Why is Campos $2k more than Yily and Robles? uhhh!

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My youngest is 7 and oldest is almost 20! I am...

My youngest is 7 and oldest is almost 20! I am ready to give something back to myself! Finally I have really decided to go thru with a full body makeover...just want my old body back plus a little extra :) I haven't decided on the Dr. yet, but I have gotten a quote from Salama and Campos already....Salama wont do a BBL, TT, Lipo and Augmentation at the same time as where Campos will. I want to do it all at once because I can't handle 2 recoveries. I also don't know if I want to travel to Mexico to do it. I hear some good things about Jimerson, but he is more expensive. Anyone have any suggestions? I am not trying to spend more than 10k for everything including travel, meds, etc. I dont have any vacation at my job, so I will be without pay for my recovery :( I want this done and healed by next winter.

OMG I am sooo addicted to RS! I have to stop...

OMG I am sooo addicted to RS! I have to stop myself from looking at it while at work lol! My boyfriend told me he doesnt want to see no more women bodies lmao (thats a first lol) He said just do what I want, he is happy with me the way I am now (aww, yes he is the man of my dreams...good ol' georgia boy) Today I sent my info and pics to Dr. Ghurani, I hope to hear back soon. I want this done sooo bad! I wish there was a Dr on the west coast that is as good as Salama, Jimerson and Ghurani. It would make my life so much easier than traveling across the country for this.

Just a little info about me. I'm 35 and I have 7 boys.
I'm mixed..Cuban and Black....where my @$$ is, you got me lol!
My body has had it, time for a new improved model!
I am posting some pics of me now....Can't wait to post the after pics!
I weight 200lbs (I do have alot of muscle) - Size 14 jeans
Measurements Now are 42-40-50 roughly
I want to be 36-26-40! Fingers crossed!

If some of the RS veterans on here can tell me what I will need, and must do tips
I would so appreciate it!

Okay I have decided to go with Campos. Going to...

Okay I have decided to go with Campos. Going to put my deposit down in January and have the operation done just before summer Qtr. I can't afford to miss Fall Qtr in school next year. Hopefully I will be good by then. I am so nervous. I wish I didn't have to go out of the US to find an affordable and excellent plastic surgeon.

I am so beyond excited though!

Something always happens when I have $$, I swear!...

Something always happens when I have $$, I swear! So now I have to push the surgery off til Winter this year. I am hoping to be there in Dec for my birthday. I have decided not to get the Breast Augmentation (just yet anyways, but I think that is going to change) If I am going to do it, might as well go for it 100%! I hope this is all worth it. I am getting extra life insurance just in case. I know that sounds kinda crazy, but I have kids. I'm not vain, but I don't know what it's like to have a nice body. I had my 1st son when I was 15, and 6 more by the time I was 30. So I am ready to be sexy in the rest of my 30's and into my later years! If anyone is going in December with Yily, please let me know....I am excited to go see her.
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