Bringing Sexy Back at 60!

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When I first came to work at RealSelf in December...

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When I first came to work at RealSelf in December 2012 I didn't know many people that had gone through plastic surgery. I had a couple of friends that had done a breast augmentation but it was years ago and I didn't know them at that time. I was really excited to come to a company that had such a great management team and the role that was offered to me fit my personality and style perfectly. I do have to admit that I never saw myself as someone who would go through any kind of PS to improve things that I was not super happy with. I wasn't judgmental about anything anyone wanted to do but I just didn't think it was for me.

But something changed in me as I read through the stories and got to know the doctors on the site. I started to recognize that these surgeons are full of passion for what they do and besides being brilliant people were full of compassion for their patients and always wanted the best results possible. I was moved as I read the stories and saw pictures and videos of great results and heartfelt stories. I especially loved a video that I saw from a lady named Phyllis. She was so darn cute with a great southern accent and she had a breast augmentation. She said "You are never too old to do something for yourself if it makes you feel good." I started to think Phyllis is right! In December this year 2015 I turn 60 and I am going for it! A Mommy Makeover (AKA Grandma Makeover) and bringing sexy at 60 back to my life. I laugh when I would think that it might be too late for me because there were so many things that I needed to do to turn the clock back. But came to the conclusion that I need to major on the bigger issues and the smaller things will be less bothersome.

I was really hesitating about this because of the role I play with my daughters (both over 30) and granddaughter (nearly 2) and what might this say to them. I wouldn't want to make them feel like happiness comes from how you look. What kind of role model would I be and how this would effect the way they feel about me or more importantly themselves? I came to a conclusion that being more open about this and sharing with them the reasons why I am starting this journey was the best course of action. So I starting to discussing what I was thinking with my family and much to my surprise they were super encouraging (after it sunk in) and wanted to be part of the process. They only thing they asked of me was to "Please find a local surgeon Mom." I originally was considering an out of area doctor but felt like their request was reasonable and there are many fantastic doctors in my state that I could use.

I have a consult schedule with a surgeon in Seattle on July 20th 2015 to start the process and will update this soon. I AM GIDDY WITH EXCITEMENT!

Heading to the Gym Friday!

Now that I have lost 21 lbs I think about 10-15 more before the surgery would be good idea. Everything I read says to be a weight that you can maintain but a little more would be best. 

I have hired a trainer and will be working on more weight loss and some toning. I should be posting some before photos soon but it will bikini photos. Just can't bring myself to do nude ones. I might show those to personal friends but not to co-workers at RealSelf. Just can't bring myself to do that. 

Posting a few pics that I could get myself

I won't be posting the Full Monty but this gives you an idea why I want to do this. 

Please help me ask the right questions at Consults on July 20th

I would love to hear what others think the best/important questions that I should ask when I go to my consults.

Here are a few I thought of and would love to hear what you think too:

1- What do you think my biggest challenges will be in recovery?

2- Do you suggest more weight loss to get the results that I would like?

3- Do I need a lift only or with implants?

4- What type of implant would you recommend for me?

5- What do you suggest for lipo so I get my waist back?

6- Will I be able to navigate stairs in the first couple of weeks?

7- Since I live 3 hours away - How many days do I need to remain local?

8- What am I not asking that I should be asking?

3 Consults and made a Decision

On July 20th I traveled 3 hours to spend the day seeing 3 Doctors for a Mommy make over. I was ready with my questions and my hubby drove me from one appointment to the next. I also had the video team from RealSelf follow me through 2 of the consults. The plan is to have video shot through the entire journey so it can be posted here in hopes that it will help some of you know what to expect. 

I chose my doctor for a couple reasons: 

1- His exam was very through including a good exam of my abs to see how much muscle repair would be needed. 

2-The Dr had lots of photos and has extensive experience with liposuction and fat grafting that will make my results the best as far an contouring the body. 

3- He does IV sedation and there will be no tubes down my throat during the surgery.

