34 Years Old, 4 Kids, Breastfed All 4 Minimum of 13 Months to Max of 20 Months - Modesto, CA

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A little about me, maybe 105 pounds max, I am...

A little about me, maybe 105 pounds max, I am petite, I have the hips the butt but don't have no breast, I'm a 34a and after breastfeeding all my children and having no more I want to do something for me to make me feel I can wear that halter top or that dress. 8 years ago I