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I had a tip rhinoplasty 4 months ago what I wanted...

I had a tip rhinoplasty 4 months ago what I wanted was simple; more definition and a narrow nostril but not drastically different from my natural look. You can do all the research in the world but u will never be prepared for the post op experiences. the swelling is slowly decreasing. I love my new nose over the old but I still have a few concerns.

1. My left nostril appears more defined than my right. I noticed this very early on after removal of the splint. I addressed my concerns to my surgeon but he encouraged me to give more time to
come into its own. Although I want to keep a positive attitude during the healing process it's hard not to think of the possibility that it will remain this way. Unlike many people on here I cannot afford revision. When I feel for scar tissue on the inside of my nose it's more apparent on the side that's defined which tells me that maybe the sutures there were more tight than the other side. To correct this I contour my face when I put on makeup so it will be hard to tell in pix with makeup. The issue is I got the surgery so I wouldn't have to contour, yet, $6,000 later I'm still contouring.

2. My Columella droops and give my nose a fake bell pepper look from the front profile. After reading a lot of similar reviews on here I decided to keep my fingers crossed and wait to see if it decrease with the swelling.

3. The swelling of the tip fluctuates. some days the swelling decreases, other days it looks huge and swollen (will label pic w/ captions). I know with my ethnicity the swelling takes longer bc my skin is thicker but I would think that is more of a reason why my surgeon would offer silicone injection shots.
I hear cases where surgeons use injections to help with swelling 1 month post op but my surgeon never mentioned it and I've seen him 2x since the surgery. Does it cost their office money to use this on patients?

My nose looks fine in pictures but I know what I see in the mirror. I need some honest and realistic advice from everyone. Thanks in advance for your time


Recent pics

Took these yesterday


Pic of me in made up

These pix I love the new nose. It looks great in pix no complaints here

Last one for this month. Promise

Will be patient

After placing the pix side by side I can see a significant change in my nose. When you are insecure about something it's all u focus on. any comment about it can affect you. The other day my sister pointed the difference in definition out, although I've always noticed it I didn't think it was noticeable to others. So when she made a few remarks and jokes about it I immediately started scrutinizing it, that's why I wrote the post. Like I said before I am more happy with my new nose than my old. When I told my close friends I was considering rhinoplasty they thought I was crazy, but I didn't like what I seen in the mirror and what I wanted. I am very glad I disregarded their opinion. To be honest, I think they were just afraid of change and didn't know how it would turn out. I don't miss my old nose not one bit

Love how my nose look in this pic I think this how it's gonna look when the healing is completed

Found this pic, it was taken 1 month after surgery. This was a good angle, my nose hasn't looked like this since

The pic

FaceTime incident

I just got off the phone with my baby sister (18 yrs old she isn't the same sister from my previous review btw) she pointed out the SAME THING; how one nostril is significantly more defined than the other. I am trying to keep a positive spirit y'all, but it's tough when the people who you know wouldn't lie to you keep pointing out what you see all the time. The pics do not reflect what we all see. Feeling worrisome again :(

It's coming along

Hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving . My 6 months post op is next week they will take the after pix and compare. This is a pic I took yesterday. Thanks to all the luv, support and warm comments it's been a joy to share my story on here with you all.


During my 6 months post op I addressed my concern abt the asymmetry of my nose and he said that it will probably be a little asymmetry as all people including him are. Now that's all fine and dandy had my nose been that way prior to surgery. So I wasn't too happy with that answer. Because it's half way through the healing process I will maintain a possitive spirit because I do see it coming along some days. I think there may be a little unbalance but nothing to noticeable at worst. My next follow up is at the 1 yr mark. That's when the full healing is suppose to take it's course. So at this point it's just waiting with my fingers crossed and hope for the best results.Thank you all for your support and encouragement, especially those of you who come on and check up on me. For more frequent updates

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Pardon a dry cracked lips in these pix

Hey everyone,

I know I haven't updated in a while, I guess I am just really waiting for the full year to come. I have 2 months left, and so far I can see an improvement.

My nostrils are still uneven but it's less noticeable now than it was before. Some days it looks better and I can only blame that on the fact that it's not completely healed.

As far as my columella, it too is less swollen which became my biggest scare. It was the one part of my nose that was super swollen and droopy. It's not all gone but because it is a lot less I am still being hopeful. I remember my surgeon saying that it takes up to 2 yrs to completely heal and I believe him. The last bit of healing appears to happen gradually over the long period of time.

