My Journey To The Flat Side - Morristown, NJ

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I am a very active 34 year old mother of 2...

I am a very active 34 year old mother of 2 beautiful children ages 8 and 4 born by c-sections. I am 5'1" and weighed 115lbs prior to surgery. My journey began 3 years ago when I found out that I had an umbillical hernia. I went to see a general surgeon who then informed me that I also had distastis recti and should consult with a plastic surgeon. I was very scared to even think I needed more than a hernia repair. I thought I could fix it myself. So I hit the gym hard,ate clean and was using kinesiotaping methods to try and change the way my abs looked. At one point I got down to 106 lbs and was thinking "I look pretty good". Then a few days later some random person said to me "Congrats! When are you due?" It was then I knew diet, exercise and tape weren't the answer. So last October I hesitantly made an appointment with Dr. Glatt for a consult. After my consult I was convinced that this was the only way to change my appearance and that Dr. Glatt was the right doctor to do it. I was still very nervous and hesitant. I finally got the courage to schedule my abdominoplasty with muscle repair and hernia repair for June 19, 2013. So I went for it and can say at almost 3 weeks post op, I am loving the results so far! I have included a bunch of pictures I compiled so far on my journey.

Before and after pictures

Here are some before pictures that I guess did not upload the first time. I felt silly taking these before pictures but now I look at them and can't believe that that was really me! There are also some before and after pics in the same shirt and bikini. Wow! I am already so happy I can't wait to see the final result after all my swelling goes down and I can get back to the gym! Today is 3 weeks po and I bought a new bikini and LOVE the way I look in it! So glad I did this.

One more before pic

Here is one more before pic from the front


Ugh. I am not the best at this uploading pic thing. Hopefully it worked this time

Cardio here I come!

I was given the ok yesterday by my Dr. to break a sweat and return to cardio exercise. I was so excited I went to the gym for the first time in a month and got on the treadmill. Although it felt good to be back, I couldn't walk fast enough on the treadmill to break a sweat. :( I walked for 30 minutes and then needed to come home and take a nap. I was a little bummed but know that it can only get better from here. I also am now able to wear the binder only 12 hrs a day. Ahh it felt so good to let my skin finally breathe. So today I had it off for most of the morning but by 3 pm I had to put it back on because I was sore. I am also allowed to get in the pool, which I have eagerly awaiting as it has been almost 90 degrees the last week. But go figure today it is 75 and raining! I guess it will have to wait for another day. Here's to hoping each day gets a little better!


So I started my review at 3 weeks and was eager to post my before and after pics. Now that I have a little time I can recap what weeks 1 and 2 looked like for me. Days 1-4: I needed a lot of help to stand up, shower, get up and down the stairs and move around. I was just sore. After day 4 I was at least able to get around the house and to the bathroom myself. Days 4-9 were more of the same but a little better each day. By day 9 I felt pretty good so I decided to do some "light cleaning" of the kitchen. Oops I soon learned this was a little too much and spent day 10 in the recliner. I had 2 drains in until day 12 when I went for my first post-op appt. Once they were removed (which didn't hurt) I felt so much better and was able to stand up straight and finally sleep in my bed (somewhat comfortably). Thank goodness because my butt was getting so numb from the recliner. I started driving short distances at 16 days only because I have a stick shift and I am short. So it is a long stretch to the clutch. And then days 16-21 were just more of the same slow and steady recovery. Overall I didn't have any pain just soreness and fatigue. For me it has been very similar to recovery after my 2 c-sections, just a little slower to gain strength and get back to my daily routine. I have been extremely pleased with my recovery so far!

I can finally jog!

Today was the first day I was able to jog on the treadmill and feel good doing it! It was so great to be able to get my heart rate up again and feel like I was doing something. So I was able to jog at a 12 minute mile pace for almost 20 minutes. Otherwise I feel as if my energy level is almost back to normal unless I overdo it a little. Since wearing my binder only at night and the 90 +degree weather I have started to swell a little more which can get frustrating but all I have to do is look at my before pics to remind myself how much better it looks now even with the swelling. Feeling happy, happy, happy!

Not ready for a marathon yet.

Still realizing that although I feel pretty good, I am not yet at 100%. At 5 weeks I can do a lot but just trying to clean the kitchen and scrub the counters is enough to make me need a rest. I have been more sore and swollen at times recently most likely due to the fact that I have been doing more like up/down 3 flights of stairs several times, taking care of my kids, and getting back to exercising. Thank goodness I was able to take 10 weeks off from work to recover or there is no way I could be back at work as a PT. However, I continue to be so excited with my results. No more pregnant belly just flatness!
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Glatt has been amazing! He and his staff have done everything to make this as smooth as possible. I have not had to wait longer than 5 minutes to be seen. Dr. Glatt answered all my questions and never once did I feel rushed. He took the time to listen and validated all my concerns. So far I have been extremely pleased with my results and the way I have been treated as a person and not another surgery. I would recommend him to anyone!

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