision surgery for June 30th. I have learned no matter who tell you what a perfect size and how good they look , if I AM NOT happy then I AM NOT !! I have to thanks my Dr to waived his fee so I able to afford for revision. I'm going to see him a month before surgery but as right now we are going for 450cc HP.
I always tell RS members when they message me go for a bigger size. Don't get caught up with CC and bra size. Don't we all say we wish we had gone bigger??
I'm including my stats and my measurements below.
42 y/o , 5'2
95.8 lbs after 6 months of surgery
Got 350 HP Natrelle style 20
32 A ( barely A) before BA.
Thank you to all RS members with sweet and encourage comments. I hope everyone is doing well !!!!

UHP Natrelle Inspira questions!!!

My friend and I doing research on Inspira implants. We both didn't know anything about Inspira and we both got classic Natrelle implants. Inspira is overfill and more volume than classic Natrele. Size chart for Inspira is different than Classic Natrelle. I think I'm going with SRX profile. My appointment with my Dr not till June 1st. I'm so excited!!
Anyone has Inspira please please please give me some feedback. Do you like them ? Why you like them ? Do they feel soft ? If you had Classic Natrelle replaced with Inspira I would love love love to hear your opinions.
Thank you again to everyone and I hope you all doing great.

For you Linglingh !!!

They don't look any bigger than when I wear push up bra. They definitely dropped a lot since last month. The white bralette proved that !!

7 months and set for UHP 495 CC Inspira!!!!

I went to see my Dr for 7 months post op and discuss about revision. He said I can go max 495cc UHP Inspira implants. He aslo explained he will lower my crease so they won't sit high. My left still slightly higher than my right so he will release muscle a bit so they can drop more. He assured 495cc won't make me a porn star lol. Phew !! That's what I want to hear. I took pics of Natrele Classic and Natrelle Inspira so you can see a hug different!! For all of lady are going to have BA pls consider to look at Inspira implants. They are fill out more and give you more projection. I wish I knew about them when I had my 1st BA. I have to thanks Melmom2 to let me know about Inspira I don't have any thing to report at 7 months. I have pic below to show that mine still dropped at 6 months mark. Take me way longer than most of RS members. I have pre op on June 1st and surgey scheduled June 30th. I'm wayyyyy so excited!!! Have a wonderful Mother's Day !!!!!

Revision postponed!!! 8 months post op

I have to cancelled my revision surgery due to couple situation at home. I'm not sure time for sure but will be in the next 6-12 months. I have not changed my mind about revision. Just need to find a good time to do so.
I'm 8 months now and doing great. I do like my boobs but most of the time I think they are small. I'm at the beach this week and definitely wish they were bigger lol
Just a short update. Hope you all enjoy summer

Pic in bra

Quick 10 months update

I really don't have anything to report at 10 months. I'm doing great and really enjoy able to dress very much any clothes I want. I still def get revision sometime in the next 2 years.
I'm 5"2 , 95 lbs
350 HP Natrelle

11 months

I just have a quick 11 months update.
I'm 95lbs , 5"2 got 350CC HP Natrelle. I start to like my size more and back and forth about revision. Some time I think they are ok ( not perfect) but most of the time still wish I have gone bigger. I'm feeling completely back to normal so kinda don't want to go through recovery time again.
I agreed with some ladies about give yourself sometime. I really want revision few months ago. I'm not thinking much about that now. Not sure if I want to go under the knife again.
That's all I have to report for now. I hope all of you doing well and loving your new look.

11 months

Couple pics without bra. I'm still 32C.

1 year after BA

I can't believe already 1 year ! I'm doing great and liking my size much more than few months ago. Still not sure when I want revision. Just a quick update with some pics
I'm 43 , 5"2, 95 lbs
350 HP Natrelle

Almost 2 years

I haven't been on here for so long. Next month will be 2 years after I surgery. afrer I canceled my 2nd surgery because family situation and started to like my boobs way more than before. I still would like to get a little bigger but I'm happy with the size right now. After everything healing so well I'm not sure if I want to go through recovery again. That's the reason why I haven't think about going bigger. I want to go up 100 cc when I get a new set ( maybe 5-7 years).
Everything is going very well. I'm back to my workout regularly and never have any problem.
I love wearing bikini this summer. I able to wear lot of tops and dresses that I couldn't ware before. I am glad I got the surgery. Just regret didn't do sooner.
I hope everyone is doing great !!!
Enjoy summer 2017
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

I love Dr. Moore. He answer all of my questions and he made me feel so comfortable. He is very warm and friendly. He would Tell me what good for me. His staff are a amazing. They all know me by name and make me feel I'm the only patient. Cindi and Leslie are the best. They always gave me quick respond if I called or emailed them. I really appreciate you Dr,Moore and all of your staff. Update May 5th , 2016 I can't say enough how wonderful Dr. Moore and his staff. I m very happy with my 1st BA , I just want them bigger. Dr. Moore answer all of my concern with size and risks. I really feel confident and believe the outcome will be perfect as the 1st time. Thank you again Dr. Moore !!!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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