I changed my worth back to "I don't know" I want very one who is aiming for perfection to know that there isn't such a thing. I can get a revision but I don't think that will give me perfection, maybe more satisfaction but not perfection. I always said I would only do this procedure once and I meant that. It is what it is and I can say that I love my new nose compared to the old.

I get lots of very young people who contact me about wanting a rhinoplasty and to you I say, please wait and give your body time to grow into itself. And if at about 25 yrs old you still are miserable then consider, but true beauty starts from within. Accept your imperfections as if u had to live with it. I disliked my nose at a young age but it didn't prevent me from doing anything in life. Your confidence shows through. Own what you have. Look in the mirror and only say complimentary things to yourself. If you get surgery with that attitude you wont be a force to be reckoned with. You will need that confidence for your healing process. I see the doctor on my year mark in 2 months. Will be sure to update then.

As always thank you all for your support and kind words. Please feel free to ask me any question.

Take care and God bless

Unswollen days

I look super tired in these but I'm posting just for y'all ????????

Final results update

I seen my surgeon for the last and final time 3 days ago and I addressed my concerns he said that he did the best work he can possibly do on my type of nose without having to break my nasal bone.

I am not going to lie, I can't see myself going under the knife again I just wish I was 100% happy like some people on here are. Nevertheless, I am so much happier with my new nose than I was with my old. I pray that it continues to heal into itself. My only concern is the droopy cormella, he said he didn't touch that part of my nose except for the incision and a procedure to it would make it look piggy (which I feel that's what I look like now). Looking at original pictures I do see thick but not droopy maybe bc the nostrils were pushed so closely that it created that effect, but I believe and trust he did do his best. That's the most I can ask for.

If I knew last year that the results would be what they are now I would have looked into another surgeon if it meant I would get exactly what I want, afterall I did pay for it. But like Beyonce and he says "perfection is the disease of the nation" so I will just be happy with what I have. I had seen extreme cases of procedure gone wrong and I am just glad I am not one.

Last remarks for anyone who wants to get this done, do your research! See as many doctors as u can, look at a lot of the work they have done, if you have to go out of state do so (especially if you don't have extra money for revision) and be open to the possibility that you may not be 100% satisfied with your results.

2 years later

hey everyone,
I just went over my journey in here seen the pix and read all of your comments and wanted to make a random update.

My nose continues to heal even after 2 years! My cormella still feels like it's still healing. When I put pressure on it doesn't feel healed completely. I think surgeons tell u it takes 1 year to fully heal to be safe, but it can continue to heal after that depending on how thick your skin is and how fast you heal. I believe there is still about 5% healing left and I don't know how long it will take to fully heal but it gets better with time. My cormella is less droopy and some days it's perfect. Anyway, hang in there, if I ran out & got a revision after 1 yr I wouldn't notice the changes I'm noticing now. Give your nose a chance to heal itself completely. I am happier with my nose everyday. Yes I still want those slight changes but to be realistic the type of nose I had wouldn't change after just 1 surgery. I have very thick skin and it's hard to shape it the way I want without looking like a Jackson (lol which is not what I want).I'm glad I did this surgery. I'm afraid I will end up with a nose I don't want if I get a revision for minor things, besides that's just vain.

Thanks to everyone for your love, support and kind words you truly helped make this journey a million times better. Good luck to anyone on their journey. Follow that gut feeling, it won't lead u wrong. If u don't feel the doctor don't go to them! If I can help anyone the everyone has helped me let me know. Keep spreading the love guys, it's awesome.

Love you all


Lost files

I decided to post thesE pictures , I know it's kind of backward that I am posting them now but when I first started documenting my journey I wasn't too happy with the results, also my skin was bad after the surgery it was very oily and my pores were huge not to mention my face was puffy.

But now that my nose has come into itself I have them to compare to each other to see how far I've come. For anyone going through the early stages of recovery hang in there !! I remember like it was yesterday when I was stuck in the house I didn't want to go out or take pictures bc I hated my face but I had no choice I had to wait. I wish I enjoyed the journey more but I didn't know what I was looking forward to so I was a bit scared . Now u see my story be encouraged better days are yet to come. .. this too shall pass.

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