Outstanding Results!! Lower Body Lift, Breast Lift, Upper Eye Lift, Neck Lift - Mexico, MX

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I'm happy to report that my surgeries are done, my...

I'm happy to report that my surgeries are done, my stitches and drains are out and I feel and look GREAT! As I write this, it's my last night at the Hampton Inn (run by Hilton) in Monterrey, Mexico. A year ago I wouldn't have even thought about doing these surgeries, let alone doing them alone in Mexico! But today, I sit here comfortably reviewing my experience and happy to share.

After weight loss through exercise and diet, I was so bummed to see this mess I was left with: boobs uneven and flat, tummy hanging down, big thighs that looked like they were worse than ever, though smaller, just lumpier and like I had grapefruits on the side of my legs. My "lucy" was saggy too. In fact, my face was as well. I got a nice double chin out of the weight loss too. I was looking pretty good in clothes, but I knew what lurked underneath and it broke my heart.

When I first started thinking that maybe, just maybe, plastic surgery could help me, I posted on a site about the shame of needed "plastics" to even look normal. So many wonderful people wrote immediately about this was their pay off for all their hard work and they were just finishing the transformation. There was such a spirit of hope that it lifted mine and got me looking for help.

Here's what I had done: lower body lift (with exceptional straight lines placed exactly where I had requested it to be. I brought panties in to show where I wish the scar would be so I could hide it); a flat gorgeous new tummy and belly button; my "lucy" (vagina) lifted so it's perky and sexy again (I didn't even realize it had dropped so); the front of my legs lifted some with some subsequent cellulite type skin pulled up); side legs lipo'd and lifted; bottom and back of legs lifted some; breast lift that made my bewbies beautiful! (I was open to implants if need be, but he said I had a enough for a nice full c or maybe even a d so I opted for that); neck lift/middle face lift (very subtle improvement, my main thing I didn't like was the waddle under my chin so that is gone and a slight lift of my mid face); upper eye lid lift (again, subtle but nice).

Yes...all of that!!! And here's the really incredible part: You have your surgery in the clinic and I had the LBL/BL at one time under twilight sedation (you don't get sick from that like you do with anesthesia). I was rolled down the hall and cared for 24/7. I had an iv drip for pain, antibiotics and anti-inflamatory. That was Thursday. On Saturday, back for my neck/face lift and eyes. Rolled back to my room for 24/7 care. On Monday, the doctor, yes, the dr., picked me up and checked me into the hotel. I had a beautiful room at the Hampton Inn (by Hilton).

They had a lovely free breakfast every day (lots of protein to choose from) and I had a fridge in my room where I stocked up. I had brought protein powder with me, shopped at the nearby HEB which is literally right next door. You can go to Starbucks or Applebees, also right next door.

The nurse came by every single day to change bandages and helped me shower if needed. I didn't. I had really a remarkable recovery. I can't even believe it, really: never dizzy, never sick, never in pain, just uncomfortable. Any way, nurse comes to you every day at the hotel as does the Dr make his rounds. You are off the heavy drugs when you leave the hospital, but given a lighter pain killer if needed, but he's very careful regarding that.

Plastic surgery in Mexico is obviously not for everyone. It's something you'll need to do the pros and cons for yourself, but this 52 year old woman feels very grateful tonight. I will add that when I told a friend of mine that I was going to Mexico for surgery, she freaked out. She's an executive at a large American retail chain. When I told her Monterrey, she said, oh, you'll be fine. Mexico City and Monterrey are the only 2 cities that American companies build retail in. It's very apparent when you get here. Reminds me of being in an industrial area in Los Angeles.

I LOVED what Dr. Sauceda said to me the other day: You've been given a Second Chance, take care of your body.

Indeed I have and indeed I will!

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Outstanding artist and surgeon specializing in weight loss patients. After care that is exceptional. Pricing that is affordable. When I started to look for a doctor I wanted the best. It's not like I'm wealthy, but I was going to only do this if the situation was perfect for me personally. I was very impressed by a few doctors work I had seen online and their patient reviews, but the cost was $25,000 to $30,000 just for a body lift alone. If you wanted breasts, that was done a week later at and add'l $7-9,000. I found a few local docs in the midwest that were $15-$19,000 for the LBL. That seemed more doable, and their pics and their work looked good too, and they had lots of experience. However, I was really bummed about the thought of surgery that extreme and then figuring out how to care for myself afterward. Many places offer an after care (at a premium) or as they consider a bonus, they have surgical facilities on site and you can go home that day. Woo Hoo...that means getting a ride home and then get back in the car and drive back the next day and every other day as needed for check ups. I'm single and live alone. The thoughts of the financial drain it would put on me made me literally weep when I realized that I just can't afford to do it. But I kept looking and reading. One woman had shared that lots of people go to Dr. Sauceda in Monterrey, Mexico. I was like...MEXICO? Hell no. NOPE. Next. But, I asked a few questions because it seemed odd. Why would you go so far away for this scary procedure? The answers she shared and the posts that I read from other patients once I started to check into it, sealed the deal. In addition to 12 days of after care, he reimburses you $600 for your flight. The more procedures you have, the less each one costs. His specialty really is weight loss patients. Some of my "surgery sisters" had many procedures done: thigh lifts, upper body lifts, arm lifts, etc. Dr. Sauceda is a gifted surgeon. He really is an artist. His pricing is affordable, the aftercare was the deal-sealer for me, but the results are beyond my expectations.

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