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Wasn't sure I was going to upload photos but this...

Wasn't sure I was going to upload photos but this site was soooo helpful during my entire breast augmentation journey that I hope to also be helpful to others!

29 years old
No kids
5 foot
115 lbs
Before: In between an 32A and 32B cup
Wish: Full C cup
BWD: 12 cm
Surgery: 2/25/2015
Surgeon: Dr. Lowen in Mountain View, CA - the absolute best!
Silicone implants
Under the muscle
Inframammary incision (below the breast)
325cc Sientra smooth round silicone, moderate profile

I finally decided to get the girls done after years of going back and forth. What pushed me to do it was losing half a cup size to CrossFit! Luckily, a handful of my coworkers have had theirs done by the same surgeon and all had wonderful results so I knew I didn't want to go through an interview process with plastic surgeons.

I went to my consultation and got my 3D imaging done, tried on sizers, scheduled my pre-op appointment and surgery date all at once! I knew I didn't want to go "too big" since I am pretty sure and don't have much of a booty, so I didn't want to look out of proportion. Dr. Lowen gave me three possible sizes based on my measurements, 304cc, 325cc, 339cc. I immediately knew I did not want the 339cc because based on the 3D photos, they looked huge on me! I toyed around with the 304cc vs 325cc for a long time though because I was afraid of wishing I went bigger -- which is something that all of my coworkers wish now that they are years postop! First I said 304cc and for a few weeks I was content with it but after my preop appointment I started thinking and Dr. Lowen convinced me to go with 325cc Sientra moderate profile.

Day of surgery:
Scheduled for 7:30am. Freaking out about going under general anesthesia (I'm a nurse so I know way too much about what can happen!) but my entire healthcare team was amazing in helping me feel calm. I only remember moving from the gurney to the operating room table and then all of a sudden I was waking up with boobs! It felt like I did 20,000 pushups or someone 4x my size was sitting on my chest. I was pretty nauseated but they gave me a lot of anti nausea medications which helped. Around 10:30am my boyfriend took me home and took the best care of me. I wasn't nauseous but I didn't have an appetite. I forced myself to have a Jamba Juice around 2pm. Dinner was around 8pm and even though my boyfriend cooked me one of my favorite meals, I wasn't able to eat too much. I was taking my prescribed pain medications (Norco and Ibuprofen) around the clock because I wasn't trying to be a hero and not take anything ;)

Sleeping on my back I thought was going to be a challenge since I am a tummy sleeper but I just propped up 3 pillows and slept at an angle. It wasn't that bad!

Day 1 Postop:
OK now I get what morning boob is. IT SUCKS. So stiff and sore, had some burning sensations on the sides of my boobs. Still taking pain medication around the clock - also took an anti nausea pill midday. Norco may be a bit too strong for me, made me very woozy.

Day 2 postop:
Boobs are still riding really high on my chest, swelling is there also. Had a meltdown and thank God for my boyfriend calming me down. My left boob is higher than my right, both very swollen -- I panicked thinking that my boobs would always be sitting so high up and that the swelling would never go away. My boyfriend said, "It is only day 2 after surgery. If you had a nose job, on day 2 you would still have black eyes!!" Which made me laugh and calm down.

Day 5 was my post op appointment: Steri strips are starting to tear at the edges but my PS said everything was looking good and normal. He gave me a bandeau strap to wear as much as tolerable to help keep downward pressure since I was worried about the "high boobs".

Postop day 7: Steri strips came off in the shower last night, went to work this morning and my coworker looked at my incision and saw that they didn't appear fully closed yet. Luckily I work in the hospital and so I covered them up with new steri strips. Paranoid about infection!!

Post op day 8: Woke up without morning boob finally! My left boob seems to have dropped a TINY bit overnight, now looking more symmetrical to my right. Can't wait till they soften up and "fluff"!!! Taking Ibuprofen about twice a day still, helps with the swelling and soreness.

Forgot to mention about the Keller Funnel

Dr. Lowen also uses the Keller Funnel which is a device that decreases the length of your incision and best of all, reduces your risk of infection!! Which they say MAY be linked to the incidence of capsular contracture!

No more pain meds

Woke up feeling great, no need to take Ibuprofen so far today...

Impatient for the drop and fluff..

Two weeks tomorrow and they still feel as high up as they were the first week, only difference is that they are softer and squishier... Frustrated about having to be patient...

A little over a month

My right is dropping and fluffing a little faster than my left. The left side feels a little tight/swollen still but overall I am very happy with the progress! Fitting into a full 34D.

4 months later..

My boobs are still dropping, stretching, changing, and growing. Now fitting a 32DDD. Definitely more than I bargained for but I am happy with them nonetheless.
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lowen is a wonderful surgeon with many years of experience. I felt completely comfortable after reading his credentials and then meeting him. He is very, very intelligent. It is obvious that he is a perfectionist which is a quality any plastic surgeon should have!! He answered all of my questions and his staff is extremely helpful as well. I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting a plastic surgeon.

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