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Im 3 weeks away from my augmentation and im...

Im 3 weeks away from my augmentation and im nervous/excited. Had my consultation yesterday and im thinking of going with the 375cc id love to hear opinions or experiences and some advice.

Im just really hoping i choose the right size dont want to look huge i think a c cup would be good please share your thoughts!!

Getting closer to sug day

Im very nervouse and at my appointment we disgussed doing 330cc in my rt and 375cc on my left and now im second guessing that i just dont think they are 45cc diference in size im thinking maybe asking to do 350cc in rt and 375cc in left.. also im confused everyone post about mod and high profile ect.. they didnt ask me any of that and textured vs non textured so im unsure what all that means and why i didnt need to choose any of that...

Before..fake it to make it

2 weeks from tomorrow.. advice from people that have been there done it?? I willl be going back to work on day 4 post op .. i am a medical coder and work from home sho just typing on computer.. thing im worried about is i usually get sick on pain meds so not sure how that will go

Last day surgery tommorrow

One last before pic cant wait for some underboob. Sooo nervous but also excited for the outcome!

All that anxiety and it was a breeze!!!

Today was surgery day. My appointment was at 10am. I showed up about 15 mins early and they were actually running early as well so i got right in. Got changed into a gown took a pregnancy test, got an iv with the hydrating solution stuff signed a few papers and that was that. By 10:45 i was under and in surgery. When i woke upi was back in the recovery room i felt a tad sllep and still hungry and i could feel slight soreness. but i haddent had any pain medication yet because they wanted me to get something in my stomach.. i think it was 11:30 when i woke up.. super fast. Since i was starving they have me ritz crackers, pudding and water mmmmmmm ;). Then i asked if the implants fit haha yep they sure did i got 330 in my left boob and 375 in my right. Im actually supeised at this point i have more range of motion in my arms than i expected but i want able to close the car door. Its amazing what you dont realize you use your muscles for. So far no nausea because im alsotaking anti nausea meds thank goodness.. and no loss of appetite either yay!!

Post op day two

This is amazing so far the most pain ive been is a 1 out of 10. I have lits of range of movement just raking it easy so i dont over do it and get sore tgankfully my mom is here to help me out. Im on tramadol for the pain and zofran to counteract the nausea i would usually get from the pain meds and at night i take one zanex right when i go to bed.. yesterday and tgrough the night i took my pain meds every 4 hrs. Today i decided to see if i could wait the full 6 hrs between and i still had no pain im completely shocked.. im going to keep lessening my dose because id like to be on tylonol asap. I slept in my bed last night and to my suprise i was very comfortable propped slightly up with pillows and i used a nursing pillow for my neck and head and that worked really well. The only complaint i had so far is i woke up itchy a couple times i have dry skin and i think the antibacterial soap that i had to wash with before dryed me out.. but with a little coconut oil today im all better. Also everyone always says they wake up sore/ morning boob no sign of that yet and no muscle spasms. My left boob and nipple are still numb but i already can feel in my right nipple. Have my postip appointment at 11 today to get fitted for my surgical bra so ill updaye later with more pics!! Seriously this has been way way less painfup than breastfeeding and mastitus and wisdom teeth removal im shocked!! I am also shovked they dont feel to tight and im not having any trouble breathing or feeling the elephant on my chest feeling. Rven did my makeup today so i feel human lol

Wow i am so impressed!!!

What an aeesome experience so far. Dr muskett is amazing it is day 2 and i cannot believe how great my insisions look and even the boobs look good so far even though they have some dropping and fluffing left to do. Honestly if anyone is concidering this surgery it has been so easy all my worrying about pain and the procedure was so not worth it i would totally do it again.

Post op day 3

Havent been in any pain so decided to try tylonol with tylonol i am more of a 3 on the pain scale and with pain meds i feel completely normal so i took the tylonol through the night then took the tramadol this morning so im not stiff.. with the tramadol if still say my pain is a 1 like no pain at all. My shower went well i can do my hair and makeup no problem. The surgical bra is a little uncomfortable but im guessing thats due to the swelling so im sure that will be better soon. Ive been sleeping in my own bed just with a few pillows to prop me up slightly and ive been really comfortable and sleeping really well

Forgot to mention

Forgot to mention im my previous post i also have feeling beck in my right breat and nipple as of yesterday but my left is still completely numb

Post op day 3

Still no pain im on tylonol now.. im really happy so far ..yesterday i went to the fair and got to watch my daughter dance and ride rides. I thought i was going to have to miss out on that this year..i am also wondering if maybe the fact i just quit breastfeeding 3 months ago has maybe helped. Still just letting everyone else do all the lifting ect so i dont hurt myself but i feel so weird being waited on when i feel so good. I took all my extra pillows away and im sleeping normal and flat in my bed again which is nice. Glad to be off the tramadol because it was making me itch terrible however im so lucky thats my only complaint.

Post op day 3 pictures

Couple pics of day ill have to have my husband take some at better angles also im still very bloated from surgery do hopefully that goes away soon.

4 days post op

Im back to work and feeling good. My legs are a little sore im pretty brused.. i think its from a combination of the pain meds and all the itching i had. Pain meds and me just dont mix well

1 week!! Feeling great and loving the new girls!

Today is one week post op besides the first 10 mins after waking up being a little tight i have no pain in the day. I am however sick of sleeping in one position all night mu back gets really sore .. and im a little over this surgical bra.. it is so tight!! I have full range of motion of my arms i even spray tanned myself yesterday and just put bandaids over the incisions to cover them from getting sprayed. The size feels just right too not to big not to small so im happy for that! The glue on my incisions is getting pretty itchy now so im trying my best not to itch.

Had my 2 week post op appointment today

I feel 100% back to normal and im sooo happy. Dr. said my healing looks like most people look at 1 month so im super happy with that and now my next visit will be at 1 year post op. Here are some before and after pics i cant wait to buy bras =) i was going to write which was before and which was after on each pic but then i realized its super obvious hahaha. I feel like a girl at last!!! Best choice ive ever made!

25yr Mom of 2 with Aa Boobs 375cc

I had no breasts before my surgery couldnt fit in any bra or swimming
suit top never felt feminine on my top half. This surgery was the best
choice ive ever made for myself Dr. Muskett was awesome very great about
answering all of my questions and making me feel comfortable with the
procedure and size outcome. I got exactly what i asked for couldnt be
happier and wouldnt change a thing.
Billings Plastic Surgeon

So far he has made me feel very comfortable and i have seen alot of his work and he is wonderful. A+++

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