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I originally planned to have lipo on my abdomen,...

I originally planned to have lipo on my abdomen, flanks, and neck. The doctor recommended against lipo on my neck because I do not have enough fat. I was so disappointed, and after a few weeks, I called the doctor's office to ask if the doctor would do lipo even though I would not see much difference. I ended up speaking to the office manager, who suggested that I try Venus freeze.

I had researched Venus freeze before and I knew it had its pros and cons. The major pro is that I wouldn't be bruised and I wouldn't have any down time. The major con was that the results would not be as dramatic as they would with lipo. The office manager agreed and told me that Venus freeze had worked well for her. I really wanted my neck to be skinnier, so I agreed to do Venus freeze.

A fews days later, I realized I was crazy for taking medical advice from the office manager over the phone. I started looking everywhere to obtain as much information about Venus freeze as I could and I decided to have a consultation with the nurse? tech? whoever it was who was going to actually perform the procedure. For simplification, her name is Jody.

Jody conducted her evaluation. She said that fat reduction and skin tightening was exactly what the Venus was made for. She also told me that she had the procedure herself and she can really see a difference.

I decided to go for it. Jody was a little suprised that I wanted to do my neck, but not my face. Apparently, they are usually a set. Nonetheless, I just wanted my neck done and she agreed to do just my neck.

I laid back in the chair and she smeared clear gel all over my neck and jaws (and hair and ears). She used a head about 2 1/2 inches by one inch. Apparently, that head suctions while it heats, which Jody said would give me more dramatic results. The procedure is "uncomfortable," not painful, and certainly not unbearable, just uncomfortable. I am definately calling malarky on the claim that it feels like a hot stone massage, but in all fairness, I have never had a throat massage. The procedure lasts exactly 20 minutes. It was definately hot, but at no time did I ever think it was going to burn my skin.

My neck was red after the procedure, but by the time I drove 30 minutes to work, the redness had completely subsided. I did get a small bruise, but I don't think anyone else noticed.

The day after, my neck was tender if you applied any pressure. It did not hurt at all when I was just sitting working and if I lightly touched the skin, that didn't hurt. It felt like whatever hurt was deeper in my neck.

I do not yet see any improvement, but I understand that it can take quite a few treatments, so I'm not concerned yet.

Second treatment

I went back for my second treatment. The photos are attached. I do not yet see a difference, but I am still not frustrated. I realize that this process may take awhile.

Apparently, the first day Jody used suction for 10 minutes and just radio frequency for 10 minutes. She asked if I thought I could do 15 of suction and I told her I could. I want to be as aggressive as possible.

Incidentally, I elected to wear a shower cap throughout the treatment today - yes, a shower cap. I looked strange, but I did not have gel in my hair or ears this time, so I could go straight to work without going home to clean up first. It was worth it.

Third Treatment

I went for my third treatment. It was really the same as my second. It definately didn't burn and I didn't bruise. I was no longer red by the time I drove the 30 mins to work.

I hate that they have to slather your neck and the bottom of your face with glycerin before the procedure. It's the consistency of vasoline. Jody promised it wouldn't break me out and so far it hasn't. This slight discomfort is inconsequential if this works to make my neck skinnier.

I still don't think I see a difference.

Fourth treatment

No real update. I wouldn't have believed it a few weeks ago but I actually found this treatment relatively relaxing. It definitely wasn't painful. I still don't see any difference in my neck.

Fifth treatment

5 treatments. No difference. I attached pictures I took today. My neck looks exactly the way it did before I started. I have two treaments to go and now I'm getting frustrated.

More pics for treatment 5

These are additional pictures from after my fifth treatment.

What do you all think? Is there improvement?

6th Treatment

I'm posting a bunch of pictures this time, so you can see and decide for yourself if there is improvement.

When I went in for my treatment today, Jody hit a spot on my neck that did not have any glycerin on it. That was pretty painful. It feels similar to burning yourself with a curling iron. I will never complain about all the glycerin she uses again.
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