Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Ruined My Life

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Sorry this is so long and for the over-excessive...

Sorry this is so long and for the over-excessive pictures. Most of the "before" photos are at the top and "after" are at the end so you don't have to look through all of them. I have fallen into a deep depression since my primary rhinoplasty and chin implant. The hugest devastation is the loss of identity. I am Italian and Lebanese and used to have a more 'bulbous nose' with a slight hanging columella that the doctor resected without my permission. Now when I look in the mirror all I see is a wider flatter nose with more nostril show. I wake up every morning to this never-ending nightmare and am petrified to look in the mirror. I was happy and felt confident from the front before surgery and only disliked a small bump on my side profile. I liked my nose from the front, and I told my surgeon this. I told him I did not want it to change. He told me that "refining my bulbous tip" would make my nose look better, and I STUPIDLY agreed to this. Why would he even suggest this after I said I liked my nose from the front? Clearly to make more money off a 'full rhinoplasty'. I never agreed to have the tip raised or columella raised. "Refining the bulbous tip" also showed NO change to my 3D images from the front profile, so I believe I was mislead. I feel betrayed, stupid, and guilty for being so vain and trusting. I never went in with the intent to get a chin implant, but the surgeon pointed out that I had a receded chin and told me that a chin implant would better balance my face. I asked him "Will it change my face from the front?", to which he replied "No, only the side profile". So I agreed to it, stupidly. He also never told me what type of implant he was using, just that it was "removable". The chin looks HORRIBLE and WAY too large for my face. It has also distorted my smile completely and lengthened and widened my face so much from the front (See Photos below). My surgeon lied to me about this. The 3D morphs also showed no change to my front profile. I went to go get the chin implant removed and was told that he used a GORETEX implant, which is much more difficult to remove than sillocone (which can just be popped out). Odds are I will never have my old chin and smile back and there could be permanent nerve damage during removal because the GORTEX implant moulds into the bone or something. This was devastating to hear. My surgeon NEVER warned me about this and I feel he did not adequately obtain my informed consent. He was just trying to get more money from me and permanently messed up my face forever. I am getting the implant removed, but I am very scared that I will have permanent damage resulting from this.
My family and friends don't understand how I'm feeling and say things like "it's just a nose"- but it's NOT "just a nose". It literally changed my whole face- my whole look. Only those who know the pain of looking in the mirror and no longer being able to recognize yourself understand this pain. They also say "you can just get the chin implant removed", not recognizing that this isn't just a simple procedure. I went from a happy person to a depressed, ugly person in an instant. This has destroyed my social life and I am also taking an entire year off university until I am able to get a revision and recover. A bad rhinoplasty is like an achilles heel; it can completely ruin your life. I wish I'd just left the small bump alone because now my entire face has been destroyed, along with my confidence and happiness, and my identity is done. My nose no longer drops down when I smile and looks way too short and flat for my face. Everything I loved about my nose previously has been stolen from me. I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy. I obsess about my nose constantly. It is my life now. I take pictures and then cry at how horrific they look and longingly look at old pictures of myself and cry again about how my old face is gone forever. Then I feel guilty about obsessing about my nose when there are people who don't have enough food to eat in the world- people with "real" problems. But I can't get it out of my head. I am filled with unspeakable regret and sorrow. All I do is research revision surgeons and obsess over my nose. My life has been literally destroyed because an amateur surgeon did what he wanted. We are never as vulnerable as when we are lying on the operating table. The regret I feel is overwhelming and I fear that I will live with this regret for the remainder of my life. I wish I could turn back the clocks and stop myself from having surgery. I would pay 10 times the cost of my original surgery to the person who could prevent me from doing it. I really hope to God that a revision surgery will give me my life back. No one else understands how this feels unless it happens to them- this is the truest statement. Friends and family have grown frustrated and insensitive telling me my nose looks "fine" and to "grow up", but seriously I can barely recognize my face in the mirror. My eyes have changed and so has my smile. This experience has been horrible. Anyone considering cosmetic surgery please do TONS of research and ask SO many questions. I only went to one consult and went with the first surgeon I met. I did NOT do enough research and did not ask enough questions. I thought "I only want a small hump removed- no big deal", but now my nose has SO many issues and problems that only a complex revision surgery will correct. All surgery IS al big deal- even removing a small bump can result in dramatic changes to the nose. I will never get my old face back, and I don't think I will ever accept this. I am heartbroken because of this. Unless you absolutely HATE your nose, don't have rhinoplasty and only get a silicone implant put in so that it is easily removed. I have done so much research and have consults schedueled with all the "top" surgeons. Can anyone recommend a surgeon who can add tip projection, a bulbous tip back, build back a dorsal hump, and rebuild a columella? I feel like rebuilding the columella is a rare request, so perhaps most surgeons don't have experience with this. Thank you all
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