29yrs, 5'7, 155lbs, No Kids, Inspira SRX 420cc

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I have been wanting a BA for a very long time, ...

I have been wanting a BA for a very long time, and now it's finally time! I've looked into this for several years but only the last few years was I personally and financially ready to do it. This site has been very helpful, so I wanted to contribute my experience and hopefully it will help someone else!

Before Pics

For some reason it wouldn't allow me to upload pics on my original post, so here are my before pics. I'm getting the natrelle 410 shaped/textured implants, and undecided between 375cc-425cc. My preop is next week so I'll decide then. If anyone has this type of implant, I would love your input!


I had my pre-op today, and I ended up deciding against the 410 implants and now going with a smooth round. I will be getting Inspira SRX 420cc. I wasn't nervous at all before but now that I've set the size and they are ordering the implants, I'm finding that I'm nervous and second guessing whether I chose the right size. I have wide hips to compensate, so I know it will be fine and look proportionate, I guess I'm just worried that I'll be self conscious. Anyone else have that feeling? I'm sure it's normal - just scary and want to be happy with the end result! The countdown is on, can't wait!

The Boob Fairy Came

I'm one day post op and doing great so far! I wouldn't consider it pain at all, just muscle soreness when I move around. Otherwise if I'm sitting with no movement, I don't feel a thing. I've only taken a half of vicodin and two muscle relaxers so far but ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. Hopefully the next few days go this smooth! My boobs are high and tight right now, so I'm looking forward to when they start dropping and looking more normal. I had some asymmetry to begin with but not enough to correct it with two different size implants. I ended up with 400cc natrelle inspira srx (extra full profile) implants.
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