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Hello all!! I am a 32 year old mother of 2, my...

Hello all!! I am a 32 year old mother of 2, my oldest is 13 yrs old and my youngest is 13 months old and was breastfed until about 8 months of age. I've always had very small breasts and a larger frame, wide rib cage, no hourglass type figure...ya know, kinda shaped like a boy! Well, after breastfeeding my tiny boobies are even tinier, if that's possible! I finally decided now that I'm done having children, that I am going to do this for make me feel like a woman, feel sexy again. My husband supports me 100%, probably because he's sick of hearing me complain/talk about it for years. And I'm so grossed out by my boobs that I don't let him see or touch them anymore, it sucks. )-: So I went for a consultation, which I felt like I was gonna throw up the whole time, I was so nervous! And I felt like barfing again when I finally called and scheduled my surgery, I don't know why, my hands were shaking, my mind was racing.

I will have my procedure on the 29th of this month, using 425 cc moderate plus silicone implants with an inframammary incision. I'm nervous that they will be too big and hard looking because I have ZERO breast tissue to start with. I'm not a skinny girl though, 5'6 and 145 lbs so I'm thinking they will even me out, make me more proportionate. I could use some advice from others who have the same you think they're too big, not big enough, are you happy with the look of them, feel of them??? Ahhhh, so many the title says, I'm freaking out!!! (-:

24 days until surgery and I've had nightmares...

24 days until surgery and I've had nightmares about it the last 3 nights in a row. In every dream, I am in extreme pain and all bandaged up, but when I look down at my boobies they are exactly the change! Haha, hopefully this doesn't go on for the next few weeks, I'm starting to think I'm losing my marbles..and all because of boobies! It's silly, I know! (-:

Well, tomorrow is my pre-op appt and it really...

Well, tomorrow is my pre-op appt and it really crept up on me!! It was supposed to be on the 21st but they had to reschedule and tomorrow is the only other day they had available that my husband will be able to make it. He really wants to go, and even though I know he's gonna ask a million ridiculous questions and probably drive me nuts, I said ok. It all feels like it's happening so fast now and I don't think I'm ready! But I'll be ok, and can't wait to have bigger more beautiful boobies...that's what I'm hoping for at least! (-:

Ok, so my pre-op appt. was a few days ago and it...

Ok, so my pre-op appt. was a few days ago and it went well, but I think I'm now more confused than ever! I had my heart set on 425cc moderate plus profile implants but was told by my PS that they would be too wide for my frame. He said if I wanted the extra volume I could go with 425cc or more high profile implants, or stick with the moderate plus that I was set on in 400cc or less. Him and his lovely assistant assured me that I would still end up with the natural look I'm hoping for with the HP's but I'm just not sure. I don't want a lot of fullness up top and I definitely don't want big, round torpedo boobs, and for some reason that's what I think of when I think "high profile". So even though I agreed on that size and profile, I'm now second guessing and thinking I should just go with my first instinct and get moderate plus. I have to sacrifice a few CC's but it's better than having them be too far apart with a big gap in between them and they stick out way too far, right?? My husband thought the HP's actually looked like they would have more of a nice tear drop shape when he pinched the top and held it up next to the MP's. He was just having a field day playing with all the boobies! LOL! I just don't know, and now I'm freaking out again! Why does this have to be so complicated!?? )-:

So I stopped in my PS office today to change my...

So I stopped in my PS office today to change my paperwork for the size/profile implant I want. I'm officially going with 400cc mod plus more changing my mind! It feels good to have finally settled on a size so I don't have it on my mind 24/7 anymore! Now I just need to fill my prescriptions, get the house all cleaned up, get all the supplies together that my hubby will need to take care of the baby, and I'm ready to get this over with! Oh, and in preparation for the surgery, I've been eating super healthy and working out, which I HATE! And I'm happy to say I've lost 6 lbs in the last 2 weeks, I feel more energized and my mood has changed for the better! Who knew a little diet and exercise could make me feel this good!? I knew...I was just too lazy to do anything about it until now. I want to feel healthy for my recovery, not to mention I'm gonna have these nice boobies and the rest of me will be flabby and out of shape..kinda defeats the purpose. I've been so down on myself for so long that the boobies were kinda the kick start I needed to work on getting my body..and my life back!!

