MY JOURNEY!! :) I'm 31, 130 lb, & 5'1". Had a BR, TT, Lipo & BBL. Dr. FG went above beyond and then more!!

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Hi Girls, So I decided to start my review after a...

Hi Girls,
So I decided to start my review after a long time of learning from all the nice people on this site.
I am a mother of two awesome kids. I am 31 years old, 133lb and almost 5'1". I have had large breast for my body since I was 13. I am 32F in bra size now and I was a 34H while I was nursing.

I consider having BR/BL since I was 21 but was adviced to wait until I was done having kids (great advice!).
Now I see that I want/need a little more than just my breast so I decided to go for the full Mommy makeover :)
I have been researching a lot and I found this awesome website!

I was planning to use another doctor that I have keept in contact for the past two years but decided to change to Dr. FG because I need a reliable, clear,consistent communication and Dr. FG has provided all that and on top his work is amazing and natural!!
He and his assistant Karel have been super nice and helpful in all my weird questions.

Girls, I have been so encouraged by so many of your journeys! You might not realized how helpful your reviews are and how every little detail makes a huge difference.
Thank you for sharing with newbies like me :) :) :)-

Surgery for the thought?? The count down begins!!

I got my plane ticket!! I am so excited! :)

It's getting more real! And with reality comes a lot of thinking!
Now I am staring to understand why the other girls say that this journey is a roller coaster!

I go from very excited to a little afraid :( I have never have surgery before but I am concious that all types of surgery brings risk so I am trying my best to do what I can to reduce those risk ( that includes, being as healthy as I can before, during and after surgery and choosing a good doctor in a good clinic with good patient record that doesn't play superman trying to do too many people the same day which makes me more confortable) and the rest is in God's hands, because He is in control :)

So when I mean afraid, I'm talking about the fear of going through all of this and then end up chubby again :( looking the same way I look now or worse :(
My mom, (which has been super supportive of this) told me that maybe I need to get surgery in my thoughts and in the way I look at myself.
Girls, that hit me hard! Because if after all this that I am about to endure I still see myself the way I do now, it would be very sad and depressing!!

So, I am telling you all this, so you can hold me accountable to my inside out changes! I am officially accepting the challenge of looking at my inner Beauty and changing what needs to be changed so by the time I get my outer change done (which I hope will be awesome) I can have a total transformation :) :)

I'm leaving you with this beautiful passage that I have decided to embrace. I love the way God sees us!
Remeber this girls!!!

" I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well" Psalm 139:14

P.S. I am still excited about my surgery and I think God is too :)-
:) :) :) :)


I just want to take the time to wish all my Realself sister and bothers a Merry Christmas!!!
May your 2015 be a year full of positive changes, fulfilled dreams, healthy mind and bodies surrounded by love, peace and happiness!!

Thank you for all that have shared your journeys here, those who take time to give words or encouragement, share advice and just say hi. All of you make this site so special!!

I am 45 days away and my mind wants to start flying but I am trying my best to take a day at a time.
I need to back into surgery mode and into a healthier habit :)- but mean while, I am enjoying this holiday season!! :) :)

A week from today...... Sx

Hi everyone!!!

Time has gone so fast since my last update.
I have been running like a chicken without a head! It's amazing all the logistics that involves taking care of small children and leaving them for a whole month.

I have to confess that leaving my kids, is by far the biggest of my concerns.
I get emotional thinking about it but then I remind myself that I need to stay positive to continue this journey.

I have been packing and buying stuff. I will give a list of the things I actually used since I feel I'm over packing :(

I was concerned about not having a period for a few months before surgery (due to messed hormones) but thankfully, I had my period and I feel much better overall, the bad thing is that, it brought my Hemo down to 13.2 :( but I am eating a lot liver, veggies and fish and taking my vitamins too so let's see how it goes from here.

I also have been very mindful about my food intake and I lost he 7 pounds I gain during the holidays so I am back to a good bro before surgey :)
Let me add, it hasn't been easy to give up a lot of my favorite food specially dessert :( but at the end, it will pay off :)-

I want to thank all of you for sharing positive and encouraging comments to me! Your comments just come at the right time.

It's so comforting to know that I am not alone in this journey and that so many of you really care!! Thank you!!!

God bless you all!!!!!

That's all for now :) :)
Next update I might be on my way to DR :)

Made it to DR!!! My bags are delayed ;(

Hi everyone,
I made it to DR safe. Almost missed my conevtion flight but thankfully to a mechanic hey open the door in Let me board.

My bags are delayed!! :( so I will have to wait to tomorrow! :(

So, thanks to my clever mom and husband I brought a few essentials in my carry on and I was able to use fresh clothes today. So guys, learn from my mistakes and make sure you have in your carry on the things you can't leave without for surgery since my bags won't be here before then :(

I am disappointed but I am happy to be here and get my labs done and meet Tne doctor and just be in a warm weather! ;)

I will keep you all posted!!!!

