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Hi babes and dolls! I've doing research and...

Hi babes and dolls! I've doing research and prepping my self for the moment of truth since March. I barely remember how I ended up on relf self but I can say is it must've been GOD (yeah, I said it. My A1 since day1 lol). Any how we all know how addicting this site can be, especially when we come upon something that we've contemplated or wondered about for such a long time. Never in my life did I think or know that there was sooooo many women out there tryna make their booty dreams come true!

I am glad to start this journey with the knowlege and advice from vets and newbies alike, that I need to make it come to fruition. Shit I damn sure wouldn't have wanted to be first lol! Anyhow, I can't wait to see what its gonna be like to FINALLY "look back at it" without breaking my neck. Hahaha. I'm down for anything that doesn't involve (butt) implants or ass shots. This is truly a one of a kind experience--A BBL sisterhood. Hell, somebody need to call Mona Scott and ask her where is our reality show?!?!

Well that it for now, I need to hit the sack. I'll be updating this blog regularly...so stay tuned! :]

Seriously Frustrated.......Dr. Baez or Goico????

After months of research....I have finally narrowed it down to 2 doctors. I really don't know how you girls do it because that ish was hard, and a whole blog within itself. I'm talking from Columbian Doctors, DR Doctors, etc. After all I didn't wanna choose the wrong doctor or have to do a round 2, which seems so damn common these days. Any how, I've narrowed it down to Dr. Baez and Dr. Goico.

I've had great correspondences with both doctors. Through the consultations and email, I was able to get a feel for each doctors. I could tell that they both cared about their patients. Both answered all of my questions, and believe me I had quite a few lol I basically like to send a letter to any surgeon I ask a quote from. For me this is a way for me to get most, if not all, of my questions answered in one email.

I'm sure some of you have experience doctors sending you the wrong quote, or including something in the quote that you never asked for. Then you have those docs that will answers some of your questions and not others, or don't even bother respond with full sentences for the most part, OR WORST of all the quote be have all kinds of errors throughout that ish. LIKE WTF!!!! Regardless if there may be language barrier, it still need to be accurate and professional. lol Thank god Dr. Baez and Goico wasn't like this which is why they are my top 2!

Trust and believe I learned my lesson the first time around asking for quotes back in March, where I would ask for a quote with a description of what I wanted done & pics. Then, would wait about 1-3 days for a answer only to have more question arised that culd have been answered to the first time around. I became to anxious so I decided to be more organized with my questions and considerate of the surgeons time spent give the consultations.

Anyhow, I was trying t o get a better of their backgrounds. Baez's background and work wasn't had to find because she is really popular and has good results/review for the most part, which speak for itself. On the other hand I came across Dr. Fernandez Goico aka Dr. FG aka Dr. Goico, when I was browsing real self. He's not as popular as Baez on realself in terms of his work. I seen some of his bbl results which were very limited, so I decided to check out his website (by the way if your looking for his bio/experience leave the page view as espanol and just have the page URL translated by google translate. If you decide to view the page in english, then the page won't properly acess some pics and his bio/experience.)

Other then that, his work was good . NOTE: when I was searching for a surgeon I was looking at how well that did BOTH boobs and bbl because that's what I am interested. Can't have crooked nips. I also wanted a nice shape that looked natural and proportioned. I wanted a bubble that was a nice size but nt too big. Nah'mean? lol

After viewing the credentials, I still couldn't decide because that were both compatible and could handle the job. I also believe that they would give me the care and treatment that I need based on how patients they took and which showed how attentive they were. So the next the deciding factor was Moolah!

Dr. Goico was a little more affordable than Dr. Baez. So I made my mind up to go with him and set a date. Here's where I get frustrated about 2 weeks before this, I sent his assistant Karel an email asking questions on something I was unsure about. As mentioned bove, previous correspondence was prompt (outside of waiting for consultation) within 1 day I would receive an email most times. However, this time I waited 3 days for a response, but didn't receive one. So I sent a follow-up email just in case she didn't receive it. About a day later I received a email from her saying that she received it but forgot to respond. This was the first time that happend so I let it go, although she still forgot to answer some of my questions. In my mind's eye, she was still very prompt and professional with other emails, so it was okay this time.

