Post Op Update**32 yr old, 34b 5'2" 115lbs 450 HP silicone

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I have been doing plenty of research in the past...

I have been doing plenty of research in the past year, very nervous.. I'm the type that needs to know everything and anything about stuff before I go forth with something.... I am 5'2" 120 pounds 34 b..... I am a mother of 2 and with weight gain and loss, the girls have a mind of their own... I wear a 34 b now but the girls are always falling out if I get a 34 c there is that weird gap between the girls and the bra... I would just like to fit in a bra right and compliment my clothes..... I have been to 2 separate consultations with 2 different doctors... I'm liking the first doctor he didn't seem to be bothered by my notebook full of questions... was honest and very helpful.... I had tried different sizes, I love the way the 425ccs looked and felt... and doctor agrees it will give me the look I desire... going with high profile 425 silicone..... but my concern is that both doctors said the only complaint after people having the surgery is that they wish they went bigger... especially if going under the muscle which I am.... not sure if I should go a bit bigger..... seeing that I am starting t25 I will be losing some weight which means the girls will shrink like they always do... I'm planning on getting the b a in feb/march 2015

Making second consultation.... very nervouse

I had found a doctor I really like, I have been doing research, going to consultations for a year now, and relived to know I am happy with the doctor I chose. I am a bit nervous I do suffer from panic attacks, and high anxiety not sure how surgery will go. I am the type of person that thinks about any possible thing that can happen. But I am also excited to set the date, and look and feel better. I know I don't want to go higher than 450cc's. Last appointment I tried the sizers and was content with the 425, but will make final decision at my appt.

Second Consultation is scheduled in a 2 weeks

I have scheduled my second consultation for the 16th of Feb with the doctor I am happy with, I know what I would like the girls to look like I hope he can get it close as possible. Then I will schedule my surgery date!! Does anyone know how long you have to wait in between your appointments to schedule the surgery date, I am all set to get it done. I hope I don't have to wait to long, then that means more time for me to get nervous, and to have my mind going a mile a min.

Second consultation went great! Surgery scheduled for next week

Went in for my second consultation today went great decided on 450ccs hp silicone, could not be happier I love Dr Bull is his very sincere and staff is amazing, post op is 2/19/15 get my meds and all information I need. Surgery is scheduled for Friday Feb 27 at 930am, I am extremely nervous. my bf is very supportative and trying to keep me relaxed I will update more on thursay

pre op was today

Pre op went great finalized paperwork, made my payment, went over what to excpect and what to do and not to do before and after. Not liking that I won't be able to take a shower for 3 days, but I will manage. Picked up my prescriptions today, bought a comfortable outfit for surgery day!! So excited!! Going with 450 naterelle high profile under muscle. It will give the look I want!!

One week away

Getting nervous, this time next week, I will have new girls! So excited. Made a checklist of things I need to get done before Friday, grocery shopping clean the house. Busy week ahead but its worth it. Just bought a puppy 2 weeks ago too, so this shall be interesting!! Hopefully nerves wont get the best of me, but I did get the ok to take a xanax the morning of if needed that's a plus ill be writing again next week

5 day countdown

Getting very nervous! Five days away from the BA.. deep cleaned my bedroom and kitchen today, just need to wash bedding and a few other things around the house.. Thursday ill go to the grocery store for some light food jello, yougurt, crackers, and peaches that should be good. I need to raise my intake of water for the rest of the week... ill keep on updating fingers crossed

3 days to go

Have I mentioned I am very nervous about the BA.. My mind is going nuts with all the what ifs, and am I going to wake up .... So many things, I always think of the things that are most likely not going to happen, which in turn makes me nervous then I get myself sick, at least I work the next 3 days that should keep my mind off of things... I hope 450 isn't going to be to big.... My bf keeps telling me everything is going to be fine...