This is really happening!!! :) :) :) :) )

Made it to the fabulous/flat side ????????

Dr. FG is awesome! Above and beyond my expectations! Karel is one of the nicest and sweetest person I have ever met!
The clinic and staff have high standards. Everything is very clean. They have high standards. I'm going to get some rest now.

God bless!

One week post op!! I made it!!!!

Hi everyone!!

Sorry I took so long to update!!

I have so much to say that I am not sure where to start!

First, thank you so much for your sweet encouraging words!
They make a huge difference in this recovery journey!!

Second, recovery for combo procederes is not piece of cake :( the first 4 days are very rough!!
I would do my BR/BL again in no time! That has been the easiest and painless part of this recovery journey so far. And can I mention that I am so happy the way they look even though has been only a week. :)-
And my TT, has been a smooth sailing too, I would do it again!!
Now, my back lipo and bbl, that has been the most painful part of this experience!! I under stimated how painful the back lipo can be and I was sadly surprised!
Maybe other people experience a less painful part but in my experience is the hardest part! Finding a comfortable position is almost imposible and my back and butt are so sore that I am wondering if I would have any butt left at the end :(

Also, the huge emotional part of recovery. The part where your mind is overtaken by discomfort and pain and it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and you are so vulnerable because you need someone else to take care of you 100%. In those moments when you hold on to your faith and God's promises and know He is with you and that "this shall pass"
For me that tunnel lasted the first 4 days post op; after day 4, I started to see the light and turn forward!! :)-

Today I am a week post op and they did removed my drains!!
How freeing that is!!!
When I was in my hard/ dark tunnel I just kept my thoughts on week one post op; for all the reviews I read here they seemed to agree that one week post op is
That week when you start to get back to your normal self and that has been my experience :)

I think that is for now :)
I will leave you with the verse that gave me strength during this first week :)


Day 10 post op. Feeling much better! :)

Hi everyone,

Here I go again! I typed it last night and forgot to copy the text and when I tried to upload the picture everything got deleted!! :(

Well, it's day 10 post op and I feel much better! It's amazing how a few days can change a lot! My body and mind are recovering and getting back to normal self.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I was having coughs attacks :(
They started the day after surgery :( part of my rough and dark days were because of the cough on top of lipo pain. I felt like my belly was ripping apart from the inside out, the pain was excruciating ;( I would start crying even before it started just by thinking about the pain. Thankfully doctor FG said things looked fine in the outside and hope the inside didn't brake too many stitches.
I haven't cough in the past 3 days and I am extremely thankful and happy!!
I am so grateful for God's presence and strength. I knew through all things I was never alone! Our bodies are wonderfully created by Him and even when our bodies are in pain He can restore our souls.

Recovery -
My recovery is going up the curve now! My breast have been so nice to me! No pain there!! And I love them!!!

My TT, very mellow too! I am a little sore but nothing mayor.

My lipo in back, finally I am getting relive! After a week things are sore but not as painful anymore! I think not having the drains have helped a lot to make that area improve.

My bbl, well, I haven't noticed it yet since I am leaning forward to walk and the butt is sore! I am on it constantly and that concerns me since I don't want to ruin it but there is not other position I can be on :( I use pillows and stuff my still my poor butt takes all the pressure! I didn't have too much fat injected since we just went more for shape than projection so I am praying once things even out my butt is good.
Just time will tell.
My back, oh my poor back! It's hard to find a comfortable position for my back :( I am dreaming of the day when I can sleep on my sides again and give my back and butt a brake :)-

Doctor FG suggests a minimum of. 5 massages right after surgery. His therapist (which by the way is awesome, knowledgeable and very professional) will let you know how many you need depending on your progress. So I made a budget for 10 massages.
They cost $30 USD each.
In the start, massages are hard specially in the lipo area but with time they get more manageable and you actually look forward to them :)-
I went to the office to get all my massages since I would see dr.FG there too most of the times. She changes your gaze and dressings and check drains and things like that.
I heard that she goes to nearby recovery houses but I am not sure about that. You might want to ask before you get discharged from the clinic :)

Time of stay -
I believe dr. FG requires at least 14 days after surgery to stay in the country and recover. 20 days is ideal and after that is up to your personal preference.
He really is very cautious and will let you know what he thinks for your best interest. Follow his advice and go from there :)

Supplies -
Yes, I will make a list for the things I actually used! There are a bunch of stuff I packed that maybe just used Once (like bed liners) and others that I didn't even use (like adult diapers).
People, they have pharmacies here in DR, and they deliver!!!! So if there is something you absolutely need, they can bring it to you and you can buy there instead of bringing a bag full of stuff that you don't use!.
I will try to make the list soon!!