4- He also spent 1 hour and 15 minutes and made sure I had all my questions answered. I loved his style and his staff was warm and friendly. During the time he spent with me he was completely focused on ME. He took no calls and there were no interruptions.

5- He has worked with the same Nurse anesthetist for 10 years

6- I honestly felt like the Dr was looking at the entire body and not just body parts when making a recommendation to me of what I needed to get the results I was asking for.

7- I loved the technology that he uses once he took my photos. It allowed him to draw in color on the photos and show me where the lipo would be done and where the incisions would be as well as what he felt my shape would look like after the surgery. 

Going into this I knew that what ever the price was for the Dr I picked I would pay it because I was not shopping price. 

When I got the quote the doctor suggested that we do this in 2 surgeries 1 week apart. I will go in on Dec 3 (Which happens to be my 60th Birthday) for the TT and all of the liposuction which is extensive. This one will take about 7 hours. The on Dec 9th go back for the Breast Lift which takes 3 hours. He felt like trying to do this under one surgery was too much time to be under. I wasn't expecting to have 2 surgeries but I understood and agreed. 

I booked a hotel in Seattle for 2 weeks and will have family support locally. 

I honestly don't know how I would be able to go through this with out the support of all of you and my RealSelf friends at the office. I feel like the reality of this has not sunk in yet but is just over 4 months away. Yikees! 

I have so much more I want to tell you but will use my GoPro to share more soon on video.

Photo of how the Surgery will be done

This is a photo that the dr took and then color coded to show me where he would make the incision and do the vaser liposuction. Yellow is where the lipo will be done. Red is where the incision will me made and the green in the back view is where the fat will be transferred to. I haven't gotten the nerve to show my boobs yet but I might do that. As you will see from the tummy pic I blacked out any pubic hair. 

16 weeks Pre OP

Just talked to the nurse at my PS office to get some scheduling details nailed down since I am traveling 3 hours from home for the surgery and will be staying in a hotel for 12 days. As I mentioned before the TT, lipo and fat grafting will be down on Dec 3 ( My 60th BD) and then the breast lift on Dec 9th. I thought that it was interesting that the nurse suggested that I consider a Hyperbaric chamber post op to expedite healing and will be looking into finding a place that will take people that are post op. 

Have anyone of you heard of this or have any experience with it? If it will help I certainly will do it. 

Quiting Nicotine- This is really hard

I haven't actually smoked cigarettes for years but have been using an Ecig. I have moved over to the patch to get myself off of the nicotine at least 2 months prior to my surgery. But wow I forgot how hard this was  to do. I  better watch how I am eating during this time so I don't gain weight prior to the surgery. 

Diet, excersise, no nicotine- Oh MY

Since I am now about 11 weeks out from my surgeries I am working on making sure that I have done my part to give the surgeon the best me I can be for the best results. He told me to get off the Ecig at least one month before but sooner is betters. So that is done and I have a week under my belt. I previously had lost 20 lbs before my consult but really wanted another 15-20 more off before Dec 3. So I started on a diet that is working really well but I do feel hungry from time to time. It is extremely restrictive and not something I would want to do on an ongoing basis. But for now it is working. What is really nice is this diet has me off of all sugar,dairy and just veggies for carbs and my energy level is so much better. Been walking and moving more because of that. But it is alot to juggle between work and such. I am starting to become very excited about my new body. 

Video updates coming when I can figure out how to get the video the right size. 


Implants or not- That is the question?

Things are going along really well in prep for the big day. Now that I have all nicotine out of my system and on a diet that seems to be working I think I can hit my weight goal of 155-160 by my pre-op appt date of 11/20.  I started to realize as I loss weight the volume of breast tissue is less and what I thought a breast lift would do for me may need to include a small implant. So back for a visit to Dr Marosan for an appt to visit about that option and what he thinks would be best for me. 

I would love to hear what anyone else has experienced with adding the implants at the same time or doing them later if needed. 

