Happy Birthday to Me AND the Girls + New Pics!

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Hello & Woo-Hoo! This is so exciting! I am...

Hello & Woo-Hoo! This is so exciting! I am keeping this a pretty big secret, so it feels great to be able to come here and share my story, as well as learn from all of yours!

I'm fast approaching my 42nd birthday and have always had breast envy! As an early teen, I was teased for being flat and eventually began poking fun at myself to control the humiliation. Needless to say, this came from my insecurity, which was always just below the surface during my dating years, as well. Fortunately, I have been with my amazing husband for 18 years now, and I know he loves me just the way I am. We have 2 beautiful young children (nearly 7 & 9), whom between the two, I breastfed just over 3 years. Add to that, I have dropped 30 lbs and am now very pleased with everything about my body other than my breasts....they have certainly paid a heavy price, especially since they were never all that to begin with! The funny thing is when I was teasing myself to my friends, I would say that at least they would always be "perky" since there wasn't much to sag.....WRONG! There's nothing "perky" about small saggy breasts! lol

So, my hubby bought me some beautiful lingerie for Christmas, and sadly it is still sitting on my dresser with the tags STILL on it. When I tried it on, I was so depressed to look at my reflection and feel that I looked like a 12 year old trying on her Mom's nightie! UGH!!! I wanted him to know that I loved what he chose for me, I just didn't love the way I looked in IT! He completely understood. I've done everything I can physically do (diet/exercise) to reclaim my body, and I'm pleased with my results. The ONLY thing I cannot change through any effort of my own is to enhance my breasts. BOO!! So, because he knows that is something that has always bothered me, he suggested I look into perking up my girls! Again, this is for me, not for him. But still, I was so shocked! It just seems so indulgent! Even though I always swore when I was old enough I would do this, I don't think I really gave it serious consideration....especially after marriage and becoming a mom. Maybe it just didn't seem as realistic to pursue, since my priorities shifted to my family. And, after awhile, I kind of figured, I've lived this long without them that I won't die without them. Of course, I have taken advantage of every padded/push-up/water-bra/wonder-bra and miracle bra ever made, so I could fake my way through! lol Bathing suits are bit trickier, but I still managed.

So, this conversation just began on Tuesday, 1/29, and after many hours of staring at other women's before & after pics, researching doctors and reading dozens of testimonials, I am so excited with our decision to proceed! I've found a doctor that has been very highly recommended and strangely enough, one of only two people I've shared this with, actually went to the SAME doctor and LOVED him, and will also be having her BA done by him! I'll be traveling just over 2 hours to see this doctor, but based on my research, I'm confident he's worth the drive! I'm going for my consultation on MONDAY, 2/4! And, if all goes well, I'll be receiving my new and improved breasts on VALENTINE'S Day!!! What a great day to fall in Love with my whole self the way I've always imagined I could be! When my husband and I looked each other in the eye and agreed we should go for it, I felt like a child being told she was getting a puppy for Christmas! I am so excited and feel so fortunate that this lifelong dream is finally going to become a reality, even after writing it off!

I'm planning to go from a 34-A to a full 34-B/C with as natural a look and feel as possible. I'm 5'3" and 114lbs, so I want to keep it realistic. I'm so pumped about going shopping for my new bikini for the cruise we'll be taking in mid-April! Please tell me I'll look and feel great within 8 weeks of surgery???

Today is the day I go for my consultation! I'm...

Today is the day I go for my consultation! I'm praying that I convey everything I need to perfectly and that the Dr. and I just click right on the same page. I'm so eager to walk out of my appointment with complete confidence and trust that I will love the new me! If all goes well.....10 days to go!!! :) Have a great day!

My consultation went well on Monday, and I am...

My consultation went well on Monday, and I am officially scheduled to end my breast envy on Valentine's Day!!!

I give all of you who have had long months of planning and waiting for your BIG day sooo much credit! For me, it's all happening so quickly that I can't imagine having much more time to obsess about this. It has already monopolized so much of my mind, my time AND my sleep! In fact, last night I was in and out of dreams about how my girls will look when all is said and done. I even woke up in a sweat! Crazy enough, when my alarm went off this morning, it was to the lyrics, "Don't you worry, don't you worry, child. See Heaven's got a prayer for you!" So, that message was pretty loud and clear! I've got to let go and trust I'm putting my breasts in the best hands, and know that they will be beautiful!

