My Very First Day of Invisalign

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I never really thought about the little gap in the...

I never really thought about the little gap in the front of my teeth and one of my tooth was crooked and sticking out a bit. All of this wasn't noticeable when I was younger, but as I got older (I'm 25) it got worse. And I'm starting to notice it more and more now and I was bothered by it. So, I decided to give invisalign a try.

First of all, I've read some reviews here about some people went to a dentist. Don't. They do not know about straightening of the teeth and they are not trained for it like an orthodontist is. So I suggest you go see a real and professional orthodontist. She told me that my gap and my crooked tooth was going to get worse. I was lucky with how I found my ortho. It was via google ads where she was promoting her office, so I got a free consultation instead of paying $150.

Today is my first day of this thing. For people reading this, do know that you have to get bonds on your teeth for the aligners to hold in place. But one of mine just broke off while eating! This is normal. For the money I'm paying, I don't care if I have to go every week to repair these things though. You have to have a bit of patience and stuff will happen because you're getting use to it.

My treatment is for a year, and for the upper part I have 40 trays and the lower part 23 trays. It is a bit uncomfortable. It hurts just a littllllle bit, but you'll get used to it. And you develop a slight lisp, but you get use to that as well. I just have a tiny abrasion on the bottom part of my lip from the plastic. For those of you who are getting sores, etc. try this oral rinse called The Natural Dentist healthy gums. It soothes your mouth, there is no burning because it's a natural mouthwash. And it's delicious!

The aligners make my spaces less noticeable *the upper part) and it makes my teeth looks a bit whiter. Do know that you can't drink anything that will stain the aligners (coffee, tea, red wine) She suggested I use a straw if i wanna drink coffee, etc) I'm not about to screw myself, so I'm just gonna give it up for now. God help me because I'm an addict. And the progress with how you're doing is up to you. You have to wear them all the time except when eating. Don't cheat yourself, because it's just going to take longer for your teeth to be fixed. And don't bother lying either, because your ortho will know.

I can't complain right now because it's my first day. But the treatment thus far was pleasant. It's hurts when i have to take the aligners out. And make sure you floss and brush before you put them back in, kids! If ya don't cavities and gum disease is in order. It's not pleasant because I've had both, a month before my aligners.

Goodluck to you all! And the reviews here are great

Update - 28th May: I'm on my 2nd set of trays now...

Update - 28th May: I'm on my 2nd set of trays now. No pain at all. The only thing that's a pain is having to brush and floss every single meal! Ughhh! Haven't notice anything at all, but I was told results will start on the 5th or 6th tray. And your back teeth will move before you front teeth. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm on my 6th tray and will be on my 7th in 2 days...

I'm on my 6th tray and will be on my 7th in 2 days.  So far so good.  I can tell my teeth is moving because when I floss, it's a bit harder to get the floss in between some of my teeth now.  My ortho told me I won't start noticing results for my front teeth until about my 10th tray.  I'm excited!

Have an appointment with her 3rd Aug.  I'm so glad she is making me wear them for 10 days now instead of 2 weeks since I'm doing so well!

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