22 Year Old Small B to a Full C - Morristown, NJ

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I expect a wonderful outcome based upon my...

I expect a wonderful outcome based upon my previous experience at the office. I am a 32 B (small B) and I am hoping to be around a C cup. Will be receiving my surgery in 2 months. I am fearful of the post-op recovery period, but that is based on my low tolerance for pain. I have wanted bigger boobs since I was 14, and I know it will be worth it.

1 month to surgery!!!

I have returned to the office for a 2nd visit, and my final pre-op appointment. I just filled out the paperwork, and I have paid off my doctor and my operating room. I am beyond exciting, and counting down the days till surgery.

I am currently 110 lbs, 5'4'' and have a 34 inch waist and 27 inch rib cage. I am going with a 225cc smooth high profile saline and filling it to 270cc. I am hoping to have a nice pair of boobs that look good in low cut dresses/shirts.

I am in love with Dr. Rafizadeh, but not in the creepy way. He was so thorough during my visits, and spent quality time with me. Although I have yet to undergo surgery, I must give once piece of advice to anyone considering surgery. Make sure you trust your doctor. I feel as if I should feel more anxiety as my procedure date quickly approaches. In reality, I am excited because I know that I can trust my doctor god forbid any difficulties arise.

Will keep everyone posted. Please send me some positive feedback and love!

2 days to surgery - Any last helpful hints?

So of course, my anxiety is through the roof. I am excited yet extremely nervous. With only two more days, I have almost everything ready for the big day.

Can anyone provide me with some final feedback, moral support, or helpful hints?

1 day Post Op

I cannot believe I have boobs!!!! Yesterday was the day if my surgery. I went to Florham Park Surgical Center and everyone was wonderful. Each nurse and doctor was caring and amazing.

Right after I changed into my gown and socks I entered the creepy white room. I guess this was when it first hit me - IM GETTING SURGERY! I was extremely calm each step of the way, and I didn't even take the prescribed Valium the night before surgery. But as soon as I sat on that bed, I FREAKED! I told the nurse I didn't want to do it - can you believe that??? I asked the nurse to get my mom, who obviously sat with me and calmed me down. My one peice of advice I can give anyone getting breast augmentation is to have a great support system at your surgical center.

After the IV (which sucks) I had a really nice liquid anti-anxiety medication and I woke up a changed women. Waking up from anesthesia sucks, there is no denying that. But they gave me some pain medication, I ate, took a walk, and they released me.

Last night I rested a bit and stayed on top of my medication. The pain really isn't too bad. It feels like a dull pressure. I have felt a lot worse pain from banging my toe!!! The only part that sucks is getting up out of bed.

Yesterday I was able to eat, and I even took a nice 10 minute walk outside. I really can't believe how well I felt only a few minutes out of surgery.

Now it is morning of day 2 (yesterday was the day of surgery). I set an alarm to wake myself up to take some more pain pills at 2am and at 7am. I didn't want to wake up this morning without any pain medication, and I am happy I didn't have to. This morning kind of sucked. Again, the worst pain was really getting out of bed. I went downstairs, I ate my breakfast and I walked around downstairs for a few minutes. Any movement helps loosen you up and release some of the tightness/pressure pain.

Will keep everyone posted on my recovery & will take some pictures after a week of recovery.
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

Although I have yet to get my surgery (highly anticipating the date) I must say that Dr. Rafizadeh truly cares about his patients. Dr. R. gave me a full hour of his time to answer any and all of my questions during my consultation. He made sure I was happy with the size and the type of implant I will be getting. I had plans on going to a few doctors, but after my consultation with Dr. R. I am positive that he will be great. I must say, the moment you call his office the receptionist is eager to help you as well. The entire staff is a delight, and this office is a gem in NJ! The office is clean, friendly, and highly recommended if you're interested in getting anything done. Thank you Dr. R. and staff.

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