That's all for now :)

P.S. Any of you Realself sister in DR now that would like to get coffee or tea with me and chat a bit?? I am feeling up to an hour of social time with Realself family :)
Just let me know :)

Here is my verse of courage:


Supply list of thins I ACTUALLY USED

Hi everyone,

Here is the list of the things I took to DR and actually used. I packed way to many things that I didn't use and I will be happy to share if you need the info :)

* Tsa locks one for each bag
1 Maxi dresses
1 House coat ( pajama dress with long zipper in the front)
8 Granny panties a size bigger
5 underwear ( loose)
7 white undershirt (they can get stain)
1 pair flip flop
1 pair sleep on sandals
6 white hand towels
1 pregnancy band ( the ones that help support belly with regular jeans. they are perfect to holding the drains specially under your maxi dress. I save myself pain once I started using it).
2 pkgs baby wipes (100 each)
1 antibacterial soap (10oz)
1 can saline solution spray (for wound washing)
20 gauze envelopes (4x4) (I'm still using it & I should be fine with that amount, I cut it according to my needs)
3 rolls of micropore tape
* Scissors
* Qui Tips (about 50 in a plastic bag)
1 tube of triple
3 sheets of bed pads
1 antibiotic ointment
1 disinfectant spray
1 milk of magnesia
1 Baby oil ( for skin)
1 Vaseline ( small can)
1 Hypoallergenic lotion
2 hand disinfectant wipes (30 each)
* Thermometer
* head bands and hair ties
* Blower ( instead of the blower I bought a hot air brush and took the brush off and used hat to dry my incisions and it doesn't occupy space).
* Pads (I used 3 maxi pads cut up to place in the places that licked like drain holes; but if you use them for your period bring the ones you prefer).
* Washing bottle ( the ones they give you after childbirth, they were a life saver for me, taking the faja off everyday to use the bathroom is not realistic).
* Extension cord
* Earplugs
* Eye mask (I need darkness to sleep)
* neck pillow
* butt pillow ( for bbl)
* straws and a reusable cup
* books, music etc
* snack bars ( I have used about 12 in two and a half weeks).
* Medicine: ibuprofen, acetaminophen, cough syrup (which I got miserable almost ripped my belly off cough attacks), antacid, cold medicine). I brought all this medicine and I have just used the cough medicine and anti acid but I like to be prepare just in case, but please ask your doctor before you take any medication since some of them are not appropriate after surgery.

Also, ask your doctor and or recovey house what they provide so you don't have to buy stuff.
I overpacked too much! There is 40% of things I didn't use!

Remember in DR they have grocery stores and pharmacies that offer home delivery! So if you need something that you can't live without you can buy there. If you are very particular about specific things then bring them so you don't take chances.

To this list add your toiletries and things you might pack for a regular trip :)

Hope this can be a guidance for others going into this interesting journey! :) :)

Home Sweet Home!! :)

Hi everyone!

I made it home last night!!
I am so happy to be here with my kids and husband in my bed and pillow :)
Trip back was good! My second flight was 4.5 hours and at the end I was very uncomfortable :( then an hour drive home and I was ready to rest and sleep.

I was surprised of how swollen I was after my long day travel. I was experiencing similar pain to a 5 day post op :(
My back had that piercing needle pinch and that weird tingling watering sensation. I felt like there was fluid trapped in back :(

I took a long hot shower and my mom gave me a massage with the same technique the therapist did and at first it was painful but after a couple minutes it was just what my swollen body needed!!!

I am feeling better and I am so happy to be back that the discomfort for my travel is nothing compared to the joy of being here!!

Nothing like home with my family!! :)

4 week post op!

Hi sweet friends,

So, this is my 4 weeks post op update!
Yay!! I made it a month!!!
God has been so good to me! I have learned so much about myself and others in this journey!

Here are some pictures that I took two days after I got home. Like I said, my travel time was about 10 hours and with two flights about 7 hours total my body was ready to rest.
I was so swollen that I felt the fluid in my back. It felt like a tingly sensation, like if you have ants walking all over your back but you feel like a burned numbed sensation in your back too.
I was so swollen that I had to remove all earings and nose piercing. It might be the change in altitude from DR to where I live.
The first three days after I got back I took them to rest and take warm showers and have my husband massage me like they showed him back in DR.

I see I am slowly going back to how I felt before I came home.
Also, I started to be mindful of my salt intake and I am drinking a lot of water andpineapple juice with cucumber and cranberry juice. I got some bromelian pills and arnica pills too. Which I hope it's ok :)-

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. FG is ONE OF A KIND DOCTOR!!! He is an ABOVE AND BEYOND AND THEN MUCH MORE kind of person! His professional skills go beyond a medicine title. He is a QUALITY DOCTOR AND PERSON!! He truly cares for his patients! My experience with him has been far beyond what I had imagined or heard. He is genuinely an AWESOME PERSON!! Because of the way he is , you can see that he surrounds himself with people that have as high patient standard as he does. His whole staff is so caring!! I wish there was more people and doctors like him!! Dr. FG is a blessing to people around him and a tangible sample of what the Hippocratic Oath was suppose to be all about!! EL MEJOR DOCTOR QUE EH CONOCIDO!!! :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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