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Hi dolls, been scoping this site for about a month...

Hi dolls, been scoping this site for about a month now and i must say it has been very helpful and a blessing in disguise, i have read so many story's along with viewing so many wish pics which has helped me alot, and i would like to thank everyone for sharing there experience on here. Trust and believe i wasn't going to write a review but i said why shouldn't i give back to the community what has been given to me even if it helps 1 or 100 hundred sista's.. well here is a short review i never had a bbl in mind i always thought i had a nice body with a good enough ass until i start sharing with my sister that i had bl done by Dr sheila bond from Montclair NJ, she did such an awesome job on my bl that i recommended her to consider doing a bbl cause she always wanted to enhance her ass. anyhow as time went on i would look at pics and start wondering how amazing i would look with a better booty. I work out 5-6 days a week 1hr a day doing mad cardio to maintain my weight of 160 but over the holidays i did gain 10 pounds i absolutely do not feel as comfortable as i would being 160 but i'm also not gonna kill myself trying to lose 10 pounds within 4 days of surgery. anyhow in december i decided i would get this procedure done and i booked my date for january 27th and with all the anticipation i called and told the office the minute they get a cancellation to please consider me first anyhow the day after christmas i got a phone call saying someone didn't get clearance for the 9th and if i want there date i gladly took it and now i don't have time to rid the 10pds, i don't think a crash diet would be smart instead i want to be as healthy for this surgery so i started eating fruits and proteins along with juicing and i cut the alcohol out so we'll see i don't want to beat myself up so i haven't stepped on the scale but i do plan on doing so the night before surgery will keep y'all posted... ttyl just wanted to start this post..

hi ladies did my blood work today i'm so gas right now

i'm beyond ecstatic right now so after blood work went in dr bonds office met with judyann must say there so helpful and super patient with me did half my deposit and told judy i will return tomorrow with the other half just wanted to update and also was pleased to see my post. here are some before pics of me. goodnite my bountiful ladies xoxoxo

photos of me before bbl

ok loves went and got the do done today

yes i hooked up with one of the boodylicious lady L that dr bond did work on as well and she gave me some good advise, by the way she looks amazing i hope she does a post too.anyhow she told me to make sure you get your hair done cause you won't be able to sit for a while that long. so that is what consumed me today now i'm about to run to rite aid for some more nick nack's but here goes some more before pics without clothes.

mt day has finally come

Good morning my rs sisters I'm getting dress now have to be st the hospital by 6, just wanted to update you guys to pray for me today. Procedure at 7:30 and it's schedule to take 4 hrs will update as soon as I can. Thanks

home sweet home

Hi everyone just wanted to keep you ladies updated and thanks for all the prayers, everything went well and Dr bond was the bomb. I'm in some pain because I'm taking pain mess and Tylenol, been in and out walked around my home 1time, will update later.

in pain but beauty comes with a price

Hey lovies everything went great yesterday dr. bpnd. Dud her than than but I haven't been able to see yet cause she wraps you in epifoam and a binder and ask that you do not take it off only if my hubby have to change my guaze which we haven't seen any bright fresh blood. I go back to her next Wednesday and at that visit she will take binder off and I will be able to put on garment and add pics, cause right now you all will not get to see my results.. my hubby says it's huge and Dr bond did say she got a lot of fat and that she put all of it in. I forgot to ask her how many cc's did she get. Jut I will ask her. On Wednesday when I go.

pain soreness stiffness and itching

Hello ladies just wanted to let everyone know i'm doing ok, just been facing everything that is in my title not to mention I feel like a balloon waiting to pop. Also I was having constipation like hell, see I'm the one that would go to the bathroom 2-3 times daily and after the surgery I hadn't gone till yesterday I drank warm prune juice took milk of magnesium and stool softeners and boy when I went it was a mess i'll tell y'all now my boyfriend is a keeper he handle that situation great abs didn't make me feel like shit. Although I was truly embarrassed he wiped me which was funny since the ass is si hard and tight it was hard for him but he did it and help me back in bed and cleaned up my disaster I left behind. I told him he got 10stars for that one. Ok I was keeping up with the percocets so the pain wasn't that bad but not i'm down to 2 perc and I freaking out surgeon is off today and anyhow it's not like you can call in a narcotic I been taking the Tylenol but it doesn't help like the percs. Any suggestions ladies? HELP

