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I'm currently researching plastic surgeons to help...

I'm currently researching plastic surgeons to help me realize my tummy tuck and bread augmentation goals.
I'm 32 with two children. My baby is 9.
I was pregnant with my oldest at 17 so I was never able to enjoy having a nice body. Perhaps it was better that way. Anyhow, I love my kids so much and I continue to sacrifice for them each day. But they are much older now and I'm not getting any younger, so I've decided to start taking better care of myself; doing for me. My kids are still the priority, but I have realized that I need to take care of myself before I get old.
That's another thing. I've been feeling so old. My body's has changed with the two pregnancies and nursing. My small breasts are empty sacks, my stomach is bulgy, saggy and full of stretch marks. I have stretch marks across my hips as well. I long to wear a bikini and look not in it. My buttocks are not as high as they used to be.
I've implemented many goals to take better care of myself this year. I want to capture my youth and make the most of it.
I also found out last year that my husband wanted to cheat on me. That makes me feel inadequate of course. I think he has changed his mind but I'm not really sure. It isn't something we ever talked about. I just have to keep sneaking around and looking through his phone to keep myself abreast.
My stats: 5'2, 110 lb, saggy 32 A. I'm not sure about my other measurements as I've lost weight recently ( not on purpose). It was only about 5 pounds.


The only thing I hate is this obsession that I have with all things plastic surgery! It all started with my intense research on breast augmentation last year. I've always wanted a BA because my breasts have always been small and became deflated after nursing my kids. I just realized last year that I could actually go through with the procedure instead of dreaming about it like before!
I had taken different pills throughout the years, okay I guess it was only Bountiful Breast, but that didn't work out at all. Actually, I took some herbal supplements too a few years back and that didn't help either. My kids are a little older now, no more babies for me. The family should be able to thrive if I'm out of commission for a week or so and financial situation is not bad at this time. Plus, most importantly, I have realized that I need to embrace my youth. It's time to live my life a little more. I'm not gonna stop taking care of business or anything, but I will start to do for me-finally! Be back later.

Obsession continued

As I was writing, I had always thought about the BA and I started researching heavily last summer. The MAIN catalyst to the heavy research I have to say came when I went on vacation with my family. Since it was a beach vacation, I was inundated with women wearing two-piece swimsuits, while looking good in them! There were women young and old alike. I was particularly offended by the older ones. For years, swimsuits have been a struggle for me. I only occasionally went to the pool or beach most of my life,so this didn't become a super huge deal until the past few years. Finding a swimsuit is always the biggest deal. Because my breasts are tiny and deflated, I have to find a swimsuit with padding, otherwise, I'd be walking around with a couple of hanging, deflated water balloons! Added to the that, my loose, sagging belly made it impossible to wear a two-piece, as does my stretch-mark ridden hip and back region. Added to that, my broad shoulders make a halter the only acceptable style. It is not easy for me to find decent swimsuits. My best swimsuit is a skirtini. The top is a lightly padded halter with a non-plunging neckline that reaches slightly past my navel. The bottom is skirted, reaching my mid-thigh. It's the least matronly of my swimsuits though and is kind of cute. But I felt like a fool all covered up compared to these other women! They all looked good in their suits! So when we got home, I started looking into seriously getting a BA. Shortly afterwards, I realized that I need the stomach to go with it! My stomach is not so bad compared to many ladies, I can't lie about that; however it is still bulgy and loose in quality.
Fast forward to a few weeks later, I now realize that I could benefit from a BBL as well! Don't get me wrong, I actually have a good bottom shape, however, I have noticed over the years that it isn't 'as high and round as it used to be. Furthermore, I am now incorporating regular exercise into my life. It is part of the new and improved me. And exercise leads to weight-loss. I can't bare the thought of losing most of my bottom; hence a BBL would cover me in that department as well as filling in the couple of dimples that have developed over the years.
I feel now like as we age, we just get "damaged" It's really very sad. I'm sad that I did not embrace my youth. At least I spent in productively, raising my children. In part, that is the benefit of having children at a later age.
Anyway, I've been all over the place in terms of a surgeon. At first I considered Greenwald, but after being on this site, I fell in love with some of the curves I saw produced by certain doctors. These are most notably surgeons from Latin American countries. I'm really not willing to travel abroad for surgery, though it's tempting. Then I discovered Cortes. He appears to given very beautiful, feminine curves so I chose him. This was before I'd decided on the BBL as well. I can't afford to get all my surgery done by him, he's too expensive. So my best bet is to get my TT with him since he does that hourglass TT. For my BBL and BA, I can go with Dr. Fisher in Miami. I'm still trying to decide if I should go to Coral Gables or Vanity. I'm leading towards Coral Gables though. Of course, I'm still researching.
What are my goals you ask? For my breasts, I just want perkier, larger breasts. I'm an A cup now. A full C I think should suit me fine. I would like my waist to be smaller, not super small like some I've seen. If anything, I want to be well-proportioned and natural-looking. I don't need for everyone to know that I've had work done! For my stomach, I want the stretch marks gone and the skin nice and tight. For my rear, I want it to be more full and just a little large. I don't want a video vixen behind. I don't want a change in shape. I love my shape already. I will post pictures soon. I have to figure out to do it on the computer since all my pics are in my email folders.

