24 Years Old 285 or 310cc, 5'5 120 Lbs - Mountlake Terrace, WA

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Hey everyone so I'm surprised I'm doing this but...

Hey everyone so I'm surprised I'm doing this but this site has been such a helpful part of my process I want to document my experience so hopefully I can help someone else too. Right now I have my Pre-Op, surgery, and post op scheduled. I'm thinking of doing 285 or 310cc but haven't decided yet. I want to do under the muscle and an incision under the breast.

I started by seeing 4 different surgeons (a little excessive I know haha) because I wanted to be sure and comfortable with my decision. The doctor I ended up scheduling my appt with is very knowledgeable and I felt the most comfortable with. He did a 3d vecter scan, took my measurements, and I tried on sizers. Two of the other doctors make suggestions without measurements, which is fine but one from the start said I should do 350-400cc which I knew was too large even tho I communicated I wanted more conservative implants as I want them to look natural on my small frame and he kept pushing for a bigger size which made me feel a little upset because that didn't reflect my goals personally. I think big boobs are great! I've just always had very small breasts and I want to feel more confident but I don't want to go too big.

My current stats:

I will also post my measurements after my Pre-Op as I do not remember them exactly right now.

My Pre-Op is August 23, surgery is September 6, and post op IS a few days after. I will post as these dates arrive and in between.

Counting down the days!

My Pre-Op is in 3 days! I'm overly excited and nervous looking through profiles and reviews on here but I can't wait :)

I haven't really told anyone yet I'm getting a BA but my boyfriend and my mom (my mom will be the one taking care of me after). My mom actually got a ba from Dr baxter and she recommended him and I found out the girl who does my eye lashes also went to him and they both loved their results.

I'm going to wait to tell the rest of my family until after so they don't worry. Anyways posting some more before photos to show progression.

Crazy coincidence?

So it's almost 3am and I'm nervous because my pre op is in a day so I can't sleep and decide to look on the feed here, but when I log on the entire page is story after story on implant removal. I have never seen any removal stories on here until tonight, only ba of getting them. Is it a crazy coincidence or is it a sign? Has this happened to anyone else?

Pre-op tomorrow!

My pre-op is tomorrow! I'm super nervous and excited and scared all at once. I really can't wait and to think just two weeks after the pre-op is the surgery is surreal. My mom is going with me tomorrow as she will be taking care of me. The doctor had mailed me a pamphlet in advance going over everything from medications, caregiving, things I need to know before and after surgery etc. I will try on sizers again tomorrow and get another look at the 3D vector and go over all the paperwork and payment. I'll post how it went after the appointment :)


Pre-Op went well :) after trying on Sizers again and looking at the 3d scan I settled on 295cc moderate plus silicone under the muscle with an incision under the breast. Wearing a 34b Victoria's secret bombshell bra (it adds two cupsizes) we referenced the size I wanted to be. I want my boobs to have the projection and look they have in that bra, but naked. Ignore my derpy smile I was excited. I also have two bras on in the photo one with the bombshell bra and one with the no padded bra with the sizes to find the right size. The 265cc matched the bra size but I decided to go with the 295 because most women say they regret not going larger. The max I could do was a uhp 310cc based on my measurements of 12 inches. I showed the doctor the photos posted here of users on here that also went with 295cc, here's to hoping I get similar results!

They prescribed me pain killers, anti nausea medicine, antibiotics and anti anxiety medicine for before and after the surgery as I am terrified of needles! I paid for the procedure today as well so there's no turning back!

11 days until surgery, must haves post op?

Been reading a lot of reviews on here but haven't found very many posts talking about what was helpful post op, or things you should get to help ease things. I can't believe it's already less then two weeks until the surgery. It kind of seems unreal. I'm still super nervous but I probably will be until after because I'm a worrier. Feel free to comment anything that helped you pre and post surgery. Would love to hear what worked for others :)

Surgery done!