Any how, after that email, I gave it a few days to think things over bfore I made the final decision on surgeon. When I did contact her again, I was ready to set a date and start making arrangements. For most surgeons/surgeon's assistants I would think that this is the answer they are waiting for and want to book you asap lol. Now before I continue, I want to state that I do understand how busy these surgeons get when i comes to giving quoutes and ealing with patients, etc. But to avoid a waiting game or uncertainty, some surgeons have emails/ notes that state it may take 24hr-72hrs for someone to respond to you (I believe Dr. Robles does this). I find this convenient and I've have multiple experience with other DR doctors.

Unfortunately, Dr. Goico's assistant hasn't responded back to me yet (I sent Karel the email on Oct. 7th and then DR. FG a follow-up email on Oct.10th). So confused because our correspondence in the beginning was more prompt. There better be a power outage happening in DR right now, hahaha. I could be wrong, but I thought maybe he wasn't as busy as Baez, and even he was, why is Baez still able to make reasonably prompt emails? Maybe he doesn't have as much help with quote/emails as Baez. I don't know. This worries me because I don't want this to happen when sx nears or if I have a really important questions. Not to mention they gave me a 30 day expiration date on the quote, so I need to know asap.

I've decided to give it until wednesday to wait for a response regarding a sx date (because of the long weekend/columbus day- don't know if they celebrating in DR. LMAO) . If not Dr. Baez her I come. She's been consistent thus far. I am willing to shell out a few extra hundred. I just want steady communication,if I have any concerns and a good surgeon.

Am I overreacting? Feedback please. In the mean time.... I've posted some wish pics above. Enjoy! :]

Honesty is the BEST policy!

So Karel, Dr. FG's assistant, contacted me on monday and finally I could breathe. She appologized for the delay and explained that she was out with a severe cold, and that her replacement was not used to how to manage international patients. Hence, the goddamn delay.

Anywho, I she also replied in the same email with some research of her own on the recovery houses I asked about (I was interested to know if she would reccommend othe RH that I found outside of the ones that she had already given). I was pleased that she was going above and beyond to ensure that my recovery outside of the clinic would be optimal and comfortable.

Shortly after I sent an email asking for deposit instructions and she sent them to me. So I was able to do an online transfer via western union that way I could keep track of receipt, if it was received, etc. Later that day I sent her the transfer # and the date that I wanted to lock in. However, because I planned to arrive on may 22 I wasnt sure if I should book the sx date for may 23rd. Based on several reviews, docs usually do the consultation the first day and the sx the next day. But, I also didnt know if they would be doing the pre-op testings the same day that I flew in because I planned on booking an afternoon flight arrival time. So I needed her advice.

I was expecting a confirmation the next day concerning deposit and the sx date. I kept checking western union to see if the money was picked up by the receiver but NADA! So once again ladies my mind begans to go into overdrive about the communication thing and scams.
***SIDE NOTE: BTW, after I made the money transfer, a western union rep called me 1 minute later and asked me if I had recently made a transfer, and asked me a bunch of quetion about who I am sending the money to, he asked what is my relation to the person, and do I feel comfortable sending the money. He said he was asking because some people get scammed by DR scammers asking ppl to send them money and pretending to be someone and blah blah blah. So basically good ol' western union was trynna be cautious and informative (following protocol) about past things that have happened. Anyway, I assured him that it was my doc and that I wanted to go thru with it. So the transfer was completed. But I till had what he said in the back of my mind.*******

back the story......so the email never came the next day and I started thinking I can't do this ish. What if I am being scammed? If this is really Dr. FG and his assistant is this how communication is done? The I started to google his name and see if any stories related to "scam" or "corrupt" popped up. Luckily they didn't LOL. But that didnt satisfy me, because I need to know if my money was on the line and if I needed to cancel that western union transfer. Thus, I went back to my resources and his professional connections to prove that it was really him and things matched up. I checked links to RHs and Plastimedic (where he works), because I dont believe an RH is going to put a doctors name and cosign him on their webpage if he is not really a doctor. Then, I had to realized that my research weeks earier showed that he was Dominican board certified and liscensed to perform plastic surgery, so he was the REAL DEAL! Finally I could relax a little bit.

