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This is my first post. Very nervous! Having a full...

This is my first post. Very nervous! Having a full abdominoplasty, flank and upper ab lipo, breast lift (anchor) and aug (450cc overfilled to 550 saline) and chin lipo on July 20th 2016 with Dr. Taneja at MyLook in Pasadena/Huntington Beach CA. Having lost that much weight has left me with flatter breasts and an apron that I do not care for. I started at 240 Jan 1st 2015, and fluctuate now between 160 and 165. I'm interested in recovery tips, pre-work out tips, and depression management tips!!

Less than a week to go!

Very nervous and excited! Less than a week before my July 20th surgery date. Getting the lift and aug, TT, and chin lipo seems like a lot of healing to ask my body to do at once. Trying to hydrate and get good sleep in the meantime. I've been using palmers cocoa butter on my skin, was thinking about skipping that and washing with hibicleanse the two days prior to surgery. There are so many points of view on prep! Especially excited to get my breasts back to full, and I have high hopes for the chin lipo.

Surgery in 12 hours

Surgery is tomorrow at 6am. Feeling very nervous! I didn't receive a lot of info on preparation from the office...fast after midnight, no perfumes or lotion, and a top that buttons or zips. Aside from that I just show up with my ID.

Will try to update when I can!

Reviewing Past Work

Been going over all the pics of the docs work I could find again to psych myself up. He really does gorgeous work! Always impressed by how well it fits the person. Part of the reason I chose Dr. Taneja was because he was the only surgeon whose aesthetic and understanding made me feel comfortable enough with after my consultation and research to put myself completely in his hands. Will take a few more before pictures tonight!

Out of surgery

Out of surgery since 1pm. 4 hrs on table. Doc says all went well but a lot of pain and mass swelling and drainage. 550 saline overfilled to 650!

First night

Very rough. Not s lot of sleeping. Drained over 400 from tummy alone and breasts are very high and rock hard. Didn't get a lot of sleep, just a half hour here and there. Desperate for some relief.

Chin before and after day 1

Took off my head wrap to change my chin lipo bandage. Can see some change already! Posting a before and after.

Day 2 post op

Took my binder off at the docs today for my first follow up. Breasts are still very high and swollen, but stomach is dramatically different. Very low scar!! Hurts badly to cough or laugh. Finally ate an adequate amount and the pain pills seemed much more effective. Make yourself eat! Watermelon and ground turkey worked for me. I have another follow up Monday.

4 days post op

Swelling is still extraordinarily high and tight on breasts. 100% rectangle bricks. Took my compression garment off last night for a breath and my belly button packing fell out so I thought I would take a picture. The drain from my TT is clogged by ropy blood high enough up that I cannot strip it out of the tube. Have an appt tomorrow with my surgeon, hope minimal drainage is ok until then. Pain and stress are pretty high.

5th day Post Op follow up

Went to my follow up today. Had both breast drains removed. That was a strange feeling!! Tummy drain comes out Monday. They repacked my belly button and redid all my tape, as well as giving me exercise and nutrition info. Red meat is out. :(

Took a picture of my still fresh incisions. Think everything will even out?

Day 6 post op

Took my first shower today, couldn't wait. The pack had fallen out of my belly button on day 3, they just had me swab with antibiotic gel after my shower. A bit worried about how I will heal there.

Having a lot of trouble with the upper swelling of my breasts. They were large implants, 550cc saline unders filled to 660cc, but they are so painfully high and tight. The square boob is so strong I can't even picture what they will look like. Can't find a decent gallery of dropping and fluffing to save my life. If anyone has a link I would appreciate it!

10 days post op

I got my last drain, the TT drain out yesterday. Didn't even feel it come out, unlike the breast drains. So nice to have it gone! Swelling a bit already but wearing spanx, lipo foam, and my binder 23 hours a day.

Breasts still very high and square, been told I shouldn't even look at them for a month. I'll keep taking pictures of progression though, wish there were more photo resources for high and swollen healing progression!

Belly button is healing up ok I think. Had a few strange nerve experiences, one that felt like an ice cube being pulled across my stomach! Very unsettling but kind of funny. Got all my anchor stitches out yesterday too. I fly home in 5 days, nervous to be away from office after only 2 weeks but they're great about working with me remotely from my hotel room an hour away so far so should be ok.

I learned a trick about sitting up when you can't use your core or arms because of a breast aug. Laced my fingers together behind one knee and gently rocked forward, worked well for me!

Some new pics from today.

12 days post op

Just spoke with my sweetie on the phone. Told him one of my square boobs is starting to soften and round. He said 'the left one?' I asked him how he knew, and he said 'lefty is my favorite.' ???? I love this man.

Doing ok with swelling since the drains came out three days ago. Most swelling has been straight down the center leading to groin. Still wearing lipo foam and compression at wait and chest. Posting some pics of slight left breast rounding and slightly more swollen under chin

3 weeks post op

Having issues with energy and stiffness, still can't stand straight. Boobs haven't settled at all, hoping to see some progress next week as its stressing me out. Belly button seems to be healing ok. Changing the tapes today, will have incision pictures tomorrow!


Took my tape off and reapplied, took some pics of scars! There is a 2 inch section that feels really raised, and part of it looks like it didn't shut perfectly.

30 days post op

Just starting to stand a little straighter. Boobs are still really high, reluctant to drop. I have a stitch that protruded from my TT scar, gonna trim it under advice tonight. Breast scars seem to be healing ok but I have asymmetry and a flat spot on the bottom that I'm hoping even out as I drop. Tired of being in compression garments and sleeping on my back, but it's nice the way my clothes fit even over the garment!


Lot of swelling with tummy tuck, still can't really sleep on side. Concerned about a dip in the scar under one breast, and the asymmetry. Wasn't really uneven to begin with and surprised to see it so pronounced after lift. Doc days to give it another month and let everything settle, trying not to be bummed.


Healing day by day. One breast still high, with the high divot in the bottom scar I suspect will keep my implant from properly dropping into its pocket. 6 weeks (about) and I still get a sick dull ache in my breasts when I try to lay on my side. Stomach scar is purple but healing nicely. Starting to notice a little dog ear on one side. Swelling is pretty substantial, local doc (not surgeon) tried to drain with syringe and got nothing. Flesh below stomach scar a shade more purple than above, and it's very hard down the center of my stomach and around belly button. Belly button healing nicely though! Still zero nipple sensation.
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