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I'm 28yrs. 5'10" 135lbs. and currently a 34B(ish)...

I'm 28yrs. 5'10" 135lbs. and currently a 34B(ish) I'm very active and work hard daily for the body I have. So excited & nervous for Friday! Currently dealing with my Mom/Sister who are not being very supportive with my decision so that is weighing heavily on me these final few days. Just want the surgery part to be over and done with so I can start my recovery process. Going to pick up my prescriptions today. Went to Hot Yoga this morning trying to relax, Pilates later tonight. Staying active and busy since I will not be able to get back to the gym for sometime. Massage, Mani/Pedi tomorrow… Friday is surgery day!

1 Day Post Op

So yesterday at 7AM was my surgery. Arrived at 6AM for prep and was on my way home by 9:45AM, everything went so quick! Feeling a little sore and tight today but nothing that I can't handle. I have my follow up with my doctor on Monday and will finally get to see the results, until then I'm wrapped up like a mummy.


Looks like the combo of muscle relaxers and pain meds isn't working so good for me. I had to stop with the muscle relaxers and cut down to one pain pill every 6 hrs. I had a weird reaction where I could hardly move by body it was so relaxed I couldn't even get off the couch without assistance and aloof muscular/joint pain. Lots of tears last night but finally feeling back to normal. My plan today is to stay very active, go for walk and to a few stores. Stay moving helps you recover faster, do not just lay around it will hurt more!

4 Days Post Op

Went to the doctor this morning to get them unwrapped and could not be happier with how they look just 4 days after surgery! I can finally take a shower too :)

5 Days Post Op

Still a little swollen & sore but loving the results :)

34D Baby!!

Still can't work out so i've been taking long walks, stretching a lot at home and eating healthy. Trying to stay moving without over doing it which is hard for me. Got a new Under Armor sports bra ((34D)) zips in the front great support and a lot cuter than the one my doctor gave me. Highly recommended :)

Summer get here now!!

Been obsessed with trying on all my old clothes & bikinis, can't wait for summer!!

Recovering perfectly

Went to doctor today just to make sure everything is healing properly, everything looking great! I can go back to the gym and do some light excessing :) I've found you NEED to wear a longer sport bra, painful to have that band digging into you and rubbing against your incision. The one I'm wearing in the pic is the most comfortable, not the cutest but best for the recovery. Tape should fall off in about a week. Done with all my meds since Friday! Could not be happier with the way my results and healing process is going.


Some essentials in my recovery process….

Massage Techniques

This is how the nurse told me to massage them for at least the next 30 days. Feeling more and more real each day :)

New finds

Found these adorable no wire bra-lettes at Target.
Cute for going out and not always wearing a sport bra :)

small bump in the road...

So I have an inflamed ligament under my right breast. Painful pulling feeling when I raise my right arm. Doctor said this happens to about one patient a year and it should go away within a week with an aspirin a day. If not I go back in two weeks and will have to get a shot of steroids into the ligament :( Soooooo not happy about all this! It was nothing I did to aggravate the ligament apparently this just randomly happens.

On the bright side they took off my tape and my incisions are healing great.

better and better each day!

So my weird inflamed ligament is getting ALOT better almost completely gone. I've been massaging lightly and taking one aspirin a day like I was instructed to- should be completely gone within a few day I'm guessing. My scars are healing SOOOOO good been using the scar cream the nurse gave me twice a day, she said they should be almost invisible in a few months :)

I've tried not sleeping in a bra for the last few days which has been amazing. I've been sleeping mostly on my back but can lay on my sides finally! Still wearing a supportive sports bra throughout the day.

Damn near perfect!

Damn near perfect!

New Bras!

Victoria Secret Body, no wire 34DD

Spray Tan!

I was finally "cleared" to wear an underwire bra :) to celebrate I got a airbrush tan. Loving the girls even more when tan!!

Spray Tan!

Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Nothing but good things to say about Dr. Bull and his staff.

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