However, with this being my first rodeo with international sx process I didnt understand when the money would be picked up or why it was still there. **No matter how many reviews you read ladies you will never truly be prepared on how to deal with the process. So although you're feeling excited to get things going and also feeling anxious about the unknown or what to expect.**

So the following day I sent her an email basically telling her about my worries and concern with communication. I told I asked her if she could address how long it may take her to respond to emails, just as a courtesy. That way I would have to send her follow-up emails. I told her how I felt our communication had been inconsistent ranging from a few hours to past a week. This being my concern for if I have important questions or as surgery nears. But, I affirmed that I appreciated her fast replys, hard work and that her emails was always personal and professional :]! I ended it by asking if improving communication would be possible going forward

She responded the same day saying: "I normally reply within hours (MY NOTE:VERY TRUE), but when something asked needs the doctor's attention, it may take a while longer...... If we've taken a week to answer it was because some of that answering depended on Dr. FG and he was on an international mission with Operation Smile." I appreciated her honesty here but I was a bit confused because the week-long email delay was because she said she was out sick, which wasn't necesarily Dr. FG related, or maybe it was to an extint, IF he need to give her an update deposit instuctions, etc, but other than that he answers medically-/surgery-related questions. IDK. Nevertheless......

Her statement continued:
"Regarding your deposit, your date and quote have been saved. I haven't sent you the receipt because I send a scaned receipt with Dr. FG stamp and signature and he's operating at another hospital today. You will receive it by tomorrow. Anything else, I'm here."

She concluded with a have a nice afternoon, so I waited for the moment of truth.....the next day, sure enough, true to her word, I DID receive both my receipt from Dr. FG w/ his stamp and the western union transaction receipt that she received. *I also received an email alert from western union confirming the the money was picked up* HALLELU!!! Now I'm dancing with joy. :D

I'll continue this story in another review. This is runnning lonnnnngggggggg lol

Signed, Sealed, Booked...Now Dr. FG I'm yours! (In my Stevie Wonder voice)

So I'm officially booked for May 24 (2 days after my arrival). Dr. FG has received my $300 deposited to book the clinic and hold my date (this is paid directly to the clinic via western union). The only crampy thing that happend *cues musica*... THUN THUN THUN... is that I lost $20 due to the exchange rate.

So instead of them receiving the full $300 I sent, they received $280 dollars. The copy of the western union transfer showed this.

*****Karel's email said: "As you can see, the receipt is for US$ 280, this is because when the
transfer is made in RD currency, Western Union changes the exchange fare
to a much lower one, and it ends up being less. Today the exchange fare
is US$ 1= 43.90 Dominican pesos.
But do not worry, we have completed the remaining 20 dollars and already
booked your date in the Clinic for May 24, as you will arrive on the
evening of May 22, the pre ops would take place on May 23..."*****

THANKS FOR LOOKING OUT GIRL! !!! You my new boo lol j/k

Anywho.... I was not a happy camper about the exchange situation, so I followed up with her about future payments. You know I was not about to spend more money than was quoted USD because the exchange rate wanted to have me coming up short on the Dominican end. Hell to the Nawl, lmao! At nobody got time for that.

Long story short (because you know I can be long winded when I want to ;], Karel told me that future payments would be made Dr. FG bank account or cash when I came for sx.

So there you have it. I'm Boss'n up and ending this with a few more wish pics! Enjoy chicas!

_NOTE_if I am using any RS member pics please don't be offended. I got my inspiration from all over the place. So I can't keep of with usernames to give due credit..however you can just inbox me and I'll be sure to include it! Thanks in advance!

