21 Yr Old , No Kids 5'1 175 Pounds Much Needed !

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I have been looking into aggressive lipo and a...

I have been looking into aggressive lipo and a bbl for 3 years now but ever since my agressive weight gain I feel it's much needed now and weight loss has been a up and down roller coaster ride for me .. I've been looking into 2 different doctors Dr. Andrew jimerson and Dr.Moises salama .. I'm going to be an out of state patient .. I would love to do my surgery local but I haven't found any doctors with great work for their price in the Raleigh/ Durham area...So I'm in much need of support !!! Thank you ladies and fellow BBL sisters .

Moving surgery to DR

I decided I want to go to DR for my surgery. I want a sx partner so if interested please contact me.

I'm 21 years old height and weight is 5'1 and 176...

I'm 21 years old height and weight is 5'1 and 176.7 never had surgery so this is my first round. I have no kids but this is my jump start to healthier more confident me I'm excited can wait to see my transition. My SX date is January 19th 2017 with Dr. Salama I finally made a decision to stay in the US for my fist round. Stay tuned !!

Nervous!! I don't know where to start I feel lost .

I feel nervous because I wanted this SX for some time but I got really aggressive and booked my date for 1/19/17 now I'm feeling like I don't have time to prepare. Nancy hasn't emailed me any instructions on my pre op care so I just feel confused and not prepared. Help !!!

Pre op pictures (I look hideous)

As you can see I look terrible. I went through a short period of being depressed I gained 5lbs so I'm currently 180 now also I'm 5'1 . Going on a strict diet and work out plan until surgery. I have my work cut out for me I have to lose 20 lbs.. I don't have much time so I have to sacrifice and gain self control . I'm excited but also know this will not be an easy process. Surgery is 1/19/2017

Pre op pics for last update

Surgery paid in full

My surgery is officially paid for ! I'm still very stressed out bc I'm trying to find a RH that allows male guest that's close to Salama's office . Being that my SX is only a couple weeks away I need to find one right away .. plz dolls if anyone has advice let me know .

Made it to the other side

Hi girls I made it to the other side . So far I'm loving my results but I'm still very weak when I get some energy I will upload some pics . Most likely I'll be uploading some when I get back to my home town .

Before and after pics

I'm still very swollen I had my first message today . Even though I wish my back fat was gone and tummy was a lil flatter He did a great job . The pain over all is excruciating as soon as you wake up your stomach is burning your back is stiff you can't move or do anything for yourself but overall it's worth it .

2 months post op

Honestly this had been a roller coaster. It's been a lot of up and downs . Once I got home from sx I did my best by getting my massages but there isn't great post op care here in Raleigh. Besides that my results were coming along until last week when I noticed a huge dent in my Butt now my bf tellls me I'm over reacting but I feel like I'm not .. it's been depressing because I said I only can afford one round so I don't know I'm going to do to fix it .
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