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So Iv'e been wanting to get my nose fixed forever....

So Iv'e been wanting to get my nose fixed forever. I banged it up a lot in my early teens and it was never the same since. My brothers used to tease me all the time, I've deleted probably half my pictures because of it, and I'm very uncomfortable driving or pretty much just having my profile exposed for people to see. Ok I'm not a monster and there are some days that I feel worst about it than others but that's generally how I feel. When I look in the mirror or on pictures...the first thing I see is my nose, and how I wish it wasn't so prominent.

I have the typical roman nose, a bump, some crookedness and not the most refined tip. I am beyond self conscious about it. It holds me back from being totally confident about myself. Even though people say that they don't notice and that I am beautiful...I don't want to do this for other people, it's totally for myself.

All I want is to feel like I can be exposed from any angle without being paranoid that someone is judging my nose. When I say this to my family or friends they can't believe that I feel that way but I'm sure many of you girls can relate.

I'm pretty open about it though. I joke about it all the time with my family and friends. I think i'm over it being embarrassing. I just finished University and I now I finally have the time to deal with this before starting a career. Deep down I wonder if P S really is the moral way out of an insecurity but from reading about all the wonderful experiences on real self, I have realized that if you are doing it for the right reasons ( for yourself, not for what other people think) then you deserve to feel comfortable in your own body.

Thank fully my family supports me, and that is actually SO important to me. My mom is by my side about this and even my dad doesn't seem to mind as much as I thought. He's funny though, he always points out girls on TV that have funny noses and says that I look better than them. I told him that essentially it's to fix my breathing because I have chronic sinusitis but obviously the aesthetic part is a major motive.

Plastic surgeons....who to choose to change your nose...your appearance? Seems like a very stressful task if you ask me. From research and also speaking to girls who have had it done with him, I believe I have decided to go with Dr. Samaha. He seems to be the only one who specializes in the face and he has high ratings on his online reviews which also seem to be mostly rhinoplasty reviews so I know he has the right experience. I tried looking into other well reputated plastic surgeons but most of their reviews are about boob jobs or liposuction, so it's kind of a turn off.

Anyway, I already did a consultation with Samaha and I really enjoyed it. He is a good listener, has a good sense of humour and understands that the overdone look is not appealing. He showed me pictures of girls he did with similar noses to me and WOW... I could't believe the results. Iv'e had some time to reflect and now I booked my second consultation with him for the 27th of August in which he will take pictures of me and show me what it will look like. From there I hope to book my surgery with him in October.

I told him that I have some anxiety attacks that arise in stressful situations or times, which is something I thought might be a problem but he totally reassured me and said it's not a problem and that he can prescribe me some medicine that will help calm me down. I know I will be soooooo nervous because I've never gone under and I'm one of those who is really scared of being put to sleep out of fear of not knowing what's happening. It's kind of a a silly fear Iv'e always had. I used to not be able to sleep as a kid because I was scared of what would happen when I did or not waking up .... so I know its just my inner child coming out. I think that I can overcome this if I just keep a positive outlook and it really helps to have family support. I'm telling you I'm more afraid of surgery than what it's going to look like!! But any challenge will make you stronger, and this is one I am ready for.

Today I went for a second consultation with Doctor...

Today I went for a second consultation with Doctor Samaha. He took pictures of my nose and gave me an idea of what the profile would look like on photoshop. However the edited picture of my nose kind of looked fake as in clearly photoshopped so I preferred seeing the real results of other people with similar noses to get an idea of what my nose would look like. He went over the procedure with me and reassured me about being put to sleep which is probably my biggest fear in all this. I realized that he thinks very technically so I learned to be very specific with my concerns and questions. Overall I am satisfied with Dr. Samaha so far...he can come off as a tiny bit condescending but I think it's just his way of getting things across clearly. He is that smart sarcastic type who isn't afraid to keep you on track when your questions or concerns are irrelevant or exaggerated. I think I'm just annoyed that I couldn't befriend him but who am I kidding he's my plastic surgeon. Good news is that he will also fix my congestion problem by opening up my airways a bit. Unfortunately the earliest date that was given to me is October 24th which is nearly two months from now. I really wished it was earlier because this is all I can think about and I just want to get it over with! I'm on a waiting list in case there are any cancelations. If not, I'm going to get my splint off on funny is that. The upside is that I can work with the black eyes and swollen nose as part of a scary costume haha

Omg surgery is in less than 48 hours.... Can't...

Omg surgery is in less than 48 hours.... Can't believe it!!! I'm nervous but also sort of excited!! I didn't take any anxiety medicine so far ( I am so proud of myself) and I will be going to an acupuncture appointment the night before surgery! It has been doing wonders for keeping me calm and apparently it gives your immune system a little boost!

I accidentally had a glass of white wine saturday night with my girl friends because I forgot that I can't drink a week before surgery, I think it should be ok because it was just one but I'll tell my PS just to be safe. That's how much I try not to think about surgery... but now it's almost here!! I'm trying to envision my new and hopefully beautiful nose to keep me motivated and brave for the big day! :)

Cast came off today!!! It looks great so far! The...

Cast came off today!!! It looks great so far! The profile is beautiful! The front is still very swollen but I really like it overall. I am very happy with my experience. The surgery went really well and Dr. Samaha is an amazing Doctor! His bedside manner is A1 and he always made me feel very comfortable. The nurses are great as well and their new office is beautiful! Recovery week was pretty tough but I am happy I did this and I can't wait to see my nose progress as the swelling goes down. This experience is definitely a journey and I am so happy that I overcame my fears and am rewarded with it! I feel reborn and my breathing is perfect.I would recommend Dr. Samaha without a doubt to anyone looking to fix their breathing or the aesthetics of their nose. I am so grateful yay!
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Extensive Internet Research and other people's experience with him.

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