After 3 kids my body is shot! - 3 weeks PO - Murfreesboro, TN

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After 3 kids my body is shot! No matter how much I...

After 3 kids my body is shot! No matter how much I exercise or change my diet certain areas of my body (legs and stomach) will not budge. I am turning 30 this year and decided my gift to myself would be my old body back!!

My first consultation was July 2012. I met with a doctor in AL (I live in TN, but had heard good things). The consultation was VERY quick and not thorough, and the doctor that I met with recommended that I use another doctor within the practice, but the quote price was GREAT! I called back in February to get the ball rolling on scheduling, but the nurse told me that the quote was no longer valid; although I had been told as long as I had the original quote they would honor it. I went back in for a 2nd consultation with the other doctor and although he was more thorough, he gave me a different opinion than the first doctor and the price changed for the 3rd time!

The wait in the lobby took forever, and after a 3 hour drive that was not ideal. After everything they said about how willing they were to accomodate me being out of state they were not willing to call in my prescriptions early, but recommended that I see if my primary care Dr. would write me a prescription. They lost my blood work, and told me that I would be able to get a surgery date within 2 weeks, but when I called to schedule it was going to be over a month! They also began to encourage me to find a local doctor and have them remove my drains. This surgeon is very notable and does the most BA surgeries in the US per year, but honestly I felt like a number, not a person.

What I had been so excited about became something that I was constantly nervous and worried about! After they called to tell me they lost my blood work I began calling surgeons in my area.

I came across Dr. Tarola. Night and day difference!! The staff was so nice, they worked with me on the consultation fee (since they knew I had been to so many other consults with the prior surgeon). They got me in for a consultation the next day. I waited for maybe 10 minutes before they brought me back, and the surgeon was AMAZING!! I want to go up 2 cup sizes with my implant exchange, and I thought I was a 250cc, the surgeon looked up my current implant size (something the other surgeons failed to do) and I was substantially off on the cc. Can you imagine if I had just gave them what cc I desired and only went up a 1/2 cup size!!!

After all this I am scheduled for April 1st and am SOOOO EXCITED!! Now I'm trying to prepare. I have the kids taken care of for the 1st week, the laundry is done and working on getting the house clean.

So, what supplies are essential to the recovery process??

I added some before pictures... Wow! They are hard...

I added some before pictures... Wow! They are hard to look at, and it was hard not to suck it in! I am paying for everything today. I have a feeling that after the cash is handed over this will all become real! I am so ready, but still a bit nervous and scared.
I told my husband that all I have to do is make it to the surgery center, and have the IV in my arm.... I'll wake up and have no choice but to deal with it! LOL
I'm getting a recliner today, and I got antibacterial soap, extra pillows, books, cough drops, ensure, tissues and chapstick along with extra tupperware so I can pre-cut and cook fruit, veggies and chicken. I'm waiting till I speak with the doctor to get bandages, medical tape, etc.

Any other supplies you can think of? Should I get bactine spray?? I'm also asking the doc about Arnica and Bromelain.

Paid for everything yesterday, and now this is...

Paid for everything yesterday, and now this is becoming VERY real! I am already very emotional. When I was in paying I had a few questions and the doctor made time to speak with me. I am so comfortable with how attentive he is! He gave me his cell phone number and let me know if I had amy more questions just to call him.

He also told me to heating pads or cold packs, and that he only thought I would need 4x4 gauze for the lipo sites, but that would be all as far as medical supplies. He didn't think I would need an extra compression garmet because I could keep it off long enough to wash it. I'm trying to keep a list of things that I think I'll need for recovery.... that is the one thing I wish more people would post on here. I LOVE reading everyone's recovery stories, but I'm really trying to keep in mind that everyone is different.

