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So I had my son at age 19 and he destroyed my...

So I had my son at age 19 and he destroyed my tummy : ( I had my daughter 8 yrs later and she didn't seem to do any further damage ... I had both my kids via c section also ....it's been 91/2 yrs n I've been soo self cautious about my tummy ...I'm a small girl weighing only 108 so for me it's never been about being fat really more about extra skin and bulging muscles ...I've worked out a ton doing kick boxing and weight lifting and Zumba .. It help a bit but only if I did it 4 days a week for an hour two hours at a time...even then the extra skin was still there the bulge was there above my belly bottom but not much ... I was also vegetarian n ratting very healthy ... Neways it's hard to keep that up with a 9 yr old ( with disabilities) and a new baby ... I've always been so jealous of all my friends n their flat Timmy's after kids ... I was the only one whose body got messed up bad .. This problem made me scared to gain any weight because the more I weight the worse it would look like I was prego n it even hung over a lil bit : ( neways my lil girl is 1 1/2 n I decided it was time to be happy n do something for my self : ) so I asked around my friends who have gotten boob jobs n I called n re searched each of their docs n I picked one I thought was best ... He happened to be 5 hours away from me ( I don't live near good plastic surgeons. It's very small town here) I didn't like that he was so far but I really wanted to get it done. His reviews on here were all good except his bed side manner ... N yes it's not great but I wasn't looking for a friend I was looking for a good surgeon. So I got loans n went for it ... I had my appt we t down but had to cancel because I was sick ... He made me where a mask and gloves while there n if I didn't have gloves n touched something he had someone there to wipe is down .. Might seem extreme to some but I was grateful that he paid such close attention to the spread of cold germs etc ...I feel like all doctor should be that way ...neways I rescheduled n had it done 5 days ago ... I was sooo scared to be put undergone so long but that was the easiest part lol ... I woke up n the pain I had was from my arms not the surgery site ...my arms hurt like hell lol ... My surgery was 7 hours .. Longer then most I've read on here but this doc takes the time to sew ur skin back to the muscles so there's no space n no need for drains ... To me this was worth being under all that extra time .. Since I live far away ... Healing is support to be a bit fast this way as well ... The first 3 days were ruff but once u pass those days it's so much easier ... Still very restricted of course but pain was low n I was able to walk for short periods n even do lil chores ....after which I take a nap because my back hurts .. I'm still very hunched over ... I'm just scared to straighten up but I'm going to gradually work on it ... Doc said I should be straight up within the next week ... My left arm that had the I've in the hand still hurt some n feels numb in areas ... My thumb is tingly and numbish as well which bugs me alot ... There are times I'm like what the heck did I do but I know that just like a c section in about a month ill be fine n soo happy : ) I just wish I could fast forward lol more updates as I progress n heal . Ill post a pic of my tummy soon also the price is aprox but it was about 4000 more then most because he does all that extra work

Feeling great just some anxiety

6 days post op ... I love my new tummy . I think my belly botton is cute as of now .. I'm just a worrier about healing perfect with none of the problems that can occur ... I see bruises n think o please god don't let my skin die : ( it's anxiety .. If anyone can put my mind at ease fill free

Note expect pain in areas other then the surgery site

My left arm n thumb bug me more then anything .. Bothe arms get sore after sleeping but my left is worse n my thumb is numb / tingly still .. There were two other fingers that felt the same way but they got better and are fine now ... Ps says it will get better as the days go on...I read other reviews that's say a week to a month before it went away for them

8 days post op

Feeling pretty good. Getting the feeling back in my thumb . Only taking ibu at this point . 2 800 mg pills a day ... The only thing that really bothers me is sleeping elevated which puts pressure on my tail bone n makes my butt feel numbish ... O and the fact that I can't pick my 11/2 ur old up makes me sad.. I try n cuddle her as much as I can with her sitting next to me ...she love to Kay on me n doesn't understand why I'm telling her no : ( ... 8 days has felt like forever ... Can't wait til my next apt 10 days away.. Seems like forever .. I just want to be reassured that everything is healing right n good ... Over all good recovery so far

10 days post op

Feeling pretty good no pain unless I cough or sneeze which hurt like hell ...sent a pic to my doc since he's 5 hours away to see what he think of my healing progress and he said I'm doing just fine.good to hear .. I am having cabin fever ugh I need to get out .. Neways new pic posted

Po day 11

Ugh 11days po n i woke up exhausted : ( my kids r wearing me out ... I wish I could have done this while school was in session then my 9 yr old boy with disabilities would be in school ... With him and my baby 11/2 it's like taking care 4 lil ones all day : ( I think I've mastered not picking up the baby ... I feel mean .. She doesn't understand but I've manage a few days now of not doing it ... Other days I've had help...thank god it's Friday n I can hopefully rest this weekend with daddy off work ... I think I should start vitamins since I haven't been getting my fresh juice on a regular : ( n my left arm still jacked up grrrr I'm going to call the ps today about it ... I'm guessing he will just say more time but it hasn't gotten any better .. My thumb has improved a lil but not all the way still feels weird when touched or used ....