Diet - High protein - Low carb

Been working on dropping a few more lbs before my vaca in Oct and surgery in Dec. Dec 2014 I weighted 192 and am now at 166 and trying to get to 155 if possible. I am 5'6" so that would be a good weight for me . It is getting harder but I am very determined.

Funny Story- At least I think so

I have been very open and public about my upcoming surgery. My son that is a hairstylist comes home and says “ Mom some random lady that hardly knows you was talking about your up coming surgery in my salon today and was asking me questions” Hum. Must be my facebook posts. LOL. I live in a small area and my husband is a public figure so that adds to the word spreading I would guess. What I love about being so open about this is so many people have shared their stories with me that I would never have heard before. 

Doc say " Not a good idea to do implants with the lift"

So I will being doing just a lift for now since the Dr seems to feel like I have alot of tissue in the base and that the lift and implants should be done seperately. He says it is best to add implants later as he feels there will be complications if we do them together given that my  breast tissue will not hold the suture well with the added weight of the implants. Glad I have a doctor tells me the straight forward truth. But I was looking forward to implants. :) Well - down the road I guess.

Less than 8 weeks to go

So everything is ready. I have been piling things in a section of my bedroom so I don't forget to pack them since I will be gone for 2 weeks from home.  Total surgery with be completely paid next week. Just less that $1500 balance to take care.

Mentally I am ready and not super nervous. The only thing I don't think I am prepared for is what do I do if I get home and have a complication is my doc is 3 hours away. There are no board certified PS anywhere near me. 

I will be asking about this at my 2 week pre-op appt and also asking the question. "What kind of complications have you experienced and what did you do about them?" 

Are there any final questions that I need to ask? 

4 Weeks from today

I keep reading all the post on the Nov and Dec TT forum as people talk and feel about the day before their surgeries. It is just amazing to me how much courage it does take to choose to go for some of these surgeries. Facing fear of the unknown and choosing to seems to go against my  nature but  I'm  doing it anyway. 

Abnormal EKG- 3 weeks from my surgery

I am super upset with the notice from my primary dr that my EKG came back abnormal and they want to run more tests before clearing me for surgery. I understand that it's good to know if there is an issue but all of this time planning the last thing I thought would happen would be this. I have never had any issues before  and am hoping this is some kind of false alarm.

A really hot car purchase might be in order if I can't get the hot body I was hoping for. :)

Cleared for Surgery and Pre op this coming Friday

After a bit of a scare with a Abnormal EKG I was cleared for surgery. When I  orignally got that news I had a big boo hoo moment. It made me realize how much I do really want to go through with this and look forward to the results. Some sad things are that a few friends have seemed to gotten a bit distance. I can try to guess why but I would only be speculating. I know that it doesn't have anything to do with me other than they may be concerned about me. I did have one friend that "I support you but is there anyway I can talk you out of this?"  Of course I did tell her No but can we keep the " I support you part" 

Now that I have this last piece in order I guess it might be time to add some more before pictures. Coming soon!

12 day and counting down

12 days to the TT and 18 days to the breast lift. I am definitely getting the jitters. Heading out to spend some time with close friends this afternoon and feeling very emotional since this is the last time I will see them until I get back in town after the surgery on around 12/17. I want to be brave in front of them but I am not sure that is possible my emotions are right below my eyes and may spill out today. Oh well- so be it. 

1 week out

today at this time I will still be in surgery. Thought I'd post these pictures

Tomorrow is the day

I have a super busy day to get a few things ready before tomorrow. & I had a hard time sleeping last night even though I took something to help me sleep. The anxiety is starting to build. I trust my doctor totally I believe I'm in good health and I'm excited to get my results. But I'm super nervous right now and I don't know what to do about it other than to breathe and stay focused on something else and take good care of myself until I go in tomorrow at 7

End of day 2

Just  quick update.I got a glimpse of  my results and  so far so very good. I don't expect that the butt will stay that size because of the swelling.  I added a  before and after here. Keep in mind this is the day after surgery. 

Beginning of the 3rd day

I believe everything that I'm experiencing today is normal because I've read all over real self on it it's a little rough today. This morning at least. My incision burns really bad and the label on the back is hurting me too. Just hanging on to the end result in my mind.

