148 Days and Counting to a Mini Tuck, Lift & Implants - Where Do I Begin?-Fairfax

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I sincerely hope all the readers dont mind me...

I sincerely hope all the readers dont mind me posting so far in advance of my surgical date but I wanted to share my journey with others who went thru this and those that are thinking about it. When I first started researching, I couldnt find a website that had all the different procedures I was interested in in one place. Realself.com has truly been a lifeline whenever I'm doubting my decision.

Stats: 32 years old, African-American, 199 lbs, 5ft 7. I am pretty well proportioned with hips and a big butt that I love. The problem areas (as you can see from the pictures) are my c-section scar, large lower abdomen area and my tuberous asymmetrical breasts. Left breast is a whole cup size larger than the right.

After interviewing six different surgeons, I narrowed my selection down to two, I went to second consultation appointments with both and settled on the surgeon I felt most comfortable with. He has over 20 years of experience, lots of videos and pictures of his successful patients and was very honest with me about what is/isnt possible. After much discussion, we settled on a mini tummy tuck with tightening of the lower abdominal muscles, scar excision, liposuction of the upper abdomen, love handles and flanks, and saline breast implants.

I love all my curves EXCEPT the roundness of my stomach. I hope the work I'm having done will give me the look I'm going for. I dont want to be "skinny minnie" or look ill-proportioned; just a sexier, fitter, hotter version of myself.

My surgery is scheduled for December 23rd and I wish I could get it done tomorrow. BUT since I cant, I plan to work out & get in better shape to drop 10-20 lbs. by the aforementioned date. I plan to keep a video diary of the days leading up to the surgery, my pre-op appointment, videotape the day of surgery, the actual surgery itself (doctor agreed to record all the procedures for me) and my actual feelings during this process. I think it'll be helpful to have a record of my physical, mental and emotional states during this journey. I know there will be plenty of high's and low's but I'm very excited to see the final outcome. The information provided here has been truly helpful but I'm always looking for more information/tips in order to make this a smooth process. Please feel free to share any words of wisdom or feedback on pics/videos posted.

Thanks for all the kind words thus far. A quick...

Thanks for all the kind words thus far. A quick update, due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had to push back my surgery to mid-February. I'm praying the weather cooperates on the date of my surgery and doesnt resemble anything like it was last year here in the the Washington, DC area.

Since my last update I decided to move my surgery...

Since my last update I decided to move my surgery date up to January 31st. I didnt want to put it off any longer and figured why delay it more than I have to? I'm definitely more nervous but excited to get this done and over with. I plan to do a couple of videos including recording my pre-op visit and my actual surgery.

I'll be sure to post a video and a couple of pictures during my healing process.

Wish me luck, I'm definitely going to need it!

5 days until the big day! Yesterday I had my...

5 days until the big day! Yesterday I had my pre-op exam to discuss the anticipated outcome, review post-op care procedures and what size I'm going with for the saline implants. Since my goal is a full D cup, I'll need 300 cc's in my left and probably 425-450 in the right (the difference in size between the 2 is staggering at times).

There are times I'm extremely excited but more and more I'm getting very nervous about the whole thing thinking what if something goes wrong. I plan to follow EXACT instructions to the best of my abilities but you never know and THIS is what's unnerving to me.

I'm trying my best to focus on positive things such as school work (yes, I'm a fool for taking classes during this time) getting myself together for my down time (shopping, cleaning, etc.) and prepping for my birthday which is Sunday, February 6th. I will post and update as soon as I can which will contain more pics and a video.

From the initial consultation Dr. J was very open and honest as to what I could expect and he has an extremely pleasant disposition; I felt immediately comfortable with him. He explained why certain procedures would work better than others (mini versus full tuck) and put me instantly at ease.

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