Debby 45 Yr Old Single Mom Breast Cancer,thyroid Cancer,BRCA #2 Positive ...had Enough! - Montreal, QC

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I was diagnosed dec 17 2010 with D C I S in...

I was diagnosed dec 17 2010 with D C I S in situ,,,triple negative . Lumpectomy Jan 2011 immediate chemo therapy A/C and taxol over 6 mths , and 5 wks of radiation.. Because of my own suspicion of nodule on thyroid with no evidence of cancer I pushed my dct to remove it so I can hv peace of mind,,,during the pre op they discovered I had the worst kind of breast cancer as I mentioned we had to put thyroid on hold so we can deal with breast cancer treatment which left me very weak and I put on 45 lbs along the way ...once treatments for BC was over we decided to go ahead for thyroid which after surgery it came out positive thyroid cancer which has no connection to BC ..just my luck ! Had the radiation treatment for that too and I just got back from follow ups and am doing great... While all that my oncologist kept on pushing me to do the genetic testing ( Angelina Jolie diagnose )but I had no more energy for puncturing me or going back and forth to the hospital,, I had enough ,I am a single mom need to regain my strength and life back for my 2 kids ... Longs story short they convinced me to do genetic testing to protect my children so I went right away and I carried the mutation .. I hv to mention the first BRCA came negative so I was relieved ,,,but my dct insisted to do the second one which I think they send it to the United States and that's the one that was positive and all my dcts created a team and hurried up with a full hysterectomy nov 2013 which again I had minor complications ( blood clots ) but recovered from that too and September 2014 was scheduled mastectomy with the expanders ,,,went pretty much ok VERY PAINFUL especially if u hv to work (hairdresser) couldn't sleep cause of the excruciating pain tried sleeping on sofa ,chair,6 pillows body pillow nothing worked ...I lost my mind from lack of sleep and exhaustion and in result to that they had to put me on anti depressants ,,which is ok I am a fighter cause u know why ? I hv no choice ... I have a very loving and supporting family that I appreciate .. Going back to expanders like I said previously because I wanted to get the process over quickly I would take pain medication before each fill which was every 2 wks apprx my fill was 120 cc each time,,ouchhhh till the final fill was approx 700 cc,,but when they were freshly filled they looked nice and the pain was less as the stretching was happening pain was getting worse ,because that's the process I was patient popping morphines and working the Christmas rush.... Feb 14 2014 went for the permanent silicone which was not so bad major pain there too due to the fact that he had to sew one boob on the rib cage pass the drain through there too,,oxycodone was only giving me about 2 hrs of relief. The major problem was at that exact time I developed shingles which quadrupled the pain ... So that's my story ...I had the best care at the Jewish General hospital and above all the love and support of my doctors family and friends ... So please free to ask anything u want ,,I will do my best to answer..... Above all stay positive and may god bless all of us .....

Following mastectomy expander and silicon

Feb 14 2014 I finally had my silicone implant put in ,I hv to say he made my breast look exactly what they were before surgery ,now in a few months I will have nipples finally put in and after that the tattoo ,, what a long and painful process . Looking forward to looking normal again .. I hv to wear sports bra to sleep cause without it I get no sleep very uncomfortable .. Wearing a normal bra is not comfortable either .. My doctors suggestion is don't wear anything just let them be ... No way they hurt and they sag .. On a positive note am only on 2 tylenols only in the morning and after 8 mths of no sleep do to pain I can honestly say I am finally sleeping a full night ... I will keep u posted on the next two procedures ..
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

A perfectionist , sweet caring and above all he loves his job and I love the communication I hv with him ... In my eyes the best plastic surgeon !!

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