Wore my binder a lil tight for just an hour an a half and look at my tummy n saw indentions that were blue ish in color . Sent a pic to my doc he says stop wearing binder n just wear loose clothes . Pray to god that this doesn't go bad and turn to that dead skin stuff : (

Day 12

Did make up straitened hair n shaved my legs woo whooo I had to I was feeling like such poo .. After all that I had to lay down though ... Straight drained me : (

Po day 13

Feeling ok today ... My mind feels energized but my body does not : ( I highly recommend juicing during your recovery ... I eat too for protein n such but I've been juicing since day one n it's helped with my energy level and with my BM . I was never constipated once.. I also took over the counter softeners 3 times a day for awhile .. but anyways I took a two day break from it n my energy was low .. I got a juice n bam my energy level went back up n I felt alot better almost instantly .... My body is still achy n tired after alot of walking n standing / doing lil chores but over all I felt worse without it ... I swear by juicing ...I got into it about a month before surgery . I wanted to make sure I was getting alot if nutrion...I also recommend protein shakes for right after .. U need lots of protein to heal and u might not want to eat solids for awhile ... I loved then .. Also helps not to block u up with a hard poo lol I would stick with apple sauce soup yogurt fresh juice and protein shakes ... Basically soft ish foods ...just for a few days ..I eat regular now.. N as long as ur taking the hardcore drugs u should take stool softeners 3 times a day .. Doc might say twice a day but that has never worked for me after a surgery but that's me ..

2 weeks po

Two weeks yippie lol swollen but doing good .. Still get tired alot but I'm keeping up with my juices ...still taking ibuprofen going to see my ps to get my bb stitches out in 4 days . It will be nice to get checked out in person since I haven't been since day 3 po .. I live far away so if I have question or concerns I send pictures and or call ..

Low energy quick boost

Main I was feeling such low energy today ... N it dawned on me .. I hadn't juiced yet today .... Call me crazy but I can't recommend this enough ... I'm only half way done with my 16 oz juice n I feel so much better already ... It's crazy ... My body much really need this raw form fast absorbing nutrition .... ENERGY IN THE RAWEST FORM ... I love it

16 day po

My arms having been doing alot better wooo whooo no more pain really just numbish spots on one arm and on that arms hand my thumb still feels weird when touched or used like lil tiny lil un painful pins n needles i think ive herd it be called. i also have a tiny bit of soreness when straightening out my arms .... So I'm super for any progress with that .. My arms were super bugging me especially that one .. .... So I haven't worn my binder in days per my ps request and I have to say it sucks because my shirts on my skin without compression feels horrible almost like I'm rubbing fiber glass on my tummy ... So weird .. My skin is super sensitive right now ... Swelling sucks and the pressure of it sucks ... I always feel like I'm about to pop .. Laying down is my way to relieve that feeling. At least some of it...I've also been feeling bad about my kids being stuck inside all summer : (I can't do much without being able to lift the baby .. N if I go to a park I would need back up to run after the baby and to play with her as lifting is required for swings n slides because she still a lil one..pretty much good other then that

18 days post op ...

Has to take a 5 hour ride to go see my ps today ... The ride was horrible .. I felt every bump n had to hold my tummy the whole way n clench to the car n seat belt .. Curvy roads r the worst ... Bright side I'm healing good and I got my bb stitches out today : ) today was also the most swollen I have ever been ... I was really afraid I was going to burst my cut open I felt so big n tight ...really trying to avoid salt ..... I like flavor so ill eat stuff with some but not a ton ...drinking more water too ... The car rids have me bathroom issues to for a few hours ugh .. One softener n some time later n that ended : ) thank god ... Got to meet another tt er today ... That was nice I had been chatting with her so it was nice to meet her in person


What cha think good bb? I know it will go in some as I heal so I can't say if I love it or not but I it's ok right now not bad

Swell hell ugh

So swollen today see pics

3 weeks in two days and its swell hell

I get sooo swollen after walking more then 10 min maybe less ...it's bad I feel like I have to lay down immediately or I will burst ... Sitting down does it no justice ... I really hope this ends soon. I'm alot more sore now then I was before ... I think because of my long car ride to see my ps (6hours) and the longish ride around the mountain view area .. I'm dreading the ride home tomorrow . The ride home after surgery was as bad idk why it is now : (

Not liking my scar placement : (

I didn't wear my bikini to my surgery .. As that wasnt on my mind ... I wore underwear n the surgeon fixed it up a lil but higher then where my underwear normally laid .... I should have seen if he could have hid it under my under wear as they were normally but I was so freaked out that I just said ok .. The middle is really low it's the side I'm unsure of ... Idk it all might change when I'm fully healed ... Blah ... If its like my c section scars it will be so thin n hardly noticeable I hope