Not really feeling the new RS format

The new format makes it difficult to make changes to the date of surgery, the title of your review, and even places some original replies to fall under different updates. What kind of foolishness is this??? I contacted one of the admins and they told me to send them the revised date and title so that they could do it. However, what if I wanted to change it again???? That would really be inconvenient to have to ask them to keep doing it. Not to mention the boxed "bordered" look around each entry/update....it kinda reminds me of a journal entry. While I looks organized and clean, it also seems to formal.

One pro that I do like about the new RS is that "some" of the corresponding replies falls under the reviews. So that allows the readers to follow the convo or thread which can lead to valuable info because sometimes questions are answered in them, that are not found in the review itself


I took these measurements back in september (check pics). I plan on remeasuring before sx.
As of Oct 9th, I am officially a fat ass lol jk. I hate gainig weight but its for a good cause sorta, or nah?
I weighed in at 145 lbs 04 oz on Oct 9th (this is my current weight). I've gained 5lbs since September and that was after really contemplating whether I should take certain surgeons advice to gain 10lbs. While, others were saying that I didnt need to gain to get the results that I wanted. So I compromised and figured 5lbs would be a happy medium. However, I really don't like gaining weigh and dont see the point, when that fat retention in that area is not garanteed if I plan on going down in weight a little after sx. It kind puts me back in the mind frame of when I was a plus size girl with self esteem issues.

I want nices curves and a decent bubble that fits my stature. I really dont plan on gaining anymore specifically for sx but if it happens oh well. I just have a maximum weigh of 149-150lbs. No bigger than that because I need to fit into my clothes and I dont wanna have to work it all off 3 months after sx, when I start working on sculpting and toning my body.

Perfect body

Although my sx date is months away. I can't help but to be anxious, excited yet scared. A few months ago I typed up my ideal body and recovery outcome. I am put this out in the universe and I believe that I'll get it. With that said here is my ideal body described:

I want assymetrical breasts that look natural, round ( not "box" looking at the bottom) and even. I want it to be a nice size for my body structure, not too big and not too much space between the breast, but NOT very little space in between that creates that all day clevage look.

For my butt, I want projection at every angle. One thing I fear is not having enough fat to get the results I want. I dont want my butt to look flat from the back but have projections only at the sides. I need fat in the middle and laterals of my butt and wherever else it takes to create that "bubble" look. I want to have a "S-curve" from my back to my butt where you can see the separation. I also want the bottom of my butt to have this curve where a clear separation is made. That is what I mean by projection.

For my hips, any fat placed in them I want to create a natural curve. Not an high hip that doesn't transition well in the hip and butt area (this is what I see with many bbl surgeries).

I just want my body to look fuller and curvier! :] I know it seems difficult and I wont know until I am in the surgery room. Fingers crossed.

Gaining weight and doubts

Ladies have you ever had doubt about your body? Have you ever started this process one way and then ended up being influenced and so confused about what you what?

That is definitely that stage I am at, or at least I feel like that sometimes which is why I had to take a break from RS and posting on my page. I have gained weight and I wonder if that has anything to do with my mindset right now. I don't necessarily feel great at my current size although it is not the biggest I've been. While I initially wanted a moderate proportionate change (and I still do), I start to wonder if bigger is better? Or if my result will be maintained with the amount of fat I have? Or if maybe I should get lipo of my thighs (an area I never considered)? Will my skin be saggy? Will I have crazy cellulite?

So many things run through my mind that sometimes I feel like I am starting to my body/self esteem issues. I definitely don't want to have body dysmorphia. But going through this process can be stressful and draining.

On a more positive note, I don't believe that it will be like this the whole time. However right now I can't help but wonder....ANY ADVICE?

#WCT (WomenCrushTuesday)

So here are some pics of one of my favorite celeb body crush. She has some perfect proportions! Yassss GAWWWDDDD!

I finally did it!

Yup gurls I finally did it. I booked my flight to DR. I was able to save about $243 on my ticket with thank you points from my account. Hallelujah, that would have been one hell of an expense.

I also put a deposit down for my RH. I am going to be stay in Piantini at Relax Recovery. Next.... Sending Dr. FG the sx costs/fee and getting supplies.

