21 Years Old, 5', 100 Lbs, Natrelle 360 cc Under Muscle - Montreal, QC

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Hi, I am going to get my boobs done in 5 nights. I...

I am going to get my boobs done in 5 nights. I hope the result will be good, I am quite nervous. The surgeon will decide on the table if he put 320cc or 360cc. I am hoping for the biggest, but I trust him to choose what looks the best. I want something proportionate and natural looking.
P.S. Sorry for my english
Thank you, have a nice day! :)


This is how they are supposed to look after the surgery if he is able to put the 360 cc ones. I wish they are going to be a little bit closer to each other and I hope that they will be more symmetrical, but I like the overall look. I am a bit worried that one look lower than the other.
What do you think?
Thank you!

All I want for Christmas!

Only 3 nights left to my surgery! I am starting to get a little more anxious. This is a picture of what I wish to get. Hopefully everything will went well.
Thank you, have a nice day! :)

Only 2 nights left!

In action 2 days before the surgery
I saw a girl posting a video of hers before the breast augmentation and I found that it shows better how much breast tissues there is than a simple picture does. So I did one for you. Hope it is helpful!
Thank you, have a nice day! :)

Tomorrow is the day!

Today was my last exam of university for this session and tomorrow it is my surgery day (exciting stuffs!). Tonight and tomorrow morning I have to wash myself with Dexedin and take Apo-cephalex (antibiotics). I also need to stop eating and drinking at 2am because my operation is at 2pm (hopefully I will be sleeping at that time). Before the surgery, I also need to take Ondansetron (it is like a Gravol but stronger). Finally, I have hydromorphone in case I am in pain after, but I read that it is 5 times stronger than morphine and that the effect is comparable to what heroin does, so I do not plan to take them.
My plan for tonight is kind a sad, I have to finish a homework and workout loads because I won't be able to do so after. Anyway, I am quite anxious, but I fully trust my surgeon.
Have a nice day and good luck if you are going through the same process soon! :)

Today is the day!

So happy to say goodbye to my sad little boobies!

Hello from the other side!

My surgery went so well! At the moment, I just feel like I did a lot of chest at the gym! Dr. Papanastasiou and his team are just so amazing! I am so happy I choose to go there!
+ He has been able to put the 360 cc ones!
At the moment, everything is perfect! I can not wait to see the progress!
Thank you, have a nice day! :)

4 nights later

Here's a little update :
1 day post-op : I went to the clinic for my first post-appointment by myself. It was really quick, the nurse only took off my bandages. I was more sore than the day of the surgery and I was unable to do so many things. Luckily, my half-bother came and took very good care of me.
2 days post-op : I went back home (5 hours drive) with strangers (Amigo Express). It was ok, but there was a kid in the car that did not stop kicking my seat and it was hurting me each times.
Nothing special to say for the third day..
4 days post-op (today) : I have been able to take a shower and was my hair by myself this morning!
N.B. I did not took any painkillers. I did not feel like I need it even when I felt a little bit of pain, it was nerver to bad. Also, I sleep very well!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them! I would be more than happy to answer them if I can.
Have a nice day, I wish you everything you desire (new boobs?) and even more! Happy holidays! :)

Loving the results so far!

I hope you had a nice Christmas. I had an amazing one! The recovery is so easy for me. Since yesterday, I do not feel sore at all. I have been able to have soft sex and to drive. I do most of the things by myself. I love the results so far. I just wish they were a little bigger, but that was the biggest I could get. The only thing I find hard is being inactive. I can not wait to go to the gym. If I listen to myself I would go for sure.
Have nice holidays! :)

Thinking of a second BA! :(

I am so disapointed with the size and they are still swollen. I know he put the bigest he could and I love the natural results (they already look like they were mine), but I am seriously thinking of a second breast augmentation.. I would like them to be much bigger.. :(
I hope you had nice holidays, have a good day!

Second BA?

What do you think?

Nipples problem?

Hi, I am still not in peace with the size and since 2-3 days I have a "problem" with my nipples.. They are always out and they are larger and longer than usual.. I hate that! :( Did anyone else experience that?
Thank you in advance, have a nice day!

Second post-op appointment

Today was my second post-op appointment and I have to say again that Dr. Papanastasiou and his team are the very best! I could not be happier with my choice of surgeon! I have been told that everything is going well so that makes me happy too.
He also told me that I should not go bigger as many people said, so I will listen to him because I fully trust him.
In terms of scarring, I received silicone gel to put twice a day on my scars, but they told me that my they were looking great. Tomorrow I will buy vitamin E because I read that it helps the scarring process. Do you have any tips about taking care of that? I would love to have some!
P.S. My boobs are still like twins, they look a bit different on this picture just because of the lighting and my posture. Sorry about that. I posted it anyway, because I have been ask to put more picture.
Thank you, have a nice day! :)

About one month post-op!

It is a few days after my one month post-op anniversary! I am so happy because I can now exercise! I went shopping for bra and I am now 32 DD. I still wish they were bigger, but I love them anyway. Here is a picture of them in ''clothes'' to change a little bit..
Thank you, have a nice day! :)

Full body shot for proportion

Hi, I have been asked to put full body shot. I am not really comfortable with that, but I understand some of you want to see the proportion. So here is one! I hope it helps! I went shopping to Lululemon and I am a size to except for the bra where I am 6 or a 32 cc. Thank you, have a nice day! :)

All I have to say is that I feel like I chose the very best! Dr. Papanastasiou and his team are gold! If you choose them, you will not be disappointed!

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