Now, my focus is shifting to all of my final preparations before V/B-Day (Valentine's/Boob-Day). I'll have the house/chores and fridge in order by Wednesday. What other recommendations do you ladies have as far as must-haves for bras/clothing? Creams/herbs, supplements or medications? Other comfort/healing items? Any other tips you have to share would also be VERY much appreciated! One week to go!!!

Okay, so I finally took pics of my girls before...

Okay, so I finally took pics of my girls before the reno! lol I can hardly believe at this time 4 nights from now, I'll be on the "other side"! I can hardly wait!

I was a bit nervous these past couple of days because my kids brought home another bug, and of course, I caught it. I was fearing that I would have to reschedule my surgery, but thanks to my doTerra essential oil cold/flu bombs, I'm already feeling a ton better!

Okay, so I'm a grown, married woman with 2...

Okay, so I'm a grown, married woman with 2 children of my own, and I have made up my mind to keep my "upgrade" to a select few. I'm not even telling my own mother until I see her....IF she suspects, that is (which I imagine she will, as I'll be spending a girls weekend at a beach resort in a bathing suit with her in April).

Soooo, my BIG question is what to say to my children if/when they ask questions, which I totally expect they will. They do not miss much! lol

I have a 9 year old boy and a nearly 7 year old daughter, so I want to be age and gender appropriate, not shatter body image and make sure the translation doesn't rat me out to whomever they repeat the info to!

I would probably be able to hide it a bit better for awhile if they didn't have to travel with my hubby and I for the surgery. It's 2 hours away, and we have to stay in a hotel for the post-op appt the next morning. They'll also be with me 24/7 for 5 days including the day of my surgery! Uggghhh!!! No where to hide!

I'd love to hear how you approached this with your youngsters!

Talk about mixed emotions! I'm as ready as I can...

Talk about mixed emotions! I'm as ready as I can be, now I just pray for myself and my PS to get a good night's sleep! Wish me luck and a gorgeous outcome!!! :)

We are loading up the car and heading to...

We are loading up the car and heading to Charleston! I have to be at the Surgery Center at 10:15am. Surgery is scheduled for 11:30am, Sending Prayers & HaPpY Boobilicious thoughts to one and ALL getting their renovations done, today!!! I'll give an update as soon as I can! BIG Hugs!

YAY!!! I made it! I have been out for a few...

YAY!!! I made it! I have been out for a few hours now, and so far I'm managing fairly well.....a Bizillion thanks to my Hubby, who is now my official Right Hand Man! My right side is noticeably more tender. Thankfully, I got the Exparel, so I am confident that will make this part of the recovery a bit easier. I also just took my first Oxy, so I'm expecting it will be lights out for me fairly soon, especially since I'm not even sure if I slept at all last night! lol

We had to get a hotel room for the night, so I can do my Post-Op appt tomorrow morning (we live a little over 2 hours away). Sooo, needless to say, hanging out with two high energy kids, who also happen to be early risers, in a hotel room is NOT my ideal scenario to get optimal R&R. I'll definitely be eager to get back home tomorrow afternoon, so I can at least find a quiet hiding place! lol

BTW, my sneak peak put a HUGE smile on my face! Of course, time will make all the difference, as the girls are standing up Super Tall at the moment, but I think I'm in LOVE! I'll put up some AFTER pics once we get settled in at home. :)

Happy Valentine's Day & Sweet Dreams Ladies!! XOXO

My recovery has been going very smoothly, so far! ...

My recovery has been going very smoothly, so far! It's tough for me to sit still and take it easy, but I am doing my best not to hinder myself from a full and speedy recovery by pushing the limits. I'm curious to see how all of this will feel once the Exparel wears off, but I'm an eternal optimist and expect the worst of the discomfort will be past.

In the meantime, I can't resist flashing myself in the mirror and my hubby every chance I get and the kids aren't around! lol I'm really thrilled with the results I'm seeing and feel confident they're just going to look better and better with each day as they begin to settle in!

Hope you're all doing great this evening! xoxo

I'm 2 weeks Post-Op and so very happy with my...

I'm 2 weeks Post-Op and so very happy with my beautiful girls! To be honest, I instilled a great deal of trust in my PS on what size and style of implant to use. After reading so many of your stories of trying on sizers and doing rice tests, I started to feel nervous that maybe I wasn't doing enough investigating to determine what I really wanted. I had never used any sizers and really had no clue what to make of my little rice experiment. So, I just put a whole lot of faith in all of the wonderful before and after pics and testimonials on Dr. Kalus' website, as well as the vibe I got during my one and only meeting with him prior to my surgery. I'm so thankful I trusted my gut and Dr. Kalus because he was spot on in delivering the breasts I asked for!. He really has a gift for delivering beautiful results! I'll post my "goal" pics along with my 2 week Post-Op pics.

