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Surgery Day, The procedure took 4-5 hours. I...

Surgery Day,
The procedure took 4-5 hours. I decided to treat 2 areas: front and back of my thighs. After the surgery I was dressed in compression garment with foam padding. My Dr. asked me to wear garment 24 hours for 3 days .
I was still very numb after the surgery, so I did not feel any pain or discomfort, just very tired. Came home and slept through the whole afternoon.

Day One after surgery
Some discomfort, but not much, could only feel some incision points. By the way my Dr. stitched all incisions.

Day Two
Saw my Dr. today. He said I am progressing OK. I could not see my back, but fronts looked Ok - a lot of swelling, some bruising.

Day Four
Took off my first garment with padding 1st time. After the padding is removed I started to feel more discomfort and a lot of numbness especially in my fronts. My husband took pictures of my front and back thighs. The back of my both legs looks like big yellow bruise over all treated area, much worse then front. I am worried that it will never go away. I was reading a lot of messages on this site about discoloration, but not quite sure what it means.
At night I have some weird "burning" feeling in some areas, but it goes a way in the morning. My legs are feel very swollen or maybe it is numbness, not sure. I will be wearing new compression garment that is size smaller then the one I had after surgery for about 3 weeks.

Day Five
Went back to work. I was lucky to take three days off for the surgery and recovery plus it followed up with weekend. The most discomfort is when changing from sitting to standing position, it feels better after walking for a few minutes, but still a lot of numbness. I didn't feel so much numbness before as I stayed first 4 days in bed. I am wondering how long it is supposed to last.
Feels like I was run over by car.
Now front of my legs getting more yellow bruising. Interesting I did not see blue color, my bruises started with yellow.
I will add pictures later.

4 weeks update

My legs continue to get better every day. All bruising is gone, except I have a few small dark shadowy spots in bluish ( bruising? does not look like ) on the front of my legs, sort of mottling under the skin where I was treated. A few small imperfections, but nothing serious so far.
No more swelling. I still have some soreness in my legs, very sensitive to the touch. My incision marks are healing very well, they almost healed and not visible on the back, but it takes longer for front legs incisions to heal. I am using my compression garment all the time, otherwise it feels weird when i walk, and I do not know how to describe it, like skin is jiggly ( fronts mostly) .
And yes, I still have cellulite, the same as before cellulaze. after swelling subsided. So I have to wait until 3 month mark to see if there any improvement.
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