So far I have:
Extra Pillows
Sports Bra (I got one that zips in the front)
Goodnites bed pads (got instead of puppy pads for my recliner)
4x4 gauze
saftey pins (holding up drains)
Extra Strength Tylenol
Moisturizer (no fragrance or dyes)
Dial Soap
Prescriptions (my doc is prescribing antibiotics, pain meds, muscle relaxer, and stool softner and something for nausea)
Shower Chair (my friend has one otherwise I would've gotten a cheap lawn chair-- I also have a handheld shower sprayer in my shower downstairs)
My doctor told me to refrain from taking ANY herbal supplements until 2 weeks prior, even Arnica

On my Grocery List:
Sugar Free Jello
Plain Almonds
Broccoli & Cauliflower
Fish & Chicken
Cabbage Soup (it's a detox thing to help you not retain fluids
Boiled eggs
Turkey Burgers

I plan to pre cut and cook everything on Sunday, my surgery is Monday. My goal is LOW SODIUM and all CLEAN! I will season my chicken and fish with Mrs. Dash seasoning- it is salt free.

I found an app for my phone called medisafe...

I found an app for my phone called medisafe (droid). It let's you schedule all your medicines,up to 4 times a day with pictures of the pills and alarms. Thought that would be helpful being foggy from the pain meds.

This week has flown by, and now there are only 4...

This week has flown by, and now there are only 4 days left until I'm on the flat side. First, let me just say that I have a history of anxiety issues, but my nerves are shot!!! I am on an emotional roller coaster that I can't wait to get off. Yesterday was by far the worst.... I'm so excited, why am I doing this, I'm going to look amazing, if i die this is such a selfish way to leave my kids, I deserve this, I shouldn't spend this money on myself..... I seriously kept waiting for my head to spin off! I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for all the physical pain I'll be in, but after yesterday I think the physical pain may be better than all this anxiety.
Today has been much better!

I am moving through the to-do before surgery list, and am pretty much on hold until Saturday. My mom is taking my kids next week, so I can spend time with them tomorrow. The surgery center called today to give me pre-op instructions. I also got really great news when I called to pay Anesthesia.... Half off since I paid early! I also am able to take my anxiety Meds the morning of surgery!

I can't believe it's so close!!!! Good luck everyone!

So it's shark week (my period) around 2weeks early...

So it's shark week (my period) around 2weeks early..... ugh! But at least that won't postpone the surgery. I read that it's very common for police to start right before surgery due to the stress. The RN at the surgery center did tell me they prob wrong let me wear underwear home, but that's OK, I won't be wearing nice clothes anyway.

Any advice on what to wear the day of surgery?

Here I go! I will keep all of my surgery buddies ...

Here I go!
I will keep all of my surgery buddies in my thoughts and prayers.
See you on the flat side!

Surgery started over an hour late, so I didn't get...

Surgery started over an hour late, so I didn't get back to the OR until 11:40, and was done around 4:45. I got back home around 6. The pain is no joke, but manageable!
Coughing hurts.... Bad, and due to the throat tubes I'm coughing more that I would like.
Vie gone to the bathroom twice alone, but with my amazing husband right behind me. My advice is to start getting up when you FIRST get the urge to pee.... I am moving at the speed of turtles stampeding through peanubutter.

Stay up on your pain Meds So you can stay ahead of it.

Good luck on your journey to the flat side. I...

Good luck on your journey to the flat side. I shower tomorrow night, then I will post pictures!

I haven't had a huge appetite today, but I'm...

I haven't had a huge appetite today, but I'm eating small meals. Im staying on top of my pain Meds. Sleeping for a few hours, then I'm up. I can get out of my recliner (not an assisted lift). I can go to the bathroom on my own and when I'm up I take a few laps around the kitchen,
The pain isn't that bed, and I did the whole shebang... TT, lipo in 2 areas and implant exchange.

I can't wait to see under my binder and go swimsuit shopping!!!

Feeling so much better. I took a shower last...

feeling so much better. I took a shower last night, and that was a lot of work! still don't have much of an appetite, but have tried to eat fruit and jello.

Tried to post after pictures, and it won't work.

POD 2- I really overdid it today. I felt great...

POD 2- I really overdid it today. I felt great this morning so I went to the mailbox, up the stairs twice changed clothes, put on makeup and did my hair. Then I went for a post op appointment. I had my pain pump pulled because the site where it was inserted had started to hurt. I have another appointment next wednesday to have my drain removed, but if I get below 30cc/day before then I will go in early. I saw my belly button today, looks good, but very bruised. I added a pic from after my shower yesterday. I will add more later. I skipped a round of pain meds, and I am very uncomfortable, but not unbearable.

Word of advice..... don't overdo it!

One thing that was not in my list that has been...

