34 Years Old 124lbs 5'5" - Murray, UT

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I'm doing this review to help others in this...

I'm doing this review to help others in this process. I'm two weeks post op today and I like many have spent hours doin research and searching every question possible almost obsessing in fear. I know that's not healthy but I think that's what most of us do after surgery.
Relax and be patient I'm learning to do that myself.
So here is my story so far.
Mother of 3 been workin out for 3 years 5-6 days a week hired 3 different trainers and my bottom with proper nutrition and exercise would not grow. Finally took the plunge. Surgery time.
Day of surgery 3/16/16
Intramuscular size 3 implant
Did my local research he is a good doctor and has done a few of my friends so I was confident and he is a good man.
After meeting him his staff and him answering all my questions I knew he was the one.
After surgery I had the two tubes placed headed home yes most painful surgery I have ever had in my life and I have had 6 cosmetic total. tummy tuck etc.
The first three days were hell. He gave me lidocaine to inject into the tubes every 6 hours so as long as I stayed on top of that and the pain pills every 3-4 hours I was bare able.
Day two: tubes got removed I was scared as hell because my tummy tuck ones stayed in two weeks so the skin grew around them and it hurt.
It wasn't bad a small sting I was good.
He looked at the incision said there was a small pink spot not to worry.
I'm allowed to sleep on my sides so that helps with a pillow under my thighs.
I felt like one side bulged out after a week at that appointment he saw it and said we could in a couple of months add fat around the implant if needed.
I Kept reading inside the muscle they won't relax etc so I was scaring myself so don't believe everything you read listen to your doctor. He said he will see me at one month post op to just use my ointment 3 times a day on the incision and the swelling will go down.
If we need to do further lower back sculpting we can be reassured me. Something he. Didn't see before because he said I was so lean. Plus the swelling has budged that area.
Two weeks post op things are lookin better.
I do need to have the lower fat in my back sculpted out and lipo done but not a big deal. Each day that passes things are healing up. I'm babying and doing everything so so dead on aftercare is key!!
Most painful surgery I ever had so I want to make sure I don't screw it up.
The biggiest thing that has helped me is buying a female urinal standing to pee is better in my mind so it don't drip back there at all. I drink a gallon of water a day so I obviously pee often.
I eat super healthy to make sure I heal up well and now two weeks post op I'm taking all my vitamins again too. I'm allowed to sit now but I won't until this pink incision heals up some more. I'll post pictures of all of it to help others. I'll keep you all posted as I go next surgery to remove lower back fat may 27th
Biggiest thing to remember my doctor stressed to me anytime you have a bowel movement shower a quick one not to hot. Baby shampoo is ok. Wipe forward away from incision. Use ointment 3 times a day.
Best wishes to you those doing this be prepared anything can happen just be patient and very clean.

Intramuscular 3 weeks post op getting revision

I went to my three week check up and while the implants did. Drop a little from being swollen they sit very high from my glutes anatomy. They are intramuscular and like hard rocks against my body.. I go in May 25th for a revision going submiscular and doing a lipo fat transfer from the flanks I'll keep my review posted. He said this will give me the bubble butt I want. You will see in the pics it looks okay in certain angles but the truth is the top is bulgy and no lower pile fullness. So moving them and lowering them a little.

6 weeks post op

Today is exactly 6 weeks!
As far as mobility I'm completely back to myself and all gym activities.
I still have surgery may 25th and can't not wait. Far transfer from flanks to implants and change postion.
My doctor said the intramuscular postion can show the implants on the sides. I want more of a protruding bubble butt.
In my opinion it don't look horrible the side it looks kind of like a muscle but it does feel weird. I'll keep this updated.

2 months post op surgery day

Been about two months I'm finally back to myself laying on my back doing everything I use to. Even grown to love my butt. ????
Today is surgery day while it may be hard to see in this picture my lower butt it empty. Today we are doing Lypo to the flanks and contouring my lower back and doing a fat transfer as well as moving the implants from intramuscular to submiscular. Then will then give me the look I want. I'm excited and almost forgot about the pain. Hopefully it's not as bad this time around. Fingers crossed update soon.

2 months post op

Surgery day

Surgery day 2 months post op

Revision subfacial movement and lipo to flanks

Day 1 I feel pretty amazing nothing like the last one moving them and doing the flank Lypo and fat transfer are way easier this time of round. I know there is still swelling but I already love it. So before I could see he implants on he side edges and felt so so hard and rough. I would think being subfacial they would still be hard but my butt actually feels softer and feels better inside and out. I'm so happy bottom pole did get filled up better no more side edges. Flanks are still swollen but I'm so happy.

1st day post op with both surgeries

Here is a pic on the left intramuscular
On the right subfacial same implants and flank and fat transfer

Surgery revision scheduled dr.stanton

Had these sub facial for a few months they look good from behind but if I bend over they look like saggy droopy balls. You can grab underneath the implant. I'll post a pisc update soon.
My original doctor suggested a mesh sling inside. I decided to go to dr Ryan staton who has a better shaped implant and I'm going back inside the muscle.

Revision tomorrow 3rd time

What a mess this has been.
Not thrilled this is my third time in less than a year but I'm confident in Dr.ryan Stanton
I have started a new post on my whole experience here.
Have traveled here surgery in the am. Follow that post.
Here is why sub facial placement was a nightmare for me. Less than 6 months they are sliding down heavy bottom ass. Lois like a bag of potatoes

Revision by the best - Utah

So far so good!! I had 2 previous butt augmentations done and the placement and implants were not right for me. The last surgery they were placed sub facial and they are slowly sliding down. In my opinion they look like diaper butt a heavy sack of potatoes.
I shared a post of my concerns and Dr. Stanton was the only one who replied with a good answer that I was comfortable with. I did a phone consultation and immediately knew I was booking with them. My initial doctor had not done many so it was my mistake for not going to someone like Dr.Stanton who does hundreds a year.
I booked my surgery 2/9/17
The staff has been super kind and made everything so nice and easy for me. They even suggested a couple who lives near by and rents a room since I'm flying from out of state.
They will even pick you up from surgery so this makes it nice and convenient.
I arrived 2/8/17 checked into my place and it's comfortable in walking distance to the doctor.
Had my pre op really professional staff and doctor.
I love the feel of his implants a bit softer than what I have so I'm excited about that as well as the shape. He measures and makes sure you get the size that will work for you.
I'll update as I go day by day.

14 days post op new doc

Have another review in detail. I'm happy so so happy about everything in this surgery.
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was a good surgeon for my eyes but I would no recommend for booty. First surgery was inside muscle hurt pretty bad didn't pop he suggested to move them subfacial two months later and they were really saggy after a couple of months heavy balls hanging down. He suggested a mesh sling. I had already booked with Stanton. Staff here is cool he's good with lips eyes breasts but I would never go there again for butt implants or any fat grafting. He did that once and I'm pretty sure one check is even fuller. They keep costs down so the recovery tool is like a gloomy utility closet. Iv seen a couple girls butts he had done that dint look to bad but nothing like the Stanton patent ones.

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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