dr. bond saves the day

Hi loves, happy healing to everyone out there that is going through thus stage. I forgot on the surgery day Dr bond called me to check up on me the night of the surgery she also had told me to save her cell number which i'm so glad I did, anyhow as I came down yo not having any more percocets I text her she reply immediately telling me not to worry for me to send her my pharmacy info and includes no time she text back and was like I put an order in for you to get vicodin since she could not order percs through the phone. Haven't taken them yet will wait till my next schedule time. Not to mention I had another bowel movement today and again thanks for my wonderful boyfriend he came right in wiped my hard ass and cleaned up my disaster without a frown or scorn on his face. I'm so thankful for him. Anyhow my sister came over and helped him take off the binder wiped me down while cracking jokes and helped him put it back on. The 2 lives of my life... just a little update ttyl

my wish pic

Dr bond calls me after surgery and says I came as closely as I could have gotten to your wish list i'm sure you will be glad. Then I looked at the wish pic again and said lawd have mercy!!!!!!

another bm glad but feel horrible

Putting hubby through this shit twice in one day, guilty kept saying I don't know what I would do without you and seriously that is exactly how I feel. Now I'm worried what is gonna happen tomorrow if I go whole he's at work pray for my ass.

irritation itching like hell!!!

Hi ladies just an quick update woke up today in mad pain took sone percocets was able to get some from Dr bond Monday my hubby picked it up before coming home, thank god for that cause the vicodin was not really helping, anyhow did a lot of walking around the house and also did some laundry and had two bm. Hubby came home very early today to make dinner thank god for him I swear he has been a real supporter through this surgery it gas helped me heal faster I think but what is up with all the itching my lord I wish they had a magic pill fir this itch it's by Dar the most annoying part of this process. I go to Dr. Bond tomorrow to have this binder off and then I will post pics I promise we'll goodnight my Bbl sista's will update y'all tomorrow. Xoxo

got binder taken off today

Hello ladies as I promised I would show you all a sneak peek of my wonderful results, I must say Dr bond is the bomb she nailed it and the most wonderful thing is she doesn't use tubes nor did I get any bruises on my ass. Any how my measurements were 34, 31, and 44. Before Bbl now I'm measuring 32,30,and 47 and keep in mind i'm swollen still she said she was able to give me 700 cc's in each cheek which to me looks like more my daughter was like mom why foes your booty look do huge I was like honey it's from the waist clincher putting pressure on my butt and you know mom had a big booty before she was like mom your so hot. Lol anyhow goodnight ladies happy healing ttyl

loving my results!!!!!

Hi my rs sisters hope everyone is doing ok in there healing and the ones that is counting down trust me before you know it your day will be smacking you in the face, so just make sure your prepare for this journey because it is one. Today after my baby gave me a nice shower washed me up and made sure to wash my ass he rubbed me down with calendula cream which is suppose to be good for swelling and repair damage tissue I got it from the pink room will let y'all know if it really works. Then my sis came by to bring me to the supermarket when she saw my booty she was like god dam sis I know you had a butt before but now you have a donkey booty we hollered for the whole ride till my frigging stomach was hurting I banned her from my home lol cause of all the laughter and y'all know how that feels after lipo. Anyhow can someone tell me how to change my ? To worth it on my status. Thanks here goes some waist training pics ladies. I love thus site it's like my little personnel dairy plus with little to do we should keep each other entertained. Smooches

1day away from being 2 weeks since my bbl

Hello everyone, just wanna let you all know all though I haven't wrote a post in almost a week I still have been on here almost every day since spreading my love and support, anyhow wanted to let you lovely ladies know I'm doing well just trying to kick the 16 extra pounds that I gained from water weight since the surgery I must say from Sunday to today i've lost 4.5 pounds thanks to that, but nothing fits my swelling is going down day by day and I'm feeling more like myself each day. I know I'm getting well cause I'm able to do a few things around the house that I needed help with before. Thanks to the almighty above. My butt is starting to soften up a bit i'm able to wipe my ass by myself before I couldn't even get in there that's how hard it was. The time is flying and the ladies who's surgery is coming up listen the days are going to fly so don't be impatient just be happy that your able to do this surgery for yourself a lot of people either cannot afford it or cannot get medically cleared. And fir the ladies whose hone healing remember we only get 1 chance to heal right so do it correct don't rush it, beauty takes time and before you know it we'll be shining like stars. This is a shot I took today. TTYL