One thing that was not in my list that has been amazing to have are my moist flushable wipes, just really helps me feel cleaner after going to the bathroom considering it can be difficult to wipe.
3days PO - I think I am entering swell hell.... trying to really push fluids, trying to keep this under control. My drain output is really slowing down. I think it is supposed to come out next Wednesday.
Something funny came on TV today, and laughing hurts. I was laughing and crying and then not able to stop laughing because the situation was funny.
Overall I'm doing great, the pain isn't nearly add bad add I thought it would be. I'm staring to get antsy, but trying to not overdo it.

4days po - I started of strong this morning, but...

4days po - I started of strong this morning, but after standing or shuffling around for too long I get nauseated. I washed my binder today, showered and changed clothes. Now I am wiped out. I've been trying to back off the pain pills and I've been able to, but I'm not able to sleep much. So far I love my results, but I'm worried that the doc didn't lipo enough..... trying to be patient. I know the end results take a while to show. One day at a time.

I am completely off my pain meds, and feeling ok....

I am completely off my pain meds, and feeling ok. My back starts really hurting by the end of the day. I was going crazy stuck in the house yesterday and really overdid it. I keep telling myself getting back to normal will take time, but somehow i keep overdoing it by the end of the day. I'm really happy with the results so far. I go to the doctor on Wednesday, I'm really hoping this drain comes out! It doesn't bother me too much, but it is so hard to hide under clothes. Right now I'm draining about 30cc a day. Hope you all are doing well. Hope to post pics later.

I felt really good last week. I picked my kids up...

I felt really good last week. I picked my kids up Sunday night and them the fun begins.... my son starts vomiting, then my daughter. Yep, stomach virus, and I got it. No sleep and excruciating pain every time I throw up. I thought coughing our laughing was bad. I got no sleep and am hurting now more than I have yet. I guess I'm starting at square one. Happy healing to everyone.

So the family & I are all healthy again! No...

So the family & I are all healthy again! No more vomiting!! That is something I wouldn't wish on anyone. Thank god I didn't rip or pop anything. I went to the doctor yesterday and got the drain removed, other than it starting to be tender where it was inserted it really didn't bother me all that much, or at least I didn't think it did, bit today I feel like a brand new me!! I had energy today and was standing much taller. I slept in my bed last night instead of the recliner.... I am beginning to feel a sense of normalcy return to my life. This hasn't been nearly as bad as I expected! I would do it again in a heartbeat. My belly does feel strange.... almost like someone else's tummy is on my body. I don't really know how to explain it. Asst tones I get the sensation I used to when I was pregnant and you feel a foot move across... does that make sense? When well my belly begin to feel like mine again?

Finally got my computer up and running!! Adding...

Finally got my computer up and running!! Adding some pictures.

It's been 2weeks today, and I am very happy with...

It's been 2weeks today, and I am very happy with the progression of my healing. However, the post surgery depression has set in, and I was really hoping to avoid that. I have a history of depression issues so I guess I should've expected it, but it crept up on me.
I am happy with my results, but maybe I thought I would be happier? I keep telling myself that seeing the end results will take time, but I am very impatient. :) also, this is not the ends of my journey, I still need to tone all this stuff up. In the end I may have to go in for a revision, I'm not sure that enough was removed with lipo, I hope it is resolved once selling goes down. Those are my TT rants today. Now on to the TMI portion of my post... in case anyone was curious about this (I know I was) my husband and I were intimate last night, VERY CAREFULLY, but all went well and I'm fine today.
Happy healing everyone!

Today was my 3 week PO appointment. Everything...

Today was my 3 week PO appointment. Everything went well, I do have some concerns with my left side, but they were all addressed, and now it is just a waiting game. I had lipo of the flanks and thighs along with a full tummy tuck with MR and implant exchange. I am cleared to wear a regular bra, and no longer have to wear my compression garment ( still will wear it at night). I can also begin to work out again, just a progressive thing to get me back to where I was and then I am cleared for all activity in 2 weeks. Thank God!! I was going crazy!! I have posted one of the more recent pictures, along with a collage with progression and a close up of my incision. I alternate palmer's cocoa butter stick and pure vitamin E oil a few times a day.

3 weeks

3 weeks

I can't add pictures!!

I can't add pictures!!

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