Upgrade from 500cc to 1000cc turned into a 3 surgeries ordeal - Montreal, QC

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I started this journey back in november 2011. i...

i started this journey back in november 2011. i realized i wasn't going to put up with being flat chested all my life and decided to start looking up info on the net, and i was pleasantly surprised by all the information i've found, both on doctors website and discussion boards, online communities, etc. i also discovered that many girls starting out with very little were able to get really big and attractive sizes. i was always for bigger boobies, the bigger the better, and having close to zero natural tissue was like a slap in the face, and i also initially thought it would prevent me to get to a reasonable size if i was to go with a breast augmentation surgery, but i was very excited to find out that this wasn't the case!

so i tried to find a good, well known, and well praised doctor not too far from home, and that was either in Montréal or Québec city, for me, since i live right in between these two major cities. i had lots of trouble precising my search and finding one doctor whom i thought i could trust, but eventually, by word of mouth with people i know and some recommendations here and there on forums and such, i decided to go with Dr Bensimon (not the one i mention for this review, since i switched surgeon afterwards) who seemed to be a good choice for me.

i met him and thought he was nice and seemed to agree with my goals and wanted to get me there. i asked him to get me as big as possible. he also asked me which kind of cup size i'm looking into and i asked him for D or DD at least. i knew cup sizes are a vague measurement for breast sizes, but i thought that would at least feel big enough for me, coming from AAA cups. when he agreed to give me 450cc approx. and told me he could fit me as much as possible while on the operating table if i agreed to let him decide, which i did, i was happy and that size seemed like a good one, according to all the before and after pictures i had seen of such sizes.

so then surgery day came pretty quickly and i was given mentor 500cc high profile silicone implants in both breasts, on January 25th, 2012. initially i was happy, but i really quickly became disappointed by how little they fluffed out. they also never properly dropped and i never had much lower pole. i also didn't get a iota of sideboob, they were totally contained on my chest. i became convinced these implants were both completely different than what i asked for (big boobs) and they were also ill fitting on my frame since they were so narrow yet so "pointy" by having lots of projection. it felt like having half-spheres glued to my chest.

i went from a 36aaa to a 34dd bra size, but it meant nothing to me, because no matter the bra size i was wearing, i really looked like i had b or c cups at best. in loose clothes or work uniforms, i almost still looked flat-chested.

so when i realized i wasn't going to be happy with my surgery, i decided i should talk about it with my surgeon in person and officially ask him to do something about it. i did after 6 months and some and he asked me to wait it out another 6 months and we'd talk about it again. i did, then i saw him again. while initially he had talked about going to around 700cc ultra high profile under local anesthesia for a reasonable price, he then changed his tune and told me i was still too tight and that he could only get me to around 645cc ultra high profile and only under general anesthesia, so the price ended up being almost the same price as my first procedure, minus 800$.

both the size offer and price were unreasonable to me, so i decided to find out a different surgeon. that's when i found out about Dr Beauregard.

at first when i was searching for a good surgeon for what i wanted, i didn't have any leads and couldn't find which one was the best, but this time around i had talked about it to so many girls that i had this name as reference for a surgeon that is more experienced with larger implants, which is what i needed after all, since mainstream size implants looked small on me.

my new surgeon immediately agreed with me that my previous implants were too narrow for my frame. i had no side boob at all and i just plain looked small. he suggested i should go all out and get the mentor 800cc mod+ saline implants, because they would fill out my chest and would allow me to overfill larger than 800cc and eventually bigger than standard capacities if needed, because they are the best for doing so. i was a bit worried about the extra diameter, because it was much more than what i had in mind (i thought i would ask for ~1cm wider implants, not 2~3cm wider), but he reassured me it would be okay.

i was also already decided to switch to saline implants, for many reasons:

- cheaper
- more flexible for size and correcting asymmetry
- possibility to overfill
- rounder/bigger look overall

so i got this surgery done on August 28th, 2013, 2 and a half months ago. i was much more thrilled with my results right from the start and i finally can say i have big breasts now, so that in itself made it all worth it. i would never regret getting this breast augmentation revision, because my previous implants felt ridiculous to me. i would've rather not have any augmentation than being stuck with these. now on the other hand, i love them. i would still like to go bigger eventually, because i really make these huge implants look small, especially in clothes, but i'm not sure how and when i will be able to, both because of potential complications with larger implants and cost.