Here goes!! I'm in the waiting room, gonna be in...

Here goes!! I'm in the waiting room, gonna be in surgery within the hour! I'll update as soon as I'm feeling up to it. Wish me luck! (-:

I did it, still can't believe it! And I also can't...

I did it, still can't believe it! And I also can't believe how good I feel! I know that will probably change tomorrow when the tightness and soreness kick in, but I feel nothing right now..and haven't taken any pain pills yet! It all went very quickly, my PS and the staff at the surgery center where all so great and made me feel very comfortable. I did let my nerves get the best of me just before getting measured and marked and started crying, but my hubby and my PS were both so supportive and reassured me that everything would be just fine. I was given a little "cocktail" in my IV to calm me down, and that was fantastic!! I went back to the OR and next thing you know, it was over. I was really shakey when I woke up, but felt ok. I had some Sprite and a couple cookies and was on my way home! It's almost too easy so I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. I took a long nap, ate some soup, it's 5:15 now and I'm chillin' in the recliner watching TV. I'm gonna take the surgical bra off tomorrow and try to snap a few pics to post. Time to relax now, I'll post again tomorrow. Thanks for all the support ladies, you are all wonderful!!

So it's been about 48 hours since surgery and I...

So it's been about 48 hours since surgery and I still feel pretty good. I was a little more sore yesterday than I was on day one, especially when I woke up in the morning. I've been VERY stiff and sore the past 2 mornings and had a hard time getting out of bed, probably due to sleeping sitting up. But once I am up and moving, I loosen up and feel fine. When I'm relaxing in the recliner, I put ice packs on the girls and that's been helping a lot with the swelling and soreness. They are sitting very high up right now, the right one more so than the left. I am starting to bruise down in the creases all around my incisions, but they don't hurt at all. I haven't been taking the muscle relaxers except right before bed and only took the vicodin right when I woke up the last 2 mornings to relieve the "morning boob" pain. I am of course taking the antibiotics as directed. My husband has been absolutely fantastic through this whole thing, waiting on me hand and foot, and telling me how amazing and sexy I look. He's also been doing a great job keeping my 14 month old occupied and happy so that he's not crying for me to pick him up and carry him, which he is very used to. My biggest fear going into this was how my little guy was going to handle not having mommy's undivided attention at all times, but he's adjusting just fine! I feel well enough to get down on the floor and play blocks or Hot Wheels with him, and I still feed him if my husband lifts him and puts him in the high chair for me. And we still cuddle and watch cartoons before bed, I just have to be careful to not let him swing an arm or foot and hit my chest. So it's been so much easier than I thought it would be, and I don't feel guilty like I thought I would because I'm still spending time with him and giving him love and attention. My 13 year old has been with his dad since Wednesday night and I won't see him until I pick him up from school Monday, and still haven't figured out how to talk to him about this. I'm kinda stressing about it, but I'll think of something and it'll be fine. Today I put on the $5.00 bra I bought at Wal-mart the day before surgery and it looks great! I figured since I don't know what my final size will be, buying a super cheap test bra was a good idea. Its a 36D and it's actually kinda cute for a Wal-mart clearance bra!! Haha! I'll post pics with it on later and one or two without a bra. So all in all, I'm VERY happy I did this and I have absolutely no regrets. They look so good already that I can't imagine how great they're gonna look when they "drop and fluff"! Hooray for boobies!!!!

Oh, I forgot to mention that even though I have...

Oh, I forgot to mention that even though I have had absolutely no nausea or loss of appetite, I am suffering from constipation like I've read many other people have after surgery. I'm really bloated, my tummy looks huge and I haven't gone #2 since Wednesday morning. )-: My wonderful husband is going to run to the drug store and get me some laxatives cuz it's making me uncomfortable, even more so than the boobies. Hoping for some relief soon!!

Hi all! I am now one week and one day post-op and...