BBL Budgeting: Must-Haves vs. Nice-to-Haves (My list)

So I've gathered my list and I've had to make a few changes to fit my budget since my initial proposed list. Shout out to RS for having a more current updated list of the must haves vs. the nice-to- have luxury items.

I took the RS list and tweaked it by adding things to the list or my version of the must have. I've even done some reasearch on where I could get the items from at an inexpensive price. My plan is that these items will cover me all the way up until my 3-month post op recovery, however I know there is likely to be something to restock. But for the most part I plan on sticking to this list and it will give me an ideas of how much I am spending towards things.

Initially I had about 47 items on the list but now I have . Take a look below I hope this helps those who need it.

My list (14 days) $700.23 budget

1. pack of white tees/ 8 pajama t-shirts with buttons*
2. 4 pair compression socks, 3 regular socks* 12.99/each
3. Arnica cream (maybe tablets too)*30 tablet $5.99 Walgreens
4. Neosporin/ maderma +spf30*/ scar zone* $36 incl shipp TARGET /17.25/each @ EBAY
5. Dulcolax / milk of magnesia (Doc approved) $4*
6. Medical Adhesive tape* 1.99 EACH EBAY inclu shipp
7. Gauze pads big n small* $5.75 ship inclu
8. Female urinal- P EZ $4 AMZ*
9. 8 Maxi dresses, (2 pre-op outfits), 1 sweats 1 tshirt*
10. 14 large panties*
11. vitamin c* 1 gr per day
12. b12* 500-1000 mg per day)
13. folic acid* once a day (400 mcg per day) $50 incl shipping @vitacost for Vit C,b12, folic acid, iron,multivatamin
14. iron* 300 mg twice a day
15. multivitamin one a day*
16. slippers/flip flops* 2 pairs/$ 5.00 OldNavY
17. faja stage (2)???=$200*
18. alcohol pads* $2.57 cvs
19. baby wipes (consider flushable wipes-charmin) antibacterial* 100-count KANDOO sensitive flushable wipes WALGREENS $5
20. stool softener* 25-count $5 target
21. ab board???-$17/ EBAY*
22. sleeve $17/ AMZ*
23. boppy pillow-$30 boppy @AMAZON*
24. 3 Tylenol extra strength (rx percoset)*** $7
25. Latex gloves (2 box) *** $8.55 shipping inclu EBAY
26. Feminine pads*** $6.99/45 count Riteaid
27. cortizone 10 plus/ benadryl spray extra strength*** $5 target
28. triple antiobiotic spray*** $4.39
29. cincher $40/ Ann Cherry 2026 size medium 34 AMAZON***
30. body pillow-$120 comfy bum***
31. bra (2) @ $40-$80***

On another note: can someone tell me the best faja brands to get for bbl, bl/ba, and body/arm lipo? Thanks in advance, ladies!

Pre op size (photos)

So I figured that I would post some pre-op photos in a dress that I love. Can't wait to see that I am going to look in it post op. Yall know I am sucking it in and doing the booty toot but to no avail (on the booty part LOL)


So I just came back from my primary care provider. I went with the intentin of getting a physical and blood work done to see if i was on track to have all the procedures done at once.

Here's the thing: I LIED a little bit! I told her that I wanted the test done because I was having sx and the doctor wanted to make sure I was health and had clearance before I could go ahead with it. Before I even got to the doctor's office, I practiced what I would say in case she asked me what I was getting done & where? I figured that i would come up since I was getting several test done and asking questions about certain medicine. I wanted to be able to ask freely without looking suspicious as to why I am asking that info.

Since I know the stigma and ignorance surrounding: (1)young people getting plastic sx; and (2) bbls (and breast enhancement), I told her that I was getting a breast lift and lipo suction. I didnt mention the BA or bbl because the procedures I told her about would involve them for the most part. Plus, I just didnt want her all in my BID-NESS! LOL

Basically what she told me was to make sure I did my research and that the surgeon was reputable/liscensed. I told her I was ready to disclose where I was getting it done, because we now ppl especially some US doctors have their opinion about DR or sx done ith docs out-of-the-country. However, now she knows when I am getting the surgery done and at least we can keep track of my health together. :D

Now I am just waitng on the lab work and prepping for May 24. Fingers crossed on thursday my CBC, glycemia, and creatinine test will all come became normal, but if not at least I know what to start working on. Wish me luck.

