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I can't brag enough about my experience

Laser Hair Removal

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14 Mar 2017

Updated, 14 days ago

I can't brag enough about my experience

When I think of Gayle from Dr. Moelleken's office I immediately think she is truly a godsend! The battle of unwanted facial hair is a struggle I have faced since my early teens. After years up unsuccessful waxing and painful plucking I took a friends recommendation and contacted Dr. Moelleken's office for a consult. Gayle was not only kind but extremely professional. I knew the moment I met her that I would feel comfortable enough to try laser hair removal. Not only am I excited for my continued results but I am truly lucky to have met such a bright and uplifting person whom I not only trust and brag about to all my friends. Thank you Gayle and the staff of Dr. Moelleken's office for bringing out a confidence in myself that I have never felt before!