25 Year Old Caucasian Female, Time to Fix my Bump and Droopy Tip

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Hey all, so my surgery went as planned on Monday,...

Hey all, so my surgery went as planned on Monday, October 31. I have to say it was really a smooth and uneventful experience as far as things like these go; it's my first ever surgery so I don't really have anything to base this on. I was taken into pre-op where they first gave me an ativan for nerves even though I was more excited than nervous, and then my IV saline drip. About 30 mins after that, I was given the twilight sedation injection in my butt (slight sting, not painful). Then they drew my curtain, turned down the lights, and left me there to let the sedation take effect, about another 30 minutes (time was a little hazy to me at that point). I was led to the operating table where they prepped my hair/face, and then I was given the injections of local anesthetic to numb my nose. To me, this was a bit painful, comprising of several very sharp stings in and around my nose. I felt my eyes leaking and some of the anesthetic dribbling down the back of my throat (tasted terrible), but the nurse was a sweetheart and let me squeeze her hand throughout. It was more discomfort than outright pain, very manageable. After this I felt absolutely nothing in my nose area and the surgeon began the procedure. I was quite out of it but still awake, and though it might not be for everyone, I quite preferred it this way. I felt that if something was uncomfortable or if I needed a little more local anesthetic I was able to vocalize it to my surgeon and he took care of me right away. I felt in control this way. Also, I was very curious about the procedure itself having watched one too many episodes of Grey's Anatomy, so I was taking stock of what he was doing: tip work, sutures, my bridge, etc.

I won't lie, if you're going to be sedated rather than put under with general anesthesia, the nastiest part of the surgery is when (and if) you're getting your bridge filed down. First, they rasp it with what feels like a giant file, and then they take a small hammer and chisel to it. It felt like an immense amount of pressure bearing down on my nose, and even though I was completely numbed, it was the closest thing to actual pain I felt throughout. I remember reaching out for the nurse's hand at this point and grasping it tightly. Luckily, my surgeon is very skilled and this part passed quickly. I remember him asking the nurse for a cortisone injection which he put in my tip to reduce initial swelling as I have quite thick skin. A couple of tiny pricks, no pain. At this point, we were finished, and all that was left was a few sutures and the application of surgical tape and the cast.

This part was quite bothersome because he began pressing down hard and generally touching and "molding" my tender nose. I understand this is necessary to stamp out any swelling, to evaluate the result and to make sure my nose was the proper shape before applying the cast.

Soon after, I was being helped up and led back to my bed. It felt like barely a half hour had passed but it had been an hour and fifteen minutes. They tucked me in and asked me to evaluate my pain scale 1 to 10. I have quite a high tolerance for pain, but I gave them a solid 7 and asked them for some pain meds which they gave me. I wasn't in unbearable pain but there was a lot of pressure and I anticipated it would get worse. About 20 minutes later the pain meds kicked in, and even though I was itching to go home they made me lie down another 20 minutes before letting my mom come and get me. I remember feeling really hot and fanning myself but that subsided by the time I went home.

I slept away the majority of the first day (got home around 2 pm) and the whole night, only waking up to eat some soup and crackers so I could take my antibiotic. I also have an RX for prednisone for swelling but I could only start those the next day since I was given a cortisone injection during the procedure.

I credit this to my surgeon's technique, but also how diligent I was in preparing pre-op. I followed all instructions given to me to the letter (no smoking, alcohol, aspirin/ibuprofen, ate healthy, lots of sleep, etc). I also took 1000 mg of vitamin C in the week leading up to surgery and am continuing to do so throughout recovery (vit c supposedly aids in wound healing but clear this with your doc first). Post op I am drinking plenty of water, icing my eyes/cheeks, resting, sleeping upright, taking my meds on time, etc. Even through the swelling in my nose and the cast I have on, I can already see the beautiful shape my surgeon gave me and I know that he and I were on the exact same page regarding what I wanted.

