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I purchased the TRIA Age-Defy laser in 2014. It...

I purchased the TRIA Age-Defy laser in 2014. It uses fraxel technology. I used as directed approximately 8-10 times over a 2 week period. My skin started to look wrinkled around my eyes and was staying red longer than a day. So, I stopped using. About a month later, I got the typical fraxel damage that other description -- orange peel texture, wrinkles, pin prick holes. I also started to notice some fat loss. Over the next several months, the texture issues (except on my forehead) seemed to be improving and my face tightened up. At 6 months, I actually thought this might have been a happy accident. My seemed smaller, but the skin was tighter. At about 10, I started to notice more fat loss which became dramatic over the next 4 months (it still has not seemed to have stopped 15 months later!). My face just shrinks and shrinks. It's even shrunk my eyelids. They are at last 1/4 inch smaller on both sides and the actual lower. It seems impossible that this is happening. I'm so scare and sad. I lost my face to an FDA approve home device that I used as directed. As I've learned from reading online any kind of laser on your face has the ability to impact your fat due to collateral damage from the heat. Just don't take any chances. It's not worth. I'd gladly have the fine wrinkles and dark spots back. If I could just have my face back.
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