Procedure Turned out Great and Almost No Scar

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May 29, 2011 Had two Moh's procedures...

May 29, 2011

Had two Moh's procedures wound ended up being 2.5cm long and 1.5cm wide. My plastic surgeon did a couple of procedures to correct the wound so it wouldn't pull my lip up. Just had stitches out at ten days , now have to wear a tape for another two weeks which is annoying. But it looks good . Still a bit puffy but not too much . I am looking forward to seeing it after the tape is removed for good. I am a non smoker and I will take on your advice of eating healthy. Thankyou and will keep you updated.

August 1, 2011

Looks amazing now. My doctor was so good and took extra time and care at closing to ensure a good result . Maybe it is just like anything you need to look around for a good Moh's surgeon to get the best results. My Moh's surgeon was also a plastic surgeon so maybe that is what the difference was. I hope that they can fix it because I know how it feels to have something like that done on such a vital spot.

October 19, 2011

My surgery was very close to the right side of my mouth with some of my lip being cut out. My surgeon was very particular when closing the site to ensure the best result later. I had a little swelling but nothing really major. From my experience I had quite alot taken out about the size of a 50c piece and now you wouldnt even tell anything was there. I can tell a little because I know where it was but do alot of after care and make sure you stick to what they tell you. Most of the graphic things you see on the internet are not the greater percentage of what happens. I wish you all the best try not to stress to much and if you need email me any time afterwards . I have some before and after pics that will hopefully make you feel better. As my BCC was quite aggressive we estimated that there was a chance it would be quite large. I had flap surgery, stitched and corrective. I had around 50 stitches. It all sounds very scary but now you wouldnt tell. Without make up you can just see the white line where the stitches were but only if you are aware of the site.

I actually didnt have to pay anything as my total expenses were covered by my medical insurance. But I believe the costs to be around $4500.00 inclusive.

Melbourne Dermatologist

Doctor Adamn Sheridan of the Victorian Dermotology & Surgery Centre. They have a great website with full details about their Mohs Surgery Procedures which are very helpful.

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