Day 4- evening

Was able to take a shower tonight and was super happy about washing my hair. I was starting to get worried about not having a bowel movement but some MOM solved that. Lots of bruising but that is to be expected. Tuesday I go back for the 2nd surgery for the breast lift.

My hubby has been amazing.

Day 5- Mid Day after breast lift this AM

2nd Surgery - Breast lift done today. Super easy compared to the TT. So now every thing is done and I can focus on healing. I am so happy with my chose of surgeon's that I made. He did a Lollipop incision and said he hasn't used the anchor incision in 15 year. My belly is pretty swollen and look forward to that going done.  I will add photos as soon as I can. Thanks RS friends for every thing and for your support.

Day 7 TT with Lipo and day 3 of the Breast Lift

I have to admit that with all the pain meds and multiple surgeries  I have lost track of time. Dr. Marosan did alot of lipo and sculpting  in the first surgery. I have lots  swelling on the TT area  and liposuction area.  Although I can see that when the swelling goes down there will be some really great  results and I am excited to see them all. I am sleeping alot and just listening to my body when I'm tired. Next to the TT and Lipo the Breast lift was a super easy surgery. Hope to post more this weekend when I am not so sleepy.

9 days from the TT and 5 days from the BL

Feeling really emotional today and I think part of that is because I am so grateful for care that my Dr , his staff and my amazing husband has given me over the last 9 days. As well as the support from friends ,family and co-workers. This procedure is not for the faint of heart on anybody's role that is involved. I am still using a walker and drains are still in and doing their job. I feel great in the morning when I get up and start to weardown later in the day when the belly swelling starts coming back. I am listening to the advise of those that have gone before me and say "Even thought you feel like you can bend and twist with out it hurting don't do it or you will pay for it later" 

I have not had any sugar or dairy since I had my surgery and I think that has helped with the swelling alot. It was suggested to me by the person that is doing some lymphatic drainage message for me. 

Photo update

These photos are at different sages and I have marked them with comments.

13 Days from TT

Good News is that the Breast Lift is coming along really well. Very little discomfort and the swelling isn't bad either. The liposuction is coming along really well too. There is a little bit of soreness like the feeling of a bad bruise but tolerable. I have a little issue with the TT scar with some redness and possible infection. The Dr and nurse have reviewed the photos that I sent and although I am on an antibiotic OK they want to add Cipro and I should have that in me shortly. I start back to work tomorrow but am able to work from home. Mornings are the best for me me so I can get started early while my energy level is high.

I have photos that I want to post but need to block out some things that I don't want to show and I am trying to figure out how to do that. 

2 weeks today

Starting yesterday I had a pain on my right side right below where my incision is. And it made it difficult to lift my leg up and I had to keep it propped up most of the day. I could get some relief from it if I pressed on it when I was standing up it seem to help it from the sharp pain that I've been experiencing. My doctor was super responsive when I sent a message with some concerns about it. He had me take a marker and mark the spot where I was feeling the pain and text the photo to him. Once he saw that he called me and told me he felt like it was a suture that was underneath that might be irritatating me. He said if it still bothering me  when he sees me on Monday there is an injection  that he can  inject into that site that should give me some relief from the sharp pain that I'm feeling. He warned me that the section of my incision that where my old belly button was would probably scab over and potentially flake off or would need to be removed. He just said he wants to watch that carefully. He also wants to make sure that I can get in to see him on Monday since I haven't been there for a week. I live 3 hours away and have to cross a snowy pass that has been closed on and off all week. So I'm going to have to fly in and fly back in the day in order to make the appointment.. After that he said we could probably go two weeks maybe 3 without an appointment.

Today was my first day back at work and I worked from home so that went pretty good. I was really pleased with the level of energy that I had and what I was able to get done considering its my 2 week tummy tuck anniversary.  I'll tell you one thing for sure this surgery is not for sissies.

Completely Snowed In!

