25 YO; No kids; 5'7" 115lbs; 365cc Smooth Full Round Silicone

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Hello, RS ladies! I've never blogged about...

Hello, RS ladies! I've never blogged about anything so this is new to me but I've found others reviews so helpful in understanding what I was looking for, that I decided to write my own and maybe it will help someone else :)

So, I am 25 years old, 115 lbs and 5'7". I wear a 34B bra, but I'm more of an A cup and I'm actually a 32 band if my measurements were correct this weekend. I've always wanted bigger boobs but I'm not that self-conscious of having small boobs; there will be some occasions, but I know this is my body and that's just the way I was born. Thankfully, I have a wonderful mom who is supporting me and actually is the one that brought up doing this and helping this become a reality :) My boyfriend loves my small boobs but definitely doesn't object to me having bigger ones!

I had my consultation with Dr. Baxter last week and decided to go ahead and schedule my surgery with him. Him and the staff were so friendly, courteous and professional and made me feel very comfortable about this whole process. I'm not one that likes to sit around and wait - I just too antsy and overthink! - so I was pretty excited that they could get me so quick. At my consultation, I tried on 300cc silicone implants which were perfect. I wanted a natural look, nothing unproportionate and too big for my frame. Then of course after I leave, I started getting boob greed and wonder if I went too small. I then spent the weekend looking at different sizes and ended up making my own rice sizers because I couldn't decide. My boyfriend originally said I shouldn't go bigger than a C cup, and after looking at pics told me I should do 400ccs :P [Un]fortunately, I had my pre-op yesterday and the biggest I can go is 365cc which is what I ended up choosing. I loved the look of the 300cc that I originally tried on, but I have a feeling I'm going to wish I had gone bigger. I reasoned I am still young, and can always downgrade in 10 years if I need to, so I'm feeling pretty confident about my decision and I can't wait!!

Let the countdown begin!

Two more days!!

Yayyy finally made it through the weekend, another day closer til I have my surgery! Next time I post I'll be on the other side!! :)

I have boobs!

My surgery was at 8:30 this morning and a success! One minute I was talking and then the next they were waking me up to tell me I was done. Got home and ate a little bit, took my Percocet and napped. Pain wise I feel like I'm at a 14, ended up taking another pain pill. I also have a compression strap so it's feeling very tight and sore and uncomfortable but I can't wait until I can see them!

Day 1 post op

Well I made it through day 1...barely. I woke up at 1:30 am in a lot of pain. Moved downstairs to the couch at about 4:30 (def not going up and down the stairs for awhile). I didn't have anyone to take care of me today so I pretty much sat in the same spot til my bf got home. Tried to get up a couple times and move around. I ended up not taking any percocets because they gave me a migraine and made me lightheaded and nauseous since I couldn't really stand for too long to make food. I just had dinner though so I decided to take half of one because my pain is slowly increasing. Looking forward to a better tomorrow -hopefully!

Day 2 PO

Day two went by so much better to my relief! I woke up at 2 am in a little pain but mostly just uncomfortable from being in the same position for so long. I took my percocets half a pill at a time which kept the migraines and light headedness at bay. I'm sooo bloated from all the meds! Still struggled to walk around, and couldn't stand for more than a couple minutes. My boobs look bigger today and are ridin high, I'm so excited for them to drop. They're also very itchy. I'm hoping tomorrow I won't need my percocets at all and can switch to my extra strength Tylenol. So far my left boob is looking bigger than my right (at least when I look down), so I'm praying they won't look that way when they're done healing

Day 3

Hi ladies :) day 3 is pretty much the same as yesterday. Woke up at 1:30 am again in a considerable amount of pain. Couldn't sit through it so my bf got me a pain pill. I took some zquil last night hoping to be able to sleep through the whole night but needless to say it didn't work. I had also hoped to be able to not take as many percocets and stick to Tylenol but that hasn't been goin my way either. Pain wise I'm doing okay now. I'm getting sharp shooting pains in my left boob, yesterday I had them in my right. My bra was feeling really tight today so I loosened it and have been icing on and off all day. I also took a stool softener last night which really helped, along with half a cup of coffee in the morning with breakfast. Didn't sleep throughout the day much yesterday so I've been catching up on my z's today. It's also really soothing to me when I rub my boob gently lol, so I'm looking forward to when I get the okay to start massaging them. I'll try to post pics later tonight!

Day 4!

