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I have been lurking for a while now and finally...

I have been lurking for a while now and finally decided to post. I am having my surgery next month with Dr Sheila Bond in Montclair NJ. I decided to go with her because she seems very knowledgeable, her before and after pictures are amazing and she made me feel so at ease during my consultation.

My main reason for wanting the surgery are my abdomen, flanks and back area. No matter how much weight I lose my stomach stays the same. I have a little butt but I'm hoping to get more of Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce curves. I've asked Dr. Bond for 1200 cc in each butt and she said I have enough fat so that should not be a problem.

My only reservation is, while reading some reviews online, some people complained that she wasn't aggressive enough with her lipo. I'm meeting with her again in a week. So I will definitely bring that up. What other questions do you guys think I should ask? The surgery with hospital and anesthesia will cost $10K so I'd hate to waste my money.

Dr Sanjay Lalla or Dr Sheila Bond NJ? I'm...

Dr Sanjay Lalla or Dr Sheila Bond NJ?

I'm thinking about switching Doctors. I love Dr. Bond but she is on the pricey side. I'm trying to schedule a consultation with Dr Sanjay Lalla in West Orange NJ. Anyone knows how much he charges on average for lipo and BBL?

I called Dr. Lalla to schedule a Free Consultation...

I called Dr. Lalla to schedule a Free Consultation but his next available appointment wasn't until end of August. So at this point I'm gonna go with Dr Bond. I've already paid $500 to book my surgery date and the fee is non-refundable. I can't risk losing $500 when I don't even know how much Dr. Lalla will charge for the surgery. So I will be meeting with Dr Bond again next week. I will express my concerns regarding the Lipo and address some other questions I have. I'm way too calm, I don't think it sinked in yet that I'm really having the surgery.

Yily or Duran

I've decided to have my surgery in DR. I emailed both Yily and Duran I'm waiting for a quote. Hopefully I'll have my dream body in 2014

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