I also know a big part of why I'm feeling so great is that I did not go under general anesthesia. I really wanted to avoid it if possible and was thrilled when I found out that my surgeon avoids it altogether in his practice. Again, it's not for everyone. It you are extremely squeamish/anxious with needles or medical procedures, you might be better off being put under. At least this way you pass out and wake up what feels like a minute later. There is always a tradeoff though: usually nausea and feeling really out of it accompany general anesthesia. It all comes down to what you are comfortable with.

You should discuss all your options with your surgeon, and speaking of surgeons, make sure you don't settle! Don't look for a bargain because you're just going to pay for it later in quality of recovery/possible revisions.

Overall pain rating: 7/10 the hour immediately following surgery, 0/10 from that point on (I'm not kidding!).
Ease of recovery: 8/10. I docked points because keeping my nose clean and my cast dry is annoying but certainly doable. With rhinoplasty the key word is "patience" and allowing the swelling to go down over time and reveal your final result.
Worth it rating: 10/10. I would do it again. And again.

Don't be shy to message me any question you guys might have, I am a little bored here on the couch while recovering!
Montreal Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Samaha was the first surgeon I consulted and like many others I ended up booking my rhinoplasty right after my consultation for about a month after. I had done a ton of research online before booking with him. I knew as soon as I met him he was the one. He struck the perfect balance between listening to the vision I had for my nose, but he also has a straightforward and no-nonsense approach as well. He told me what could and could not be done, and was clear that he favours a natural result over giving me an unrealistic pixie nose (we agreed completely on this). He wasn't being fake and trying to sell me extra procedures to do. He took pictures and showed me a photoshopped approximation of what my nose would resemble after surgery. I felt that I trusted him instantly and I could tell he is a person of integrity, not just another money-hungry plastic surgeon who overbooks themselves and then can't provide an individual level of attention. Despite obviously being a busy professional (he also lectures and goes to seminars, etc), I didn't feel in the least bit rushed. As for pricing, know your price point but DO NOT look for a bargain. For a full rhinoplasty (for me this means I shaved down my bridge, and lifted and refined my tip), depending on where you're getting this done, anything less than $5000 is probably sketchy. I got this done in Montreal, Canada so I have no idea what it would cost overseas. I paid $6000 for mine which I found reasonable, as I know that there are other surgeons in Montreal and Toronto which would have quoted me double. So keep your budget in mind but know that this is not something you want to skimp on in the slightest. I worked very hard and saved up for YEARS to do this for myself. The quality of the work done, the care I received, and the ease of my recovery were well worth the price. Special shout out to Carl and Valerie (nurses). You guys kept the atmosphere fun and lighthearted with your awesome sense of humour and level of care. Valerie held my hand whenever I needed and is just a huge sweetheart. Plastic surgery is a big decision to make so be sure to have researched thoroughly and go with your "gut" when meeting with surgeons. If you're in your teens, TRUST your parents in this. I am 25 and my mom still came with me to the consultation so I felt I could have another unbiased opinion of my surgeon. I really have to give kudos to Dr. Samaha because it's evident that he is extremely skilled; I have ZERO bruising. No black eyes. Just a slight yellowish tint under one eye, and both my eyes are slightly swollen. That's it. Based on all the research I've done, I currently look like I am over a week post-op rather than 2 days. Since the initial pain pills given to me immediately after surgery, I have had zero pain and I haven't touched my prescription, not even any tylenol. I honestly feel great and not like I had surgery 48 hours ago. Dr. Samaha even visited me after the surgery on his way out of the office, and called me the next day to check on me. Like I said, he is a bit on the straightforward and no-nonsense side in his approach and attitude, but do not let this put you off. These are the qualities you WANT in someone that you're entrusting your face to! He is a brilliant and genuine man who cares and has high standards for the work he does. His candor is what made me trust him immediately. And even though I'm very swollen, I can "see" what the result looks like even through the cast, it's obvious that he and I shared the same vision and he brought it to life. An enormous thanks to Dr. Samaha and his team for sculpting the nose of my dreams and making each step of the way as pleasant as possible. You're a true artist and I'll be recommending you left and right! THANK YOU.

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