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So i have been obsessed with this site ever since...

So i have been obsessed with this site ever since i found it. I want to have a BBL done and have been looking at many before and afters and have really inspired me to get this done. I am an apple shape and have always wanted to have an hour glass shape. Anyone have any doctors around this area that they would recommend? I have looked at Dr. Salama work and have loved it... But im not sure what other expenses i would be looking at

So i have contacted Dr. Salama and going to...

So i have contacted Dr. Salama and going to schedule my date with him pretty soon... So excited!!! The only thing holding me back right now is the credit places. I have heard of care credit but have never heard of any two other options anybody have any advice they could give me?

Date set!

I kept going back and forth on going through with it. But finally decided that this is something i have wanted for a long time. Its a chance to do something for myself and give myself a college graduation present. I am really excited and nervous. I feel like the date can't come soon enough :) Called in and set the date. The ladies were really helpful and reassuring.

A little about me

I am 22 years old, single, no kids at any near future. I am a student and currently living in Minnesota. I am 5'2 and weigh 140. I

Continued... haha

Accidentally hit enter haha anyways i have always been kind of curvy but have never had a nice curvy hourglass shape with it. I have been looking at this site for quite some time and each time all i do is go through profiles and check my dream results. I wanna have a nice big booty. When did you ladies begin to prepare the accommodations? I am currently preparing a list from other ladies that have had great success with their bbls. I am just so excited and counting down the time.

Before pics

Here are my current body portions and th e same I gave Dr Salama, he let me know that I need to lose 10 lbs before my surgery day

Anyone looking to switch dates?!?

So I just found out that i am walking for my graduation May 14th. I wouldn't have enough time to heal if I had to return. As i was previously planning on staying there two weeks. And i would rather not have to choose between my graduation and BBL as I've been working hard to obtain both. Please message me or inbox me if anyone has a date with Salama 2014.

Back on track!!

Thank you so much nuffass for switching with me :) I'm so excited to be able to continue this journey without having to choose my booty or graduation. Now just to find a travel buddy to join me on this journey. ... let me know ladies ;)

Time flew by!

Wow so hard to believe I scheduled this about a year ago! I am now making the last few adjustments on my flight and last details. I am going to be staying at the recovery house so I hope to see some of you there =) I have been eating healthy and trying to lose weight the slow and steady way and am really close to the weight Dr. Salama asked me to be at. I am so excited this seems like a dream, it has not hit me yet that I will be in Florida in a month getting my brand new body. So for all you vets out there... any last pointers on what I should be preparing for?

Counting down!!

Well i have gotten my clearance from my doctor to go ahead. When she first saw what doctor Salama was asking for she then started asking questions. Wanted to know how i found out about him, what the surgery entailed, and other questions like that. Well i was honest with her and told her how i compared him to several other doctors. I liked his work and was hoping to achieve some great results from him. She seemed happy that i had done my research, as she was skeptical from hearing other doctors. I have lost the 10 lbs that doctor salama asked me to. But now with the added stress of also graduation and moving all in the same month i lost an extra 5!!! So for the moment i just started walking to relax and clear my mind to get rid of all the worries. But wish me luck ladies.... Every day is a different struggle. There are days were i am nervous, scared and think maybe i shouldnt go through with it. Then there are days were im really happy and excited how i finally am going to have the body i always wanted, and how that confidence will shine through as someone who has always struggled and had a pudgy middle.


Well its been 4 days since I was salamafied but now I'm feeling better to be able to type. Here's what happened girls. I arrived from my flight at 2p and called the office to arrange a ride for me. They gave me Justin's number so I could talk to him. He is the nicest most considerate and charismatic guy. We were laughing and joking around. I told him how I was feeling nervous as I didn't know what to expect. And he was able to calm me down and took me to the preop appointment and then the recovery house. Let me tell you, if this is your first procedure or are going through it alone; I highly recommend going to the recovery house. My first day there all the girls were so nice. Giving me tips, telling me what they went through, what they did to have an easier time. But every girl was saying that the BBL was the best decision they had ever made. The caretakers made me feel so at home. Fed me, showed me my room, and introduced me to everyone. Most of the girls were there on their last day though so I was only able to talk to them that night. I had my surgery at 12:30 on the 23rd. While I was waiting in the office there were other girls waiting to see Salama for a second check up. And I was told once again that the BBL was the best decision. They told me not to be nervous. It wasn't going to be painful, just my massage was going to be something different. One of the ladies there had gotten her arms and a tummy tuck and she had gotten her BBL done months prior. The other lady had gotten her BBL just days prior and was there with her husband. Once I got to the actual office I spoke with the anesthesiologist and he asked me some questions just to make sure everything was fine. Signed a few papers and then I was told to change into my surgery garments. I had to take a pregnancy test prior to surgery as well. As soon as everything cleared I was able to finally meet the famous Salama. He was so nice he went through the whole process and what I should do after the procedure for after care. Then I stood in front of him while he did the markings. He asked me what I wanted as a result. All I told him was I wanted a flat stomach and a booty that would match my body. He said he would give me a nice round bubbly butt. The whole time the experience felt surreal up until I went inside the surgery room. That's when it really hit me. I laid down while they were putting anesthesia and I looked over to the nurse and done. I was knocked out! When I woke up I was getting told that Justin was waiting for me. I felt poofy and out of it but was able to get into the car just fine. I spent the rest of the day resting on my stomach. Be prepared to spend lots of time on your stomach. The second day I went to see Salama he took off the garment I felt fine until he helped clear the drains. Then I got really dizzy and he helped me lay down and brought me some water til I felt better. Salama told me to make sure I put on a tank top. I had been just wearing the garment and a long dress. I told him I would be. I got home took a shower from help of Lourdes and I felt wonderful. After all that I went back to resting. Drinking lots of water and Gatorade. The third day I woke up and felt dizzy right away. I had gotten my period so I was really gross and bloody. I wanted to take a shower right away but I couldn't do it. I got extremely dizzy just standing. So I laid down. After 30 min I decided I'd try getting up again. I felt a little better but decided to eat breakfast instead. I had eaten half of my eggs and drank my juice when all of a sudden I felt queasy. I ran to the bathroom and puked everything. I cleaned up and laid down again. It was a tough day. I stayed in bed most of the day until 3p. Then I took a shower and went back to bed. I got fed in bed and was really taken care of. I felt like I was at home when I was a little girl that was sick. Now today is my fourth day and its been a rollercoaster of a day. I woke up feeling bloated and gross. I couldn't eat much. Then I got a feeling that I really had to poop. So the girl here and Lourdes helped prep the bathroom as I cant sit down. This is gross but I felt so much better once all of the system was clean. I cleaned my system out from the prior 4 days. I felt great. Then today was also my first massage. Man, take those painkillers cause the massage hurt. You can hear the fluids as she massages. I was able to get my a smaller garment from the one I got from surgery. I see Salama again tomorrow to get the foams since they ran out. Now im back at the recovery house resting and taking it easy for the rest of the day


Ok girls that are going to the recovery house. Here are some things you should definitely buy;
Aarnica gel
Kotex pads (they absorb better than the gauze)
A women's urinal
Antibacterial soap
Long dresses
Flip flops to take a shower in


Removing drains

Ladies, if you end up going home with your drains. Make sure to remember to open your drain. I almost fainted tonight and had a horrible experience for forgetting a step. I ended up calling Dr. Salama really scared because I had gotten told it was a painless experience. So he walked me through the process until I was fine. I am happy I chose him as a doctor :)
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