13 hours to go

So nervous and I am actually getting sick to my stomach.... I deep cleaned the house, did all the laundry my daughter is staying with her aunt for the weekend, grocery shopping is done, got peaches,jello, yogurt, juice, water... nervous about the medication I will be on,I have ulcers so I have a week stomach when it comes to medication.. l think I am more nervous about the before surgery part, and the taking medications, and the rise home it's about an hour away and I get car sick......but I am excited about the final product...I must say I am glad to have a caring bf to calm me down..think I'm going to take a xanax and watch some movies with my bf tonight to try keeping my mind off of things.going to take a nice long shower tonight before bed instead of the morning....Will update after theBA

surgery went good

Surgery went well,got there at 830a, went in surgery at 915 home by 12pm.. Doc measured me, gave me a patch behind my ear for nausea, gave me an IV put some stuff in it lol, brought me to surgery room put me on the other bed and gave me some oxygen and then anesthesia woke up in recovery, did throw up few time, nausea lasted for a few hours after wards. They had me take off everything and put gown on. Pain is okay just alot of tightness just took muscle relaxer with hello. Dr bull and his team are amazing the nicest people great experience. Post op is Monday and Friday!


I've been in alot of pain the last few days.. Can't move my arms , back, sides and front is throbbing, meds they gave me doesn't work, tried calling my doctor last night never answered felt intense burning on my chest and stomach, can't sleep sitting up at all so I may have gotten a few hours of sleep since Friday.when will the pain go away so I can be comfortable? I got 450 hp sub muscular

post op

Went to my post up today then another on Friday, everything went okay, pain is almost non existent which is a plus the first two days were horrible.. Waiting for the girls T drop!

4 days in

Pain level is at a 2, just tight and a lot of pressure still, but I slept through the night finally so that's a plus. Bought a sports bra XL woohoo, can't wait for them to drop,

leg pain.. normal?

Is this normal.... Calfs are very sore on both my legs starting to get nervous, been doing leg exercises and walking around the house about every hour, not sure if they are sore cause they aren't used to all this movement seeing my daily activities are limited since Friday... I also am getting the chills on and off and a little light headedness as well. I dont have a fever legs aren't swollen, I have an appetite, so I'm not sure what's going on

1week post

I have to say this has been a long week, I finally can do things myself and to sleep in bed is great.... Have my other post up on Monday.. I have almost full motion of my arms.. On the 3 day my back and arms were painful my bf gave me a long back rub and it helped 100% felt so much better after that

1 week post op appt

Everything went well at my check up, no bruising everything healing normal, get to start the massages, and light work outs. I go back to work Monday which is okay seeing that my job involves heavy lifting, going to take it easy of course. Does anyone have any good massage techniques my doc said to you tube it which I thought was odd seeing that they should of told me

Over 2 week post op update

Its over 2 weeks post op and i feel 100% back to normal. Steri strips came off I'm using vitamin E lotion for scars... I'm glad I had no bruising or stretch marks.... Started back at work Monday it is difficult seeing I do heavy lifting so I can only do half of my job... But all in all couldn't be happier with the result's... Just can't wait to wear normal bras not sports bra...

month plus post

About a little over a month post, feeling 100% for a few weeks now, breast are much softer than previous update, doing massages once a day, have my appt on the 13th to get final bra size, only concern is that I hope they drop a little more, if nit they will be putting a band across chest to speed up process if not doing it naturally, can't wait to wear normal bras not liking these front clasping ones, was told I had to wear them until my 6 see check up boo, they are not cute at all the w show through my tops very noticeable.. I can't complain everything went so well had no bruising, no abnormal shaped breasts, everything is good well worth it

4 months a bit concerned

My breasts has dropped and they are full,I'm happy with almost everything, just concerned about my left breast(had trouble putting in the implant on that side) there is this crease on bottom of breast between nipple and actual breast crease, been massaging it like I'm suppose to so is it going to go away or not... My next appt isn't until October, not sure if I should make another appt sooner
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