A Little Body Shot

Just a few quick pics so you'll get an idea of what I look like. These are all clothes shots. They were taken a few weeks ago. Never mind my poor posture. Lol.

Not Sure What Will Happen

So many things went through my mind today! For starters, I began the day thinking that I didn't have the 20 grand to get all three procedures that I want. I know I could state them but that would be difficult and annoying. I figured it would be best to get the BBL and BA first since the BA was my primary concern. I would do the. BBL at the same time because most docs won't combine that with a TT. Plus, I would hate to waste any fat that may be liposuction we for contouring during my TT.
While doing more research though I discovered numerous reviews of Cortes that seem fake. This is added to the numerous complaints from women on whom he performed TT's. Though he can give that hourglass physique, it would appear that his skills may be lacking. I would hate to get a poor TT result. I think he's still good for BBL and liposuction though. His price seems to have gone up to $10,500.
Another issue is that they never contacted me for my phone consult! It made first contact two weeks ago. I sent in all pics last week and they have not reached out. I know that the email states I can call the office if I want to, but it all stated that the doctor would call me for a phone consult. I haven't pursued it heavily because I'm not 100
% confident in him anymore.
I'm praying that I make a decision soon because this stuff is consuming me!
P.S. I don't know why my review suddenly said Dominican Republic today. I never put that in.

No more Cortes. No more BBL

I would truly prefer to have my surgery done in NY as that would make a million things much less complicated. The fact is though, that I haven't found the results I'm looking for in NY.
I've decided against Dr.Cortes entirely. It is mainly due to the fact that his TT results appear to be inconsistent and I simply don't want to chance it. I have a keen eye for Dr. Fisher in Miami. I am trying to decide between Coral Gables and Vanity. It seems they both have the same problems when it comes to administration and that is a shame.
Anyway, I have contacted them for consults and a quotes, so we shall take it from there.
Btw, I've come to my senses. I am no longer doing the BBL. There are a variety of reasons why I'm no doing it but amongst the top reasons are 1. It does not seem to last more than a year or two so it might not be worth the trouble. 2. What if it does last and makes my cellulite worse? I have some existing cellulite on my buttocks and while I could see how filling up the tissue would help in firming it up, I can see how adding more fat could also add to the cellulite problem. For all that is involved, it doesn't make sense for me to chance it. I will continue with my fitness regime. Hopefully, that will provided me with somewhat of a lift without sacrificing volume. I will have liposuction with my tummy tuck however. Hopefully, liposuction to my flanks and back will help to enhance my buttocks. And who knows, perhaps if I have a modest gain in weight after surgery, it will go to my bottom! LOL.