On a side note, I just bought my first bikini since the surgery, as we are going to celebrate my daughter's 7th Birthday at an indoor water park this weekend. It was soooo much fun to see how well the tops fit now! What a fantastic transformation! This bathing suit will be "fun" to wear....the next one will have to bring out my inner sex goddess! lol

Wishing you all the best on your journeys! xoxo

Well, well, well! WHAT can I ever say to describe...

Well, well, well! WHAT can I ever say to describe how incredibly happy I am to have my gorgeous BOOBS?!? There probably aren't ANY words! I feel so blessed and greatful to have reached this place in my life....just wish I could've enjoyed the "reno" much sooner!!!! HUGE kudos to Dr. Kalus! My "girls" look so normal/natural in my day-to-day clothes (no one would ever know! he he he!). That may seem disappointing to some, but I'm sooooo thrilled because......they look FANTASTIC in a bikini.....in lingerie.....and NAKED!!!! lol :) On top of that, I got my first work-out in yesterday and felt GREAT (except for a couple jumping jacks...kinda weird) AND, tonight will be the first night in 1 month I get to sleep ALL natural!!! SCORE for me AND my hubby!!!! Tonight, life REALLY is GOOD!!! Hope yours is as GREAT, my boobilicious friends! xoxo

Okay, so I'm going to try posting this AGAIN! ...

Okay, so I'm going to try posting this AGAIN! After all, they say, "The 3rd times a charm", right?!? So, I just celebrated my 42nd Birthday AND my new darlings' 6 week Post-Op mark. We are soooo happy! My hubby said, "They're worth every cent!" lol Now, the BIGGEST challenge so far....seeing if I can pass them off in front of my Mom, who does not know about my "Renovation"!! I'm taking her for a “girls” beach weekend to thank her for watching my children while my hubby and I take a long over-due cruise in a couple of weeks. My Mom is already going to be in for quite a surprise when she sees me next week. She lives in MI, so I haven't seen her since the top of December when I probably weighed around 125 lbs. I now weigh around 110 lbs and have BOOBS! Fortunately, I can play them up or down depending on the situation, so I will definitely keep the girls on the "down-low"! Otherwise, EVERYONE will know if she figures it out! She’s not known for keeping anything to herself! On another note, a few people have asked me what kind of implants I got, so here’s the skinny: I went with an Inframammary Incision (under the breast) and got the Sientra Silicone Gel (aka: Gummy Bears) Textured Shaped Round Base High Projection with Submuscular Placement (above the muscle). This placement and style was chosen to help me possibly avoid the need for a lift AND implants. So far, I’m thrilled with them. They feel very natural, other than being able to feel the edges a bit from time to time. OH! And, I got the green light to go bra shopping! I went to Victoria’s Secret to get sized, and was quite surprised when they announced that I was a “34-D”! I believe I’ve read that they tend to run larger, but it still put a smile on my face! I also had to buy some new shorts the same day, and was thrilled when I fit in a Size “0” at The Loft! I’m sure they run small, but again, it made me feel a bit giddy! Truthfully, the sizes really don’t mean much in my book. What’s more important to me is how you feel from the inside out, and I feel FANTASTIC!!! Oh! Another question I’ve been asked is how I ended up telling my children. Fortunately, I never had to!! When we went to the Surgery Center, we just explained to them that I had a doctor’s appointment and that I might be a little bit sore for a few days. We also assured them that I was OK and there was nothing to worry about. Afterwards, I kept “the girls” concealed as much as possible for the first few weeks. But, of course, now they’ve seen me in my bathing suit and have had time to walk in on me in the shower, and no one has ever said a thing! I’m so relieved and thankful for that! lol I hope that all of you are enjoying your journey as much as I have enjoyed mine! And, thank you so much for your kind words. They make a girl feel special! ?
Mount Pleasant Plastic Surgeon

I began researching doctors in Columbia, but wasn't really excited with many of the before/after pics I was seeing on some of the local doctors' websites. Eventually, I came across some testimonials from when Dr. Kalus was IN the Columbia area....he is now near Charleston. I was so impressed by the pics, his commitment to making sure you look as natural as possible, the testimonials and phone conversations I had with his receptionists when calling with my preliminary questions that I just felt really good about him. Then, when I decided to confide in one friend here in Columbia, I learned that she herself had already been highly referred to the same doctor and had her consultation with him. She was so impressed with him that she will also be entrusting him with her BA, too! That is so reassuring!

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