i already am dealing with a potential complication, but it seems to be getting better, and that's about some tenting i started to get at around 1 month post-op. it had been getting worse steadily, up to around last week. i saw my surgeon about it and he wasn't convinced it was permanent, but agreed it was worrying and i scheduled a corrective surgery to get more room in my pockets laterally, but since it started getting better very recently, i'm crossing my fingers that i might avoid additional surgery. i already posted about it in the Q&A section of this site.

so now i have 800cc mod+ saline implants filled to 800cc in left breast and 960cc in right breast. the difference in volume was to correct some chest wall asymmetry i have because of my slight pectus excavatum condition. i still don't know what bra size i am, but it will probably end up being around 34g, maybe h. i'm waiting for some more healing and settling before investing in good bras, which i will have to buy online, since no local bra store carries these kind of sizes. i'm currently wearing coobie bras to sleep and an ill-fitting but comfortable enough 38d bra i bought at Wal-Mart; it's way too small in the cups, but by removing the underwires it supports my breasts well and doesn't hurt.

my stats!

i realized i forgot to specify my stats in my review! i'm 34 years old, no kid, 5'9.5" and around 135 pounds. i measure 31" under my bust, 38" over (now), 31" waist and 37" hips.

d&f continues and updates on tenting

so they've continued to drop into place and fluff a bit. they look and feel much better, and leftie's flat spot continues to look less noticeable. i'm happy about how things are turning out so far. i still yet have to go and try to get a properly sized bra, but i sure can't wait to do so!!!

tenting doesn't seem to have changed in the last few weeks, i mean it still looks about the same "depth" by how my skin is raised, but as they are healing, my breasts are getting closer and closer and now i barely have any gap left in the lower portion of my cleavage. on pictures it's scary i think, but when i look down, it just seems that the way my breasts touch, the angle is just sharper, they still seem to be attached to my sternum. i'm kinda getting fond of their closeness lately, but i'm still crossing my fingers it's not full-on symmastia. i still have that revision surgery scheduled on January 8th and i'm almost 100% certain i want this done, if only for my surgeon to take a look and make sure my pockets are safe, and give them a bit more room laterally (that's the plan).

i added a slew of pictures to show you all how they look lately!

i have symmastia.

ok, i've been juggling with this issue for a while and was scared to call it like it is, but now i'm sure it's not just some skin tenting, i really have most of my cleavage raised and it's pretty constant. it's been such an emotionally difficult thing to admit and it's very difficult to go through.

i know my surgeon's initial plan to attempt to fix isn't enough, so i want to talk with him about it. i called his office and made another appointment to see him before surgery. unfortunately, said appointment could only be made the day before surgery, so i'm waiting for that day and i hope he'll agree to do a proper symmastia repair and that it will work out well!

i am trying not to dwell too much on all the negative stuff happening around my surgery, but it's tough. yesterday i managed to feel a little better, after a few days of feeling really gloomy. i also bought 2 underwire supportive bra at last this week and one of them ended up shrinking a bit in the washing machine (didn't use the dryer), so i'll have to modify it probably, but otherwise i'm very happy to finally have some nice support and pretty bras :)

saw back my PS, the plan

so another month has passed and i finally met my surgeon again, earlier this week. by that time, things have gotten worse again, and i really wanted a proper repair and that's what i came up with when i met him. it took a lot of time and discussing, and i had brought many pictures on my tablet so i managed to show him exactly what my issues are and i think he really understood this time. he finally agreed for a full fix. it will be one hell of a surgery though :( i knew it would be, but with things being official, it's a hit.

i'm looking at 3 different issues and the repair will be done under general anesthesia and probably will take around 2h30. he will do a capsulotomy on the sides to open up the pocket as we had already discussed the first time around, but he will also do a capsulorraphy under my right breast, because as it has been pointed to me a few times already earlier, i have slight bottoming out of that breast, and medially, to fix the symmastia. he will also reduce the volume of my right implant to 800cc and possibly, if needed, reduce both implants a bit more.

i'm quite sad about this whole thing and the thought of going backwards in size on top of everything is tough, but i'm really hoping it helps and things heal up properly this time :( my right breast looking so much larger too, i don't mind too much trying to have even implants again, i'll probably have less projection in that breast now, as it was when i had my 500s, but at least it wasn't apparent!

the real problem though i how much time i will need off work and all. i didn't have time to fully discuss the issue with my boss, but i told him about the date and time off i would need and he seemed pissed about it. i was taken aback, because he isn't usually like that, but i really need that surgery and ASAP, because this whole process has taken its toll, and i'm sinking in a financial and emotional pit lately. hope he comes around.