23 days po

Feeling pretty good .. I can do more chores around the house now with lil periods of laying down in between..my skin still feels horrible when touched by my shirt ....feels like fiber glass rubbing against it. My upper muscles r sore these days n weren't at first ... I think it was the car rides ... I'm now sleeping with my legs flat ( no pillow)which seems to be helping with standing up straighter ..I still hunch some though .. More so after doing alot on my feet.. ( chores /walking) ...only took 400 mg ibu today so far ...my swelling has been decent too. Still some but not like it was..

Po day 26

Woke up feeling kinda sexy ... My tummy is the flattest it's ever been : )

Before and po day 26

4 weeks 2 days po

I feel pretty good . Energy is back and I'm able to pick up my lil girl now ..she about 20 pounds.... Just waiting to look normal at this point ... Started scar therapy a few days ago ... I'm still swelling a ton : ( just can't wait to look normal again and wear jeans ... I'm not sure how long that will be but I can't wear them now because of the hard area under my belly botton .... If I put any pressure on it from pant it would indent n turn bluish ... So I have to wait until I'm completely heal I'm guessing ... Super bummer ... I really had no idea the recovery for this was so long n that u don't get ur full result for up to a year : ( o well it will happen n I hope I look amazing after all this

Scar at 4 weeks 4 days

I've been using scar treatment gel biocorneum with SPF 30 for a few days ... Can't see to much difference yet but it seems good

4weeks 5 days

Bought liquid turmeric today .. Hope it helps will update on it in a few days

5 weeks po

My bruise is almost gone ... I can't wait til it's gone all the way ... I'm going to try n focus on the positives of this recovery this week .. I'm going to try to not think about my tummy so much n focus on something else because the stages that lead up to the real result can be depressing. I'm just putting faith in my surgeon that I will look good in 6 month or so

Red bump ?

Not sure what it is .. It hard feeling and red but doesn't hurt or anything n has been present for a long time but Like weeks .. Has not gotten bigger at all

6 weeks po

Not much change looks wise .. I am able to do more n more physically with each week that passes. I'm going to start walking but wouldn't attempt to do weights or Zumba at this point ..I still use my arms to get up from a laying position. I can sleep on my side but the longer I do it the more it feels slightly painfull when I go back to laying flat . My belly button seems a lil off but I know it's still healing . If it doesn't get better I might consider a revision . Really don't want to but I want to look good . Being 6 hours from my ps doesn't make me want to do it either . That would call for more visits

6 week pics

Not much change

7 weeks

Not to much change . I went for another check up . I'm doing fine . He said I should maybe try the silicone strips so that I can possibly wear jeans again but my jeans r pretty tight these days from the swelling so I'm going to wait until that goes down . I'm going to start walking today . Just sitting around not exercising is making me feel like I'm getting fat so I need to do to Something that make me feel like I'm maintaining done fitness . I really want to do Zumba but I don't feel like my body is ready for that yet : ( maybe I should try some yoga . Might help loosin up my body so that I can move in any way . O n I'm waiting a few months to see if my bb will go in more n shrink some . If not ill be getting a revision : ( . Right now it's too big n an outtie . And my hard spot under my bb is still there . It has loosened up in some tiny areas but not much . I can feel a stitch I think too at the scar line . Feels weird I'm guessing its going to pop out at some point

7 week pics

Woke up pretty flat but still swollen

Forget the other pic

8 weeks po

Not much change . I wore jeans for the first time and had to wear them prego style with a rubber band to prevent huge indents ... They were to tight while buttoned from swelling I'm hoping .. At Lear I could button them lol ...felt really weird too being numb n having a hard area . I can't wait to look normal again n look good it regular clothes with out a pooch in my lower tummy . I hate it .

9 1/2 weeks po

I did Zumba for the first time today n it was awesome... I did feel a lil restricted in the stomach crunching n I'm swollen now but I expected that .. Woke up pretty flat though ... I'm getting there slowly as far as looking better.. Neways not much else


Still don't love the front view of my bb even after a revision . It looks great from the side though .. It goes in nicely . Just can't tell there's a lil hood when looking straight on .

Final results after almost two years

Ok it's been two years in July . I workout a lot : ) here's my results . I'm very happy
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doctor so far .. Takes his time to do work others docs don't want to do ... Ill wait till I'm healed to write a more in depth review ... He isn't the best at bed side manner (very informational just not "friendly" he isn't mean or rude just very short n to the point idk u would just have to meet him to understand but like I said before I wasn't looking for a friend but a good surgeon .. He however is very nice as well as informational over the phone when u have concerns/ questions ... Always calls to check up

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