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I am a 26 year old mother of 3 girls. The damage...

I am a 26 year old mother of 3 girls. The damage to my body was pretty much done with my first pregnancy, I was 17 5'4 and 110lbs, when I delivered I weighed 172lbs. WOW! The stretch marks and extra skin have been there ever since. My stomach pretty much looks like that of an 80year old woman. No offense to the 80 year old women out there! I run 3 miles a day and weight train for an hour afterwards. It is frustrating not ever seeing results on my stomach! I am tired of living behind my insecurities! My procedure is scheduled for May 13th, I am getting a tummy tuck, lift, and augmentation. The procedure is scheduled to be 6 hours.. Scarey huh?? I am scared to death! I hate it, I want to be excited. But I have probabley over researched the risks and have myself scared out of my whits! I really dont wanna die!! My doctor comes highly recommended from a few women that I know. doc is board certified along with the surgery center and the anesthesiologist! I also made sure he had no cases against his medical file! I am hoping for a little input and maybe support from you guys. Letting me know how you felt pre-operation! Cant wait to hear from you guys!! I will post photos soon!!

06/09/10-Tomorrow will be four weeks post op. I am...

06/09/10-Tomorrow will be four weeks post op. I am feeling great and happily along the trail to that Bikini Body! I had really hoped that I would be there come four weeks, but the swelling is hanging in a little longer than I had hoped for. I visited the doc yesterday and he is very pleased with the outcome. I had no complications with the procedure or recovery what so ever. I will say that the first few days were definitley a challenge, but nothing that one cant handle. I was not ever challenged with pain, but challenged with the immobility and lack of sleep. I was having trouble sleeping in the recliner, which was my best friend that loved to hate. I couldnt of done it without the recliner! I definitley recommend anyone having this procedure to spring for a recliner. Because being able to adjust my positions were a breeze. I was a little intimidated by the incision, but it healed up great. And the scar is nice and then. By doctor used internal sutures and dermabond. So I was able to shower the very next day after my procedure, I took very long showers daily, because it was after that shower that I felt my very best!! I was standing fully upright about 1.5 weeks, and back to work at two weeks. My energy level was a little off, but every day got better. I actually managed to make it to out memorial weekend camping trip, no swimming ofcourse. And could not of done it without the camper!! But I still had a great time, I did all of the cooking, seeings how i could not wakeboard and ski, or well anything really LOL!! I would recommend this procedure, just have to keep a positive attitude and make sure to do the research so that you know what to expect and how to best take care of yourself. I am going to post picures tomorrow now that I have figured out how to edit my page! Of and btw, I would also recommend a chair back massager, that thing saved my life!! And you may as well get the augmentation with the mommy makeover, because I was so focused on the tummy tuck that I never felt any pain from the augmentation! It was kinda like a BONUS!

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