so i had my repair revision 6 days ago. now post-op!

in the end i had internal sutures in both creases and on both sides in my cleavage. my pockets were reopened laterally and my muscles lifted a bit more too, on both sides as well. he also made room on top of my pockets so my implants have time to drop and settle again slowly, all to avoid pressure on the stitches i guess. i'm not in too much a mess considering all that's been done i guess, but pain has been pretty bad. i'm on day 6 and i still need the heavy meds. i may have to call in the clinic and get a renewal on those pills. my implants are now 700cc left and 800cc right. i thought he was gonna make both the same size, but he only reduced the difference in size instead, but still made them smaller by a good margin (100 and 160cc).

up until now, things are healing smoothly; i've been wearing my thong bra pretty religiously, but today i'm taking a small break, because my skin is starting to break off real bad on some spots from the continuous wear of this thing. i hope everything will heal alright, because this is quite the challenge. i took 2 weeks off and i will need them all i tell you.

now if only i could be happier about the outcome, it would be great, but it's not so much. they look SO MUCH smaller than before. i feel like they lost their "punch". i liked the little fakeness they had and now they look so much more natural. anyways, i'll see how it turns out with time and healing and settling down, but still. i'm pretty sad...

so anyways, i'm sharing a few pictures to show you how they look like. if the repairs hold well, i'll be able to say that my surgeon did a good job! fingers crossed!

a new picture to show progress

they're healing ok so far. i really hope the stitches hold and all, but i'm still really sad about their new position. they look really good on pictures, considering, but they really don't flatter my upper body anymore :( i'm hoping it gets better as they heal, but i'm not so sure it will happen, as they shouldn't move much with these repairs, unless something breaks...

some comparison pictures

i'm still working out the process of accepting their new size. damn it they're smaller. i'm still fitting my 36f (us) bra, but i have no volume in the cleavage area whatsoever. that's somehow what i thought would happen, but dammit it sucks. i'm back to having zero cleavage in any low cut top.

4 weeks progress pictures and some new ones in clothes

i have to admit i'm getting very tired/annoyed/angry/frustrated/etc/lol of wearing this thong bra, but then again i'm too scared not to wear it, so i'm only giving myself a day off once in a while, when i'm not working, and i much prefer those days. wearing a bra and in clothes, i find i look bigger than before, but naked or braless, i really find them smaller and kinda flat. i hate not having any cleavage whatsoever :(

i'm healing great i think though. i'm a bit scared of the symmastia repairs not holding since they've been closing in the middle a bit, but it still seems to be okay. i'll probably take another round of progress pictures in a few days/weeks.

5½ weeks update and pictures (nude/bikini top/striped top)

they are continuing to heal properly, but i'm still worried about the symmastia coming back since they're still healing so close together. my ribcage really is working against me on this. even though my breasts now literally start from my backside, and i should have huge sideboob, they're still wanting to heal towards my midline. i'm wearing my thong bra almost 24/7 and praying everything holds!

i'm adding a few pictures i took this week-end. i'm sad that they look smaller in the nude, but i'm at least happy that they look bigger in clothes. that's been my smile of the day, lol

i like them a lot in clothes, not so much my cleavage

the two photos i'm adding are self-explanatory to what i'm happy and unhappy about my repaired girls.

the repairs are still holding and i'm liking them a bit more in clothes. it still hurts after a day spent when i'm not wearing my thong bra. for some reason my gray underwire bra makes them hurt a lot in the creases by the end of the day. that's one thing i'm looking forward to: wearing a proper normal bra and not hurting.

i'm also impatient to be able to stop worrying about my complications creeping back. i'm guesstimating i should be mostly safe after 3 months; that seems to be the average time most repair surgeons will require to wear the thong bra so i'm trying to follow this recommendation (my surgeon didn't give me any, he's like that...)