Today was the day :) 295cc silicone high profiles in. Been feeling a little bit of pain and nauscious but I haven't thrown up. The anti naseua pills and Percocet have been doing there job. I ate an English muffin some saltines and sprite so far feeling pretty good. I have the surgical bra and the band on but I'm too nervous to take a peek yet but when I do I'll post pictures :)

Here's a bunch of before pictures I forgot to upload, once I get my stitches out I'll take photos in the same clothes

Day two

Still in some pain but it's tolerable haven't had much of an appetite and I've been nauseous and sleeping on and off all day. Hoping tomorrow I feel better. Sorry I didn't post more about the initial surgery I was a little loopy when I first got home and fell asleep. I tried practicing sleeping on my back the week before surgery and couldn't even do it for an hour but now that the surgies done I've had no problems sleeping on my back and it's been comfortable. I did use a heating pad when my lower back started to hurt but only left it on for twenty minutes and it did the trick. As far as the day of surgery it went by super quick. I am TERRIFIED of needles but the anesthesia doctor was really nice and the nurses helped distract me by talking to me while she prepped me for the Iv. She put a warm towel on my arm and had me open and clothes my hand to find the right vein. I honestly didn't feel the needle go in. I have cried every other time I have had an iv so it was the best outcome. I didn't have a breathing tube down my throat just a small one against my nose and I passed out almost immediately after the iv. Between the surgery and waking up and being ready to go home was two hours and I don't remember anything from the iv to getting to the car. The doctor and nurses were very sweet and made sure I was doing okay

Forgot to add photos: Day 2

They didn't upload again

Bandages and with them off day two

Getting the bandages off today!

These are from day 1 & 2

Day one and two

Stitches out :)

Feeling good

First time feeling

Pretty in a bralette. No padding size small from Fred Meyers $8!

Full body pics and update

So the first few days were really rough. I didn't have a pain free experience that a lot of women write about. My boobs are still swollen and I just woke up with morning boob so I'm in a little bit of pain. I stopped taking my pain meds a day and a half ago and started taking them again last night because the pressure on my chest instill pretty intense and my right boob is still hurting more then the left. I've been drinking a bunch of fluids and have been taking it pretty easy. I drove for the first time yesterday! (That's why I went off the pain pills) . And it was good to get out of the house even if it was only for a little while. I still fit in my size small tips and love love love the way they look in clothes but they still feel giant to me when I'm naked. The swelling still needs to go down but I'm so happy with the size I chose I think they are perfect for me and couldn't be happier with the results so far. I will post incision pics on two and a half weeks at my follow up post op when I switch the tape. Let me know if you guys have any questions :)

Before and after

Can't go tanning yet (i normally spray tan) I didn't notice how much lighter my skin was until this photo. O boob greed so far :) did the dishes and took my second shower today. O pain medicine so far today but but i will probably take some when I go to sleep because I had trouble sleeping on my back last night. I told a bunch of people yesterday about my procedure because I don't like lying about where I have been but they didn't notice prior to me saying anything because I used to wear a huge Victoria's secret add two cup sizes bombshell bra ???? the photo in the grey tank is prior to surgery with my push up bra and the one without the bra is what it looked like when I took the bra off

Before and after

Before and after


Got sized at Victoria's secret and at Nordstrom today. I fit 30DDD, 32DD, and 34D I was shocked! 32DD fits the best. The bralettes and corsette bras at Victoria's are on sale and it was surprisingly easy to find my size. When I first asked them to size me at Victoria's secret they guessed 32 B ???? then I tried them on and the smallest I could squeeze into was a 34D they said the top I had was misleading. I love that I can easily play them up or hide them. No one in my family has noticed because I have been wearing a Victoria's secret bombshell bra that adds two cup sizes for years. Here are full body shots in 32DD with no padding. I have never felt sexy in a bra with no padding or just wearing a t-shirt in my life. For the first time in my life one as excited about buying bras and swimsuits. I wouldn't say I hated my old boobs, I liked them but I have felt such a confidence boost its crazy. I didn't go through the boob depression some people talk about and have o boob greed, I love them. I got my tape replaced on my insicions today and am getting my after pictures taken in about two weeks. I will post the professional before and after then. I have very little pain, only when sleeping because I'm still tryingmg to sleep on my back. My incisions are pretty small and light and I will post pictures when I get the tape off again (i forgot this time), anyways if you have any questions feel free to message me :)

Finally saw my incisions!

The tape fell off in the shower so I finally saw them.

Update :)

Feeling great! I will update scar pictures on month 6 and will post more pics then. Scars are healing, boobies are feeling like my own, I can still sleep on my side and stomach without discomfort. Feeling confident :) the swimsuits are unlined no padding size small, I'm currently wearing a 34dd in bras. I mostly wear bralettes and sports bras now (no more push-up yay!). Boyfriend loves the look and feel and so do I. No one in my friends or family have said anything but then again I haven't worn a swimsuit in front of them yet, before I worse bras and swimsuits with so much push up I'm not sure they would notice the difference to be honest. Anyways, more of the same not much to update on..

Feeling healthy and happy :)
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I will complete this later after the surgery :)

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