Lift + Breast Implants. 5,6 - 140 Lbs, B, Athletic Build. Choosing the Best Surgeon and Figuring out Everything - Montreal, QC

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Hi, I am 37 years old. I have lost 30lbs twice in...

Hi, I am 37 years old. I have lost 30lbs twice in my life along with a miscarriage. I always had good size breasts C cup. But since my last weight lost, they really took a hit and I am not satisfied with the image they have. I am in the process of figuring all this mess out. I workout a lot and want to keep shedding those extra pounds off.
Btw, pardon my writing my mother tongue is French.
I am getting such different experiences and advice from friends and even surgeons.
It seems that the are no regulations, or very little, on what can be and can't be done. The approaches vary so much from one surgeon to the other.

I though I had to simply figure out which doctor I am the most comfortable with and choose a size and that would sum it up. But no way! There is so much more to know.

My biggest issue is that I need both a lift and implants. All my contacts only got implants, no lift. Let me tell you it is not the same and almost all the blogues, reviews and before|after pics on the net are based on implants alone.
I have met with two surgeons up to now and I saw them both twice.

I am seeing a third one on Friday since they have opposite answers and technique and experience.
They are all certified and have great reviews and were recommended by friends.

The first surgeon I met had me try from 310 to 375 cc implants. The sizing system he used was in 2 baggies that covered the breast in a sports bra. (completely different from the second one I saw)
I was not so impressed with the look it gave.
I asked him if I needed to loose weight before the operation and he said that was not important (opposite answer from the second surgeon)
I went back to see the first surgeon and did a second try with a friend, who is now recently my boyfriend :), and I tried sizing system with this time 400CC and my friend pointed out that simply putting them on as is was not realistic, we had to bring the bra up a little to emphasize the lift and not just the implants and wow! it was nice. I was happy. He said he could put 400CC in one operation, no problem (opposite answer from the 2nd surgeon) but wanted a second opinion still.

I went to get a second opinion (another $150 for the consultation, but it's worth it)
This surgeon used the actual implant that he put in a sports bra. With 300CC my breast looked huge! But I felt this system was not accurate. Simply putting the implant on the breast makes no sense to me. Then he told me he would not put me more that 330CC. That if I wanted more, would be in two operations! He claimed that after removing the skin for the lift, he would not have enough skin to cover a large implant and that the stitching might not hold and also that in two years, the implant would most probably slip to the side when lying down because the muscle would not be able to hold it under itself.
Now, I am even more confused??

So, I went back with my boyfriend to see the second surgeon a second time. We asked him all the questions we had and retried the sizing system. Which I still do not appreciate.
Conclusion, he is an experienced surgeon and I believe he will simply not take any chances. He is careful and I respect that but I want larger breast and I will not have them in two operations. First the lift then the implants 4-5 months after. It's more money, way more, and I will need to take time off from work twice.
I think, he simply doesn't reflect what I am looking for.

As mentioned, I have an appointment with a third surgeon this Friday. Recommended by a friend.
I am actively searching on the net, asking people and getting informed about everything I need to know to have the breasts I want.
With work, my friends, my house in renovations, my boyfriend, my dog and everything it is a lot to do.
Will keep on posting and I would appreciate feedback and or advice from any of you ladies out there. Ciao


after many appointments with 3 different surgeons, a whole lot of research and blogging. I selected Dr. Karl Schwarz on Dr. Penfield. Overall, I felt I was getting the best service with his team, his expertise is very comforting. Him being top surgeon for breast redesign with breast cancer patients. And I feel very comfortable with him. Also, another added bonus, he gave me the best price :)


Ladies, had my surgery :) It went very well I had taking lots of precautions which helped me a whole lot: -prepared at least 14 meals -prepared my couch with lots of cushions for support and the least movement to get up, nearest to the bathroom with books, beauty products (mask,manucure set, etc), -Vitamin C -Glucosamine -straws!! very important -I went to get my prescription and therefore all my medication before the surgery -also sent my friend to get me some maxipads to put over each breast instead of gase which are more expensive (lil trick from Dr. Schwarz) -and the most important, I have someone sleeping over each night since the operation (you will need the help, especially the first few days) I must admit, the pain is not so bad. I simply felt a heavy pressure on top my breasts. Nothing crazy. It's been a week this morning and I am working on my computer, doing laundry, taking care of myself but still not liftind ANYTHING HEAVY I ask my friends when they come over to shower me, vaccuum, do dishes, etc.. For now, I am extremely happy with the outcome. My breasts have all the colors of the rainbow but the work seems fabulous!
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