2 months post-op achieved

and the repairs are still holding! that is one victory up til now :)

i'm slowly starting to phase out the thong bra of my clothes, still going back to it frantically from time to time, because i'm still a bit scared that things could break down, and things are still looking good up until now. i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

i posted a few pictures along with this update and here's how i feel. when i look at my pictures, i think they look really pretty. i'm very happy that my repair surgery has turned out this way. i mean sometimes it takes ages to look good or sometimes i see girls that are either out of breath or somehow forced to accept lower-grades results, so that's something i am grateful of, in spite of still having a sour aftertaste of the whole process it took for me to get here.

the one thing i'm really sad about is cleavage, or lack thereof. i'm back to where i was when i had my 500s, as far as cleavage goes. and i'm not sure when i'll feel safe about pushing them together with bras and such, but well, i'll have to wait this one out for now. i'm hoping i feel more satisfied about cleavage as they heal.

i'm in the process of finding my new "ideal" size for bras and when i'll have found something, i'll update here :)

10 weeks update with progress collages

so what's been up lately...

i've still been trying to "wean" myself off the thong bra and it's not easy. i received a new bra this week and it finally fits as far as width/diameter goes, my sideboob don't hurt anymore in the bra, but it's like almost 1" too deep. it's like i have 34ff boobs in projection and 34gg in width. this makes it like almost impossible to find properly fitting bras. i've ordered another one with moulded cups and hope it fills the gap better.

otherwise, it's mental healing in addition to continued physical healing. i've got the most natural results i could ever ask for a previously flat girl, but this makes it so frustrating it's impossible to get nice cleavage. i don't even know, but i keep thinking i'd rather have ultra-fake looking boobs that look huge than huge naturals that don't look their size. and they're not as "handy" as naturals, because they don't take the shape i want, they just sit there, bouncy but stiff, no making roundness on top with these. at least not yet. i'm still hoping.

but overall i know they look perfect, and for a post-repair result, they are amazing. i'm aware of that and i'm thankful! i don't want to come out as an unappreciative spoiled child :)

there's this boutique, "Change" in Montréal

this store was strongly recommended to me by fellow post-op girls, who had great luck in finding bras that fit very well for girls with implants, so i decided to give it a go when i was able to, which happened to be last tuesday, right before my appointment with my surgeon. since i was doing the trip, might as well make it worthwhile. only issue i had is that i didn't have much time, because i made it to the store by around 17h45 and closing time was 18h!

i was able to come out of the store with one bra from their collection. i think it's the thinnest padding bra i've ever owned. it fits me like a glove, so much i never thought that was possible. it's like someone made a clay mold of my boobs and conceived this bra. but anyways, it fits great, it's a 34h us, and i probably should've bought the 34i because i'm so exactly fitting it that if i d&f some more, it won't fit anymore. but for the time being, it's my #1 go to bra now. i've included a picture of it in my update.

otherwise, they're continuing to soften up and i'm about 80% done with the thong bra. some days i end up going back to it, but i'm about done. i don't think it's doing much anymore, but still feels great when i wear it. my new bras offer good support up to my cleavage and creases, so i don't feel naked.

i'll talk some more about my thoughts in a later update.

3 months post-op achieved!

time really flies! my girls have softened up and healed so much! i'm pretty sure they fluffed a good deal in the last week, because my new bra that was a very close fit now really doesn't fit anymore. it's annoying how fast they are changing as far as bra shopping goes! i'm kinda forced to wear bras that are too big in the cups, or wear my thong bra, but with summer time approaching, i'll hate wearing layers to hide my "headlights" when wearing it.

some new pics!

3 ½ months now, things are still going well

so far so good, like the saying goes!

i really have to say i'm in love with my boobs now, finally, like i read that most of us end up being after a while! i'm still extremely annoyed that i eat the ccs so much, but at least i have pretty boobs now. and i wish i could get better cleavage too; i have to settle with too natural looking boobs all the time, whatever the bra and clothes. i just can't make them pop.

my only real gripe left is about that weird sharp "edge" that's inside my boobs, it's probably the fill port or something that's not where it should be, and it's also causing me a lot of discomfort when i work because i have to wear a supportive bra and it puts pressure on the spot where the sharp thing is and it's probably hurting from the inside. i'm really worried about that :(

otherwise, i'm waiting for november to come, because i really have to get that fill, hoping the sharp edge problem and inside rippling are gone after this.

i'm posting a few new pictures.

4 ½ months update, feeling a bit more confident with the repairs

things have continued getting better. i'm finally almost pain and discomfort free. still the occasional twinge or pull or tug, but it's getting more occasional than the norm. i'm getting more comfy in my bras, and the edge or fold inside has almost completely "disappeared". it's probably happening as my muscles are relaxing and the implant is less compressed inside. i'm still feeling some rippling, but i'm either getting used to it, or it's also getting better.

i posted many pictures showing a few things that've happened to me recently, like buying new bras, wearing my bikini (too small, lol, gotta buy a new one), and a collage that shows progression. i'm getting happier, and a bit sadder at the same time, depends on my mood.

i still want to get that fill in november and since my repairs feel more solid and permanent, i'm feeling more confident that i should be able to go through it, get a hundred or so more cc's in there, and gain some projection. i still really want the shape to be more "normal", so bras fit better and all, because right now, they're always too deep in the cups when i manage to get to the cup size that has the underwire wide enough! the ones i bought are 32J !!!