I headed to the airport this morning to fly to Seattle for a follow up appt with my PS. I am having a bit of an incision issue and he wanted to see me before the long holiday weekend. On the way to the airport I got a text that the flight was canceled. The snow was falling hard. We turned around and headed home. I called the PS office and as soon as he knew it was me on the phone he took my call. He was very calm and told me to send picture of the incision from a few different angles and send them to him. He called me and discussed what he thought was happening and said he felt I was not in any danger and we made a plan for next week. He then called me again later tonight to check on me. I am so impressed with his concern for me.  He gave me a Christmas present and said I could remove the foam pads that I was wearing under the CG. Yay!  These pics are taken 2 days ago with just some spandex and no CG on. I just wanted to see what that looked like.

Just have to say- BEST DAY SO FAR

Not sure what tomorrow will bring but today was the best day yet.  I was able to get up and get going with less help from my hubby than usual. Got up at 7 and to my desk at 7:30. Then I was able to work through to about 3:30 felling pretty good. I started to get that afternoon swelling this afternoon around 1pm and that was a bit uncomfortable but manageable . So back in bed with feet up and resting at 6pm and resting up for another day. 

Who is this lady?

It is a long top and not a dress I would wear but I am having a hard time remembering that this is me.I took this at the end of the day when my belly was the most swollen.

Hee hee- So excited.

26 Days from Tummy Tuck and 21 from Breast Lift

I saw my PS on Monday when I could get over the snowy pass to my appt. I had missed 2 appts due to the weather and really needed  to hear from my PS that all is well. He is very happy with how things were going and took out some stitches in the TT incision and the BL . He said he doesn't need to see me for 3 weeks unless there is an issue. Yay! 

The issue that I mentioned in past posts on my incision is still an issue although a small one at this point. the PS wants to allow it to try to heal the best it can but will most likely need to remove a scab that is developing but is not ready to do that yet. One of my breast seems to be more uncomfortable than the other but when I look at the before it was the one that hung down lower than the other and was bigger as well. So that might be the reason. 

I'm have gotten used  to the CG but it sure feel good to have it off for a while. I have 3-6 weeks left to wear the stage one garment. 

So here it goes- If you are about to read this and don't want to see my naked pics please skip this post

I am hesitantly posting my before and afters from my appt on the 25th day. I am uncomfortable about this but am doing it for those that have been so good to follow me and cheer me on both at work and here on RealSelf. I just doesn't seem right not to share these with those that have supported me. I am very happy with how things are going so far. 

Compression is the Key

I have been struggling with the pain from the lipo and still taking pain med for that. But today I added a tight pair of leggings and a long spandex tunic. That actually helped me alot. Now taking a deep breath was a bit of a challenge but if I can avoid some of the pain  meds with this trick it is worth a bit of tightness.

32 Inch Waist this morning!

My measuring tape was just sitting there and I couldn't resist.  It has been at least 20 years. Yay!

Incision issue flared up

I just sent some photos to my doctor of my incision. We knew eventually we would have to address this issue. I was really hoping to be able to make it to my appointment on the 18th where I had the day off of work already. But he wants to see me on Monday to address the issue. I hope it doesn't hurt


Bye bye belly with clothes

Snoogle to the rescue!

It was my 2nd night sleeping with my Snoogle and what a great tool for us TTers.  I got it in the Maternity shop but it does say for pregnancy and for post surgery. It has temporarily replaced a hubby cuddle time but for now it will have to do.  I added a pic of it and the different positions that you can put it in. I actually may never get rid of.

What I am grateful for at 6 weeks out!

No amount of complaining or venting will speed up this recover. So I keep focusing on what I am grateful for that I am able to do now.

1- Sleep on my side- With the help of my Snoogle

2- Sit cross legged 

3- Work with out taking any pain meds

4- Stand up straight most of the time- This depends on swelling

5- Having a good energy till about 7pm

6-Looking good in spandex. :)

7-Fantastic support from friends,family and Co workers.