Change of Plans

Deets coming soon.

So my date has changed.

My sx date has changed for reasons outside of my control. It is now going to be on March 25th instead of March 24th. I guess I'll just be chilling in DR for 2 days and take in some sites. Has anyone else had this happen? Do you have any advice on what to do in DR during those 2days?

Hemo?? Payment?? Supplies?? Weight?? COUNTDOWN

So this update is loooonnnnggg overdue. I have been to the doctors back in February to check out my blood levels. Sad to say I was quite disappointed to get the results. A wopping 12.6 g/DL ! Wtf!!! Based on other doc responses I believed that I have to have above 13.5 g/DL to do 2 or more sx. However, I haven't asked Dr. FG about this, I am just trying to be on the safe side. But from a RS sister I recently found out that some doctors will perform the sx if your close to the hemo requirement. But then they will monitor you after sx in case you need a blood transaction, and TRUST when you don't meet that hemo requirement you will most likely need a blood transfusion. This means more money$$$! Hell nawl!

So I been taking folic acid, b12, iron, and vitamin c since the last week of March. I've also been making a lot of smoothies with protein and spinach/kale. I am just trying to get my body right before sx. I plan to visit the doctor by the end of April to get an update on my hemo level to see if this supplement and change in my diet has been working. Oh yeah, I also have been monitoring what I eat in this food app diary called "MyNet Diary" because I wanted to gain a few pounds. The app tells you how many calories you need to intake in order to gradually meet your specific weight gain goals in a healthy/appropriate way. When you log in the food most often the nutrition facts are already in the apps data. So it also keeps track of the fat, protein, carbs, fiber, and other nutrients that you're consuming. Thus it gives an analysis on what you are doing well, need to consume more of, and consume less of.

The weigh gain was not advised by Dr.FG but I figured it would help with the overall results I want post op (bigger fat cells in the butt area to make for a fuller bottom). I currently weigh 148lbs. But I am hoping to weigh 150lbs going into sx. I hope maintain the gained weight after sx for at least 3-4 months and then after that I'll tone up (and maybe loose a lbs or 2 if need be). When I went to check out my hemo I was 142lbs. I told my doctor that I was thinking about gaining weight and she said that I didn't need to because then I would be above my BMI for my height (5'2). Who fucking knew that 5-8 lbs more would make me obese according to the BMI but skinny in the eyes of others. Technically I'm skinny fat. You know what I mean---a skinny person with fat in certain areas like the tummy.
As for payment, I am about 90% complete with paying all of my sx fees. Then I will switch focus to saving for the rh I'll be staying at (Relax recovery house). The good thing is that at least I'll have a day or 2 to experience what DR is really like before sx. ????

Lastly, I wanted to mention that as of today I have officially gotten all of my supplies (except 1- a hair dryer which is miscellaneous). So I'll get to post my updated sx list (plus supply pics) and see if I was able to stay within my budget. I know how important it can be to have an estimate of how much supplies cost because no one wants to buy in excess or overspend when they can save. For instance, I believe that the faja and healing scar creams are some things that should be skimmed on, but other things can be negotiated like the cost of alcohol pads.

May can't get here fast enough. I'll be finishing up this semester and when I come back I'll be starting my internship. The work never stops but it's all worth it!

I am leaving you with my 3-month post op wish pic (gym ready). Until next time dolls, babes & foxes......Love XoLHNBHxO

I can't believe it!!!! My flight leave tomorrow

So my flight leave tomorrow and I will officially be landing down in DR. I haven't even packed because I'm such a procrastinator lol. But I have every thing. I'll even take a pic and upload it to show you what I'm being. #NoOverPackingZone
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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