I didn't take any pics last night but I don't see too much change in my boobs. They're still high and today I had a lot more shooting pains from my nerves so I iced a lot! I took a full perc last night and slept through the whole night waking up at 7:30 am. I did end up with another migraine but I'm happy I got a full nights sleep. Getting up was almost painless, it seemed way too easy! Kept up on my meds throughout the day and my pain level has been pretty low. I was able to take longer walks throughout the house too. I'm adjusting to how big my boobs are now without the bra on but I'm loving the size of them. I can't wait until they start looking more natural and settle :)

Day 5 :)

Hi girls! Today I had my post op appt. They removed my bandages and sutures, which was much less scary than I imagined lol! They said my boobs look beautiful and I'm doing great, I also no longer have to wear my compression strap, yippee! They gave me my implant card today, my implants are Natrelle Inspira SRF-365. I have another follow up in two weeks, I hope I can start massaging them by then. I took a little walk around the mall after my appt and I think I did pretty well. I'm exhausted but my pain level is pretty low. Mostly sharp pains in my bottom left boob. I feel like my boobs look ginormous today! I tried to put on a couple ones I had bought from Walmart but they were all too tight, I'll have to wait til the swelling goes down a bit more. Oh well until next time ladies!

One week

I can't believe how fast one week has gone by, yet feels so slow at the same time! Today was my first day back to work. I worked from home in the morning but went into the office in the afternoon so it was my first day driving as well. It was a bit uncomfortable to sit so straight but I was only there for a couple hours so it wasn't too bad. Driving was harder than I expected. Mostly turning the wheel and feeling every bump along the road. I also noticed I feel like I'm laying on a rock when I'm in the car for longer than 30 min. I suppose that happens when you've been laying on a bed of pillows for a week lol. I'm no longer on my narcotics. I take Tylenol extra strength when I wake up in the morning and maybe once more throughout the day. I still get the shooting pains but not its not bad enough I feel like I need to take a pain reliever for it. I do notice my left boob hurts quite a bit when I stand/walk for too long where my incision is. It's also bigger and firmer than my right, but I'm assuming this is normal?? I hope they will settle symmetrically in the end. I'm still icing and try to ice my left more than my right but I don't see much difference yet. Just trying to keep positive and not freak myself out lol. I am happy with how big they are and glad I didn't go with 300 ccs. I'd rather they be a little too big than small

Almost two weeks

So it's been almost two weeks and I'm loving my new girls! I got curious and ended up taking my measurements. A bit disappointed when I calculated I was a 32B (I did it twice to make sure I did it right.) I was hoping to be at least a C. But all bras are different so trying not to let it bring me down. I do love how they look in the mirror and I think they are perfect for my body. They are softening a little bit more every day too so it's fun to poke at them lol. They are very tender though on the bottom and hurts a bit when I touch them there and my nipples are super sensitive! Overall I'm feeling great and that's the only pain I feel. I just take it easy when it comes to lifting, stretching, pulling, etc. It also sucks still sleeping on my back, I've gotten some gnarly knots in my shoulders too lol. But it helps to alternate twisting my lower body in bed to alleviate some of the pain. I've taken a pic or two almost every day but don't see much difference since last week so here are just some before and afters. I also bought some new bralettes that are soo cute, I love the way they look!

Three weeks

Hi ladies, I feel like it's been forever since I've been on here, just been so busy lately! I had my second post op appt on Monday. Doc says I'm ready to be fitted for a bra and also took my tape off so I can finally see my scars. They're def not as bad as I thought they'd be which was a relief! My left boob is still a bit firmer than my right and hasn't dropped as much but you can really see the difference I don't think. They are slowly getting softer and squisher. They're also still numb on my lower half and my whole chest gets super itchy from time to time! My nipples are also still super sensitive. I'll have to post back next week when I get fitted since I won't have the time to go this weekend. Today is also 3 weeks post op so I can sleep braless! I'm going to try to sleep on my side again; I've tried a couple times but whichever boob is hanging down starts to hurt so I tried to wedge a pillow in between them but couldn't make it comfortable. Slightly irritating since I'm so tired of sleeping on my back lol! Anyways here are my scar pics!

So happy!

Hi girls! Hope y'all have been doing well! I've been meaning to update for awhile but haven't had the time. I can't sleep so thought I'd jump on here :) my boobs have been doing great, they are so much more squisher now. My right boob is still numb on the bottom and I can sleep on my sides for a short period of time especially if I wedge a pillow between them. Other than that everything is back to normal! I went and got fitted for a bra finally last weekend. I went to Victoria's Secret and she measured me at a 30 band but their smallest is 32 so she had me start with a 32D. I thought it fit pretty well, ended up with 4 new bras :) I'm not sure if I should have tried on a DD just to make sure, I noticed my nipples are only like half an inch from the top of my bra, wouldn't want them to slip out! So maybe I'll try next time and compare the difference. I also tried on a push up and was surprised they were not as comfortable, whereas they were my best friend before lol. I'm so happy with the way they turned out and that I went with the 365 ccs. I try to massage them when I can, cuz I want that cleavage! But it was def worth that first 24 hours of recovery hell :) wishin you ladies all the best, ciao for now!
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