Heading to Seattle Monday for an appt with the Dr so he can look at this open wound on my incision.  More to come on that.


Incision issue update

I made the 6 hour round trip drive to my surgeon today to have him take a look at my incision wound. What he did to it is too gross to even talk about but he believes that it is progressing and healing. Fortunately I was able to find a registered nurse here in my area that is a wound care specialist and my surgeon has authorized her to help me with the healing of this wound. Thank goodness no more driving. And the nurse even comes to my house.

Shopping anyone?

I've been so obsessed with this issue with my incision that I thought maybe I needed to do something that was positive. So I went into my closet and started going through clothes and trying them on and imagine that? Most of them are too big. The dress I'm wearing in this photo was one that I bought  that didn't fit me  before. Shopping anyone?

You must be as tired of hearing about my wound as I am posting on it.

Good News- The MediHoney that we have been using on my wound is really helping and I can tell you how relieved I am that I am making progress. The wound is much better but still has a way to go. But even I can tell that it is better than it has been.

8 Week Update

For those that have been following me know that I have had a wound issue that has kinda freaked me out and caused some boo hoo moments and lot of self pity.  But I I do want to report that I am actually on the mend in that area and expect that a few more weeks will do the trick. MediHoney is a great product for the kind of wound I have and has increased the healing. YAY!

I am getting more swelling at the end of the day than in the past due to more activity and slacking off on the healthy diet that I was on. Friday night is generally the worse since I spend alot of time sitting all day.

I am very happy with the results just impatient waiting for everything to heal. The liposuction is the worse when it comes to discomfort. But without it the results would not be what I wanted. 

I am still taking Vicodin at night because my torso is really sore  where the liposuction. It helps to look at the photos that were taken right after the surgery and see where the bruising was. It tells me why I am sore in certain places. But Ibprophen seems to do the trick during the day time. 

All in all I am making progress. I can't wait to be a couple more months down this recovery road for sure. 

8 week photos

I took these first thing in the morning it seems to be the best time for the swelling issues I've been having.

Ear plugs. Really?

Saw my ps last week. He said my belly button was healing nicely. But he thought it was getting a little bit too tight. So, he said get earplugs squeeze them put them in your belly button and put a piece of tape over it.

10 weeks and feeling Fab

I have to say that it is true what everyone says. Patiences is important. I am starting to get some exercise in and that has helped alot. My swelling is much better at the end of the day and I am not so tight at the end of the day as well. When I woke out up this morning my belly was much flatter than it has been and I am hopeful that this is because my wound issue is almost done with Yay!! 

I am adding a before and after of my belly at 9 weeks. 

Scar revision in my future

Update- I am now 3 months PO. The wound I had is now healed and I am super grateful to be able to take a bath. We were quite sure how things would look and if there would be a need for a scar revision. I had an appt with my PS and he does think that we will need to do a small revision of that section of the scar to even and flatten out the scar tissue created by the wound. He wants to wait a couple months before we do that so that things soften up a bit. I go on vacation to Mexico the first week of May and will probably do this after my vaca. The scar is covered by clothes and is not an eye sore to anyone but me.

I will post pic after the revision surgery so you can see the before and after together.

I still have swelling although it could be worse and the tightness is getting better although still very noticeable. When I saw my PS he said I was 1/2 way there to my old self. I find that my posture is different and I do have to focus on "shoulder back" or I feel tension in my lower back. 

All in all I am super happy although I feel like my hormone level is messed up and am heading to the Dr today to get things checked out. 

5 months PO today

I have to say that things are sooooo much better now and improving weekly. I feel like I now have my full life back but know that there is still more recovery to go.  Even the scar issue is looking much better although it still needs a revision. Like "Scarlet O'Hara" says "I won't think about that now. I'll think about that tomorrow." 

I do plan on adding some new photos but have just been busy enjoying my new body and new life. Clothes that I bought 2 months ago are fitting even better than when I got them. Yay.

More later and photos to come.

Few pics

not very good pictures but I'll get more up there very soon

Bikini time in over 30 years

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