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I would like to talk about my experience with Dr...

I would like to talk about my experience with Dr.Rafizadeh which was amaaaaazing!!
Ok first of all excuse my language I'm from the Middle East , so I'm not that fluent in english .
Iwas searching for doctor who can preform lip lift in perfect way regarding to the final look and the scar which is very important for me cause my job is very sensitive and i confront with alot of people and second which is more important that i have diabetes so the healing and the scar will be less than the normal person .
Iwas searching alot for this procedure and who will preform it for me and 3 doctors was in my list and dr Rafizadeh was one of them , and the reason that I decided to go to him that i saw his work and the scar was amaaaaazing and he go little inside the nose not all the line under the nose if u got me which was perfect for me cause its visible and second he don't play with nerves and all of that .
I traveled to U.S and after i finished my work i went to NJ and called the office immediately and schedule a consultation so i can do the surgery before i go back to my country .
The day When i saw the doctor for the first time he was veerry kind and very comfortable to talk with he gave me the time to explain exactly what i want and when i ask him about the final result he was very real he explained to me the exact thing that gonna happen to the shape like it or not he was real and didnt promise me with thing he cant deliver , he was very helpful and very considering to my situation my culture because of hijab and even we cover our face when i ask him that i can never post my picture and he was considering in this cause i was scared when i saw the website with alot of patients pictures , he was considering in my illness as while ( diabetes) actually he helped me with that alot .
In this time i was having a filler in my lips so the doctor ask me if i want to wait till its gone or dissolve them with injection ask him to dissolve them cause i have to do the surgery as soon as possible cause I'm leaving like after 10 days .. so he inject me and told me that we gonna wait till its gone .

After i left the office i was very happy cause i felt like i found a doctor seems like a family member or a friend because of the way he treated patients .
Iwas very excited for that surgery and after i saw the doctor i was 100 percent sure that i want to do this surgery with this doctor. So I decided to do it and i called the office as soon as the filler gone and did my appointment for the surgery .
At the surgery day i was scared as hell cause this is my first time doing something with local anesthetic But believe me the doctor try his best to make me feel less pain even his pretty wife that was holding my hand the entire time , ididnt feel that bad cause he gave me injection before the local anesthetic and the pain in the beginning was not that bad i can say it's uncomfortable thats it and after minutes I couldn't feel any thing .After he finished he gave me a prescription because i ask him for it because i hate any kind of pains so i want to make sure that when i go to the hotel i will be comfortable .
After hours when the anesthetic was going i felt uncomfortable and little bit burning feeling so I decided to take the painkiller.
Next day i called the office and ask them to let me talk with the doctor and he was not in his office and after that he called me immediately which shows how caring he is , so i asked him about how i look and if i will be better and the lip well come down and get smaller he answered yes you well be fine don't worry .
A small advice her every body response different than other especially that i have diabetes so my body react different and swollen is insane so i knew that i have to wait until at least month .
After a week i went to see the doctor to remove the stitches and i asked him doctor please remove it very carefully and slow cause i hate the feeling of pain he said iwell don't worry and i said to my self now i can say this is a REAL doctor cause in my opinion doctors need to be very understanding with the patient cause they r in certain situation which no body can get them.
After he removed the stitches my mom was in shocked she said yes u look better and nothing in obvious but me i couldn't comment any thing because i know how my body works this is not the look , and i have to wait then see if its good or not .
To be honest with the gauze on i felt more better than before my profile was amazzzing but i was telling my self to wait don't judge so i dont feel disappointed later.

Know im 1 month and week after my surgery . Icant even explain how confident beautiful attractive i feel , before my lips was giving the feeling if saddnes or anger cause it was droopy my face looks longer from down even my chin looks amaaaaaazinnnng , the proportion of the features better and the scars you cant even see it even with the diabetes thing which explain how good this doctor is ...he is a master he is a doctor and artist he is veeery talented im very glad that i did this surgey with this carying doctor
My lips doesn't even need filler believe me u will spend money in filler that will bring ur lips a little bit up but with this procedure u will not need any filler at all, i can take selfies finally (: and my profile aaaahh i cant even explain really happy with the results and now my 2 sisters decided to do the same surgery because they saw the result on me .
Iwill try to post pictures for me but first ineed to work on them as I explained before i cant not post very shown picture .
I hope that my reviews is helpful and u can understand sorry again for my language.

Before and after

Im gonna post more pictures and keep you updated
Morristown Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doctor. Talented caring understanding, give you exactly what you want and if he cant he will told you he cant and he is very sincere in his work

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