6 months official before and after and update

so it's already been 6 months since i've had my repairs. seems like things are holding steady and except for the girls having settled a tiny bit closer than my sternum seems to be able to handle, thus a bit of tenting, i'm still pretty happy about the results, and as time goes on, very slowly and subtly, seems like things are popping up and looking better and better!

as a precaution though, i've decided to wear my thong bra almost all the time, at least all days that i work, to have good support in my gap and turns out the new thong bra i ordered looks much better in clothes than the other one, as i was hoping to. it turned out to be a very expensive venture (180$, bra + shipping + insane UPS fees + import taxes), but it was worth it. it props up my boobs forward and towards the sides and i look much better and much more like my size in clothes. i'm finally feeling sexy and kinda stacked with these boobs!

i'm still looking forward to having my implants filled up to specs, because they're still doing weird things inside. i'm feeling the valve or port, i'm feeling rippling and some folding, it's very unappealing, and i can't wait for that to be better. i'm happy too, because my appointment's been rescheduled sooner, so i'm going in on september 17th for this. very simple surgery, should be a quick in and out. fingers crossed everything goes well. and i have my vacations scheduled around this surgery, so i'll also be taking a break from work which i need!

so, after 7 months of waiting

i got my implants filled back up to their proper level yesterday, in a local anesthesia procedure, and i think things went well. i have a good amount of swelling today, and it's quite painful, much more than i thought so from the girls who told me about their filling up experience, but it's liveable. i hope i'll like the size once they're D&Fed, and that symmastia won't rear its ugly head. granted i'm wearing my thong bra almost 24/7 for a few weeks starting from now. here are two pictures i took yesterday for the record.

my surgeon added 200cc to each side, even though i was sure he would go more lightly on the volume to prevent further complications (we had agreed), but well, if things hold, i'll be happy to have every little drop. i'm now 900cc left and 1000cc right, with my 800cc mod+ saline implants by mentor.

first 2 days post-op progress pictures

i'm only worried about the redness on my underboobs right now, i can't wait for this to get better. otherwise i'm wearing my thong bra and trying my best to rest and heal :)

1 week update with pics

the redness is all but gone. there are still bruises under my boobs, around the incisions, but they are on their way off. my incisions are clean and haven't bled since day one. the only annoying thing is that my stretched skin is so itchy! i'm doing my best to moisturize them twice a day and waiting for this to subside. they have already relaxed and settled a good deal since day 2! i'm happy things are moving faster this time around :)

i've also decided to go back to using my thong bra that is more fashionable, more usable with clothes. it doesn't put pressure on my sternum like the other, but it does a good job at keeping pressure off and keeping them separated! i hope it works well and keeps the symmastia at bay! my creases are still even too, so i'm hoping the bra's awesome support helps for this too.

almost 1 month post-op

so what's been good and bad about my recovery so far? on the upside, they have progressed and healed a good deal by now. leftie was tighter and higher than rightie, but it is slowly catching up and they are looking and feeling much more similar now. my scars are healing well too, minus the few poking stitches i had to take care of yesterday, because nothing would happen on its own, but they are healing.

the one thing that's been taking a toll is muscle pain on my left side. every morning when i wake up after my night of sleep i have burning muscle pain in leftie and all around towards my shoulder and back and it's not getting better. it's something that started after 1~2 weeks post-op and it's not gotten better since. some mornings it's easier, some it's much more painful. it usually dissipates mostly during the day, but every night it starts again. it's really depressing, i'm so tired of hurting all the time.

i'm adding some updated pics too.

