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Got breast implants with a lift in 2011 and ended...

Got breast implants with a lift in 2011 and ended up waking up to bigger breast then I envisioned. Planning to go under the knife and reducing the size of implants and get a lift. Everyone told me that if I went too small I would regret it so I leaned more toward a bigger size implant. Now I'm wishing I didn't listen to others and followed my gut.

Surgery tomorrow

I got my surgery date moved because if I waited two months, it would interfere with school and going out of town plans. I want to thank everyone for all their posts, it has really helped with what I'm looking for. Tomorrow is surgery day and I am surprisingly not anxious or nervous at all. Maybe it will hit me in the morning. I'm so tired so all I want to do is sleep but there's so much to do to be ready for this weekend. I will post more before pictures tonight and pictures of post surgery.

Surgery Rescheduled while IV in me

So I get to the surgery center and get all signed in. They walked me to the back and started me on a IV. I felt weird about the surgery all morning but was very at peace, a feeling I can't really describe. I'm lying there and my husband makes it back to sit with me until I got rolled back. About an hour after sitting there they told me that they had to reschedule my surgery. I was pretty upset but kept my cool. Long story short, I'm scheduled for my original date, October 14. Obviously that is what was suppose to happen so I'm okay with it all. I will upload pics of my before now so you can see what I look like. Keep in mind this is after having a child after implants (thinking I was done with kids) and losing 50 lbs.

Pre Op

I went in for my pre op today and it went great. We are still doing 350 ccs, dual plane, high profile & lift. I still am not real nervous or anxious for some reason. Maybe with all of the school closings due to the storm Matthew has me thrown off a bit. I do need to get my butt in gear and get my home in order before this surgery so that my husband is not going crazy with a "to do" list. I have three children, one of them only 15 months, so he will be quite busy this weekend. I guess that is one thing I am a little nervous about. I don't have any family that lives in town so it does make it a little harder. I hate having to count on friends to help because they all have kids and lives also. My husband has to go back to work Monday leaving me only 2 days to completely count on him. We shall see how this works, it'll be interesting. My doctor did say that the healing process should be a breeze and he also said that my daughter is so light that if I bend down and let her grab onto be relieving and extra weight, would be fine. I think it'll be a little more difficult than he's making it out to be. I will probably do naps and lunch with her on the floor until my husband gets home so that I can avoid lifting all together. I want to make this surgery worth it so that I am not doing another one 5 years from now.

Day Before Surgery

It's less than 24 hours until my surgery and I am still not nervous. I woke up and my husband gave me a kiss and asked if I was nervous but I'm just not for some odd reason. Maybe because it feels so surreal??? I almost feel like I should be nervous or anxious, but I'm really just trying to focus on getting stuff done around the house. I almost feel like I am so laid back that something will probably go wrong. I guess I am just trusting the process. I did read about this girl who got a boob job and has been in a coma for years now because she failed to tell the doctor that she had a bad reaction from the anesthesia. Just praying for a safe surgery and great results !!!

One Day Post op

I am in my first day of healing stage!. Yesterday I was in a lot of pain, but mainly out of it. I waited in the waiting room for 11-1 because the surgeon took longer than anticipated. I went under around 2 and did not get home until 6, just goes to show you how long my surgery took. I'm just a little sore today but got to shower or more so rinse. I am still a little out of it, and extremely bloated. I remember the first go around my boobs were hard as a rock but mine are soft, it is so weird. Another thing I'm concerned about is they aren't very high. I am gong to try not to be so critical and just see what happens. Just hoping for good results

Day After Surgery

Bandages off

More pics from one day post op

Here are a few other pictures from first day post op

Second Day Post Op

Seems like one is dropping faster then the other. I'm so happy with the size but they are a little weird looking

3 Days Post Op

1 week post op

6 week post op

Sorry it has taken so long to update y'all. Here are two pictures that show how the scars look after the surgery. Looking better. One boob is dropping faster then the other but this being my second surgery, I'm aware of that. Some of the stitching is poking out but it all looks pretty good for the most part

9 weeks post op

12 weeks post op

I'm not officially 12 weeks post op and am feeling pretty good. Every once in a while I will get shooting pains in my breast when I sleep on my sides (I know, I'm weird).

4 months post op

Can finally fit in this top
Myrtle Beach Plastic Surgeon

I got breast implants with a lift March 2011. At first my doctor told me that the swelling needed to go down because I was concerned about how big they were. I got filled to 475 ccs saline dual plane. After 6 months, I realized the swelling was not going to go down and I would need a revision at some point. I really just got use to them and didn't have the money to go smaller so I dealt with what I had. Since then, I have had a baby and lost weight. I plan to get to my goal weight before my surgery and have about two months to go!!

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