Hi all! I am now one week and one day post-op and still feeling pretty good. I still wake up really sore every morning and if I do too much activity during the day, I'm very sore in the evening. I think I felt no pain and felt so great the first few days because my breasts were so numb..well they're not anymore. I've been feeling the "zingers" some of you ladies talk about..and WOW, ouch!! I actually had to take a pain pill last night after not taking them for a few days because the zingers were non stop. My nipples are also super tender and it hurts if I touch them or they rub on my clothes. My boobs are still very high in my opinion and my skin is tight and kinda shiny. But I have to keep reminding myself that I had NO breast tissue or sagging skin to begin with so I have to patient until they drop and the skin loosens up. I don't love the way they look naked right now, very porn star-ish. But they look ok in clothes and bras and my hubby already loves them, which makes me feel better. He said he can't wait until they don't hurt anymore so he can get his hands on them..hopefully that will happen soon. I had my second post-op appt today and was given massage lessons, NO FUN! And I'm supposed to stretch my arms out and up over my head along with massage multiple times a day until they settle into the pocket. So I'll probably have to take the pain pills again even though I was hoping not to. As far as every day life, things are not back to normal yet. It still hurts when I pick up my son, or when I over do it with cleaning the house, grocery shopping, running errands, etc. I've been trying to take it easy but its hard when you have a 13 yr old who needs to be driven to school and to and from sports after school and a 14 month old who demands your attention the rest of the day. Its getting a little easier every day and I'm trying to keep a positive attitude as to not let the "boobie blues" set in. Well, that's all for now, I'll try to post a few new pics later this evening if I get a minute!

Well, it's been 3 weeks since surgery and things...

Well, it's been 3 weeks since surgery and things are going ok. Not great..just ok. I'm having a hard time getting used to having these things under my skin and muscles. And as my headline says, I don't love them. Maybe my expectations were too high, maybe I had it in my head that anything was better than no boob at all. Well I'm not too sure that's the case. I look good in clothes, but not any better than I did with padded bras before surgery. In fact, I went to a Christmas party recently and didn't wear a bra, just petals on my nipples and a tighter fitting shirt. Even my friends who knew I was getting BA forgot and said they didn't even notice a difference. That kind of upset me considering I'm going through all this discomfort and spent all that money and no one even noticed?? But at the same time, I didn't want them to be huge and in your face and was hoping they would be why did I feel that way when no one noticed?? I don't know, I'm struggling with a bunch of crazy feelings. For instance, my hubby wanted to see me in some of my favorite sundresses that I used to wear. Well, I put one on, a lower cut dress that used to look cute on my flat chested body now looks ridiculous and inappropriate. These are dresses I would wear out with my kids and family, and now I would feel slutty wearing something like that with all that boob hanging out. I tried on my swimsuit and imagined jumping in our pool with my 13 year old boy and his friends and carrying my baby with his face right next to these big round things, drawing even more attention to them...and that made me upset. How did I not think of these things before hand? And how can I feel like I want to hide them and cover them up but also feel upset when my girlfriends don't notice them?? I'm just a jumbled up bundle of emotions and mixed feelings. Now on to how they look naked. My right breast is a different shape and dropped lower than my left so far and my nipples are way uneven, but they were a little off pre-op as well. I've developed Mondor's cord under my right breast also and it's very uncomfortable, especially when stretching my hands above my head. My nipples are insanely tender, painful even. If I don't have a bra on, I have to wear petals or band-aids on them so they don't rub on my clothes. I have a weird dent on the outer edge of my left boob, but I also had it on the right and its filled in on that side, so hopefully the left will follow suit. The lower part of both breasts, under the nipple is still kinda numb and tingley..its annoying. And the skin there is tender to the touch and when my clothes or bra rub it. My back hurts lately, but my husband said he noticed I've been slouching a lot and walking kinda hunched over. I didn't realize I was doing it until he pulled my shoulders back and told me to stand up straight. When I did that, my skin felt super tight on my chest and the breast with Mondors cord really hurt. That along with the feeling that I was sticking my boobs out all crazy, making them super noticeable when my son is around is probably why I've been walking around like that. I haven't told my 13 year old and don't plan to, he hasn't said anything and I honestly don't think he notices. I always wear bulky sweatshirts when he's around and apparently walk like a hunch back so he's none the wiser. On the bright side, my husband thinks my boobs look great and he absolutely loves them so least one of us does. )-:

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