Got an email from vanity

Got an email from vanity yesterday. They asked for my number. I may call them later on today. This is certainly going to be interesting. I only want Dr. Fisher but the email is talking about all the great doctors that work there. Let's see how this goes.
I'm also thinking that if I do this in Miami, I can make a mini family vacay out of it. I'm still thinking a so I'm not committed to this idea yet. I'm sorry if I seem to be all over the place. I think and research a lot before I decide on anything, so imagine what I'll go through before making this decision! I can't wait to decide though and book everything because this is consuming me. I have bags under my eyes due to lack of sleep.

The wheels are still spinning

The wheels in my head are still spinning. I don't want to fill you in on too much, as you might think I'm crazy! Lol. I'm still thinking about my choice of going out of state and my choice in choosing Vanity in particular. If it were Dr. Fisher's own office, there wouldn't be half as much to think about.
I'll fill you in.
BTW, I took down by before pics. I had them up there to introduce myself to you ladies, but I don't really like the idea of my pictures being online. I promise to repost them once I'm closer to my surgery date.

Vanity is playing games right now

Vanity is acting up. I thought I would give them a chance.

Maybe this isn't for me right now

I have officially crossed Vanity off the list. At least I gave them a try. There was too much miscommunication and it was still the early stages. I can't imagine getting in too deep with them. Plus, the shoddily-written emails were too much to contend with. I was quoted and excellent price on the phone and when I asked for an email with the details, the price went up! I reiterated what we had discussed on the phone but the coordinator kept insisting on the new price. She finally had the office manager email me. I just told them I was looking into another doctor and that was that. The manager, by the way, sent a well-written email. That was refreshing at least.
I called Dr. Greenwald's office for a quote on Monday but there was no response so I had to leave a message. No one has called me back yet. Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't be doing this now. I don't know. They were responsive to emails prior to that and insisted I call the office for a quote so I'm not sure what happened. They can't be closed due to the holidays because there was no message saying any such thing.
On a good note, I got back into my exercising. I had stopped for about a week and a half. I was just so tired a lot of the time and honestly I was staying up late researching surgery-related things! The workouts are all a part of my new and improved life so it doesn't work without the workouts. I'm glad to be back on track.

Not for me

So I just called Dr. Greenwald's office and got through right away. You have to leave a credit card number when you make your consultation. Though it's a free consult, you would be charged $100 if you don't show. The bad news is that he doesn't see patients on Wednesdays and that's the only day of the week I could go in! Maybe this isn't meant for me. Maybe just not right now.

Four Weeks Post TT/BL/BA

Hi! I'm so excited to be able to update!! I had to wait for Realself to change my doc's name and I forgot to come to the site to see if it had been done!
I had my prodedure on 3/2 and everything went sooo well!
I love everything about Dr. Greenwald and the staff. He's an artist!
I have had no complications or anything. I had a lot of pain of course in the first several days but nothing that was bad enough to evoke cries of pain or make me regret having surgery. I have to collect all my before and after pictures to post!
Sorry for all the excitement. I'll admit my body wasn't that bad before but the first time I saw myself out of my binder, I knew my body would be amazing! At four weeks post op I do still have quite a bit of swelling but I guess since I was little to begin with it doesn't seem noticeable to the outside world.

I'll post some pics!
For some reason, my latest pics keep loading upside down! I refuse to post them that way. If anyone knows how to correct this, I'm all ears. Tomorrow I'll take some new ones.

Three weeks post op pics

My latest pics from three weeks post op are here.
New York Plastic Surgeon

I couldn't be more satisfied. I love Dr. Greenwald and the staff. He's an artist. He has been very personable during all interactions. I let him choose my breast size because I was paranoid. I didn't want them to look huge and fake. He picked an implant that gave me just the right fullness and size. My TT scar is LOW. My upper abdominal contouring was perfect. I don't know what else to say. I have nothing but praise for them!