inti my third week

Hey lovies, just wanted to give you guys a quick update this week I've been doing a lot better no more pain or muscle spasm in the right cheek but is starting to soften just a bit haven't sat yet don't plan on doing so till after I go see Dr bond for follow up next week and get her honest opinion I have lost an inch but I think that is from the swelling booty still look huge. But I can definitely tell it went down a little from swelling so don't get nervous ladies when this happens also I must say I'm down 8 pds I gained 19pds after sx my Dr said it's water weight and it's from the lipo. Just need it all off me. I swear I'm a work out fanatic and since I can't hit the gym until 6mos the thought is driving me crazy but being in this house is driving me even crazier. Well happy healing and welcome new comers here goes a shot I took today. Ttyl

my 1 month mark

Hey ladies just wanted to give y'all a quick update, just been in the house healing and feeling a little down, I really like my independence and I hate not being able to work out and go for my long jogs and the thing that really frustrate me is that I can't fit anything in my closet every week my girlfriends ask to hang out or so and I have to give them an excuse, I wish it was summer time I would at least be able to take long strolls. I am healing very well though and i am very pleased with my results but I start thinking how much it kind of sucks that we don't fluff until 6mos oh well I haven't sat on my bootylicous yet and I haven't started driving I go for a follow up tomorrow and will ask Dr bond exactly what I can do now. Happy healing everyone and get mentally ready for this journey my beautiful ladies that will be joining soon it's a little roller coaster get ready for the ride. Here is a front shot of my abs Smooches

my 7 week update

Hi my beautiful ladies just wanted to update everyone on my progress after my 1 month visit Dr. Bond gave me the ok to sit so I started sitting a little each day, at times I do catch myself on my knees lol sometimes it seem more comfortable when eating with the garment on. Anyhow the garment I posted earlier in my post do not get that one it is very uncomfortable and gave me 2 yeast infection now I have the garment that covers your butt I will add a picture of me in it. I stopped waist training cause my boyfriend said my waist was getting too small so I don't wear the waist cincher that much. My measurements are now 31, 29 46 1/2, I'm still swollen a little in the back so I started wearing the triangle board but that also isn't that comfortable. Anyhow good luck to all my lovely ladies.


Montclair Plastic Surgeon

Now is the best time for me to give props to no one other than the AMAZING surgeon Dr. Bond which should be renamed Dr. Bomb that she is…. I found Dr. Bond on the internet 9yrs ago I went in for a consultation which at the time was $75 and it would go towards any procedure if you chose to have something done, however I wanted to have a TT, Lipo to the arms and a BL,.with the price I was told I knew it would take some time to save that type of money being that I did not have a high paying job and still was at a young age with a child it took me 4yrs to save. I went back and I was very pleased to find that Dr. Bond still had the patience, level of knowledge and the ability to make me feel comfortable by answering all my 100 questions lol!!!!! She has a way of making you feel like a very close friend or even a close family member. I knew I would be in good hands; she has a way of making you feel at ease. It was so worth it and seriously after 4yrs they still took the $75 off towards my surgery!! In 2013 I decided to do a BBL and there was no doubt in my mind which surgeon I was going to go to, Dr. Bond of course.... I actually wish I could give her more stars on here. Her staff Judy-Ann, Madeline, Kathy and Angela is well trained, experienced, helpful and patient. I could go on and on forever that is how pleased I am with the bond team they are awesome. Dr. Bond has EXCEEDED my expectations. She listened to what I wanted, and then gave me EXACTLY what I wanted close as ever to my wish list not sure if another NJ surgeon could have pulled this off. I HIGHLY recommend her for any cosmetic/plastic procedure. Her Brazilian Butt Lift results are PHENOMENAL! I LOVE HER WORK! My sister that was against this is so impressed by her work on me that now she has a consult schedule in February for a BBL as well. Thank you, Dr. Bond

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