2 months post-op!

so things have changed, and not that much.

i still have killer morning boob in leftie, and all kinds of random muscle strain coming and going from one day to the next, but this one still feels like it is very slowly settling and getting fuller, whereas rightie hasn't change much. they're more equal in softness and bounciness, but they really aren't that squishy. i can barely squish them, they are FIRM.

they seem to finally have settled in their current position. i don't notice them wanting to come any closer, so i'm starting to breathe easier about the symmastia. they're holding their vertical position as well, no signs of bottoming out again. that's very positive!

i'll be updating pictures and maybe a short video where i do a 360 to show how they look in motion, soon.

new photos and video :)

darn update system!

and here's the quick video. i turn 360 degrees to show how they look in motion, lol

a lot of it was swelling (now almost 5 months post-fill)

i have to say, i really didn't expect to have so much swelling and for it to last so long. everyone was telling me a fill-up wouldn't cause much swelling, if any at all, yet here i am, close to 5 months post-fill now, and by looking back at my progress pictures, there was swelling for 2~3 months, and they're looking noticeably smaller now. they have less upper pole and cleavage definition.

they are still looking good though, but i am starting to be genuinely worried about some weird red spots that are persisting under my right breast. there was one of these red spot before my fill-up, after my repairs, and i was hoping it wouldn't come back, but it did, and it's persistent, and pretty permanent. it gets worse by the end of the day and is a bit lighter in the morning. it doesn't look like skin irritation, i'm trying to use lotion very regularly to help, but it doesn't seem to be changing anything.

almost 1 year post-op!

i've been procrastinating making this update for a long time, but well, here i am.

i mean i'm close to one year post-op now and i'm seeing my surgeon in 2 weeks to discuss my results with him. my right crease has definitely settled a bit lower than leftie's. it's about or less than 0.5" difference, but it's still there, and the volume has settled differently as well, like they were before the repairs, with leftie being straight, perky pointing forward, while rightie pointing up and a bit more lower pole/sideboob. it's not super obvious on pictures, except in some occasions, more often in the evening, but it's still visible. i know it's not visually distracting, but when i wear tight tops over soft fabric bras like my coobie bras, which i love to wear, it's quite obvious, it makes it look like i have one smaller higher boob.

there's another thing and that's the discomfort. it comes and goes, but it's often there, in the creases and/or lower pole. i hope they won't get any worse. and i hope it means they're settling more and positively.

at this point, i honestly have no idea what i want to do anymore. do i want to risk another surgery, hope repairs hold better, and go a bit bigger? or do i keep them as is? i mean i'm still nowhere near where i wanted to be size-wise, so it's difficulty to fell happy and satisfied right now, especially since they're not "perfect" either, so i'm fighting off the depression daily. one thing i'm very worried is losing anymore sensitivity, as i've lost way too much already and it's not coming back, or at least not in any way that's helping my sex life. the latter being almost non-existent nowadays since i lost so much sensitivity to my nipples, and they were my only source of stimulation. ONLY source.

anyways, i posted a couple pictures to show them to you all. took them yesterday.

1 year post-op reached, also appointment update

so i finally met my surgeon 2 days ago. discussed with him about my results, what is still maybe left to correct, and how i felt about size.

first, after showing him the difference in crease heights, he agreed that rightie has settled a bit lower than it was supposed to. he also thought, like me, that for the moment it is not that major, but he did seem to share the sentiment that this was a problem when wearing tight clothing and soft fabric bras like coobies (my favorites, lol). as for size, he thought i looked a bit less depressed about size, but still asked me the question "so how are you satisfied about size now?" lol

so in the end, i have a few options.

1. i could leave things be, if rightie doesn't get worse, because overall they're okay.
2. i could repair rightie again, hoping the stitches hold this time.
3. i could have leftie released a bit to let it settle a bit lower, hoping this would even things out. this option would also allow me to add ~200cc at the same time.
4. i could also just add volume, either with just a fill-up ~200cc, or maybe a more complete surgery, ~400cc.

anything i do however, i have to wait another yer to see how they settle and heal, because my skin is still super tight. oh lucky me my skin doesn't stretch easily.

so i guess that's it. i might start a new review if i do decide to get another procedure, since this surgery results today is pretty much a milestone reached for me.
Montreal Plastic Surgeon

i was very pleased with the staff and my surgeon, who took all the time i needed to discuss my revision options and worries/expectations. appointments often ran late, but i was fine with it, since i understood why it happened when he was taking a lot of time to go above and beyond my expectations of a surgeon and explain to me everything i needed to know. i felt no pressure to leave his office. i think he does beautiful work, i've seen it on many other girls, and i have to say that he did something great with what he had to work with (my body). surgical settings were fine, if a bit colder than what i am used to, with no rooms to recover in, but overall i felt safe and in good hands. i was able to see my surgeon on short notice when i was worried and while my first surgery was 4 months after my first consult, which itself was a 6 months wait, i will be able to get a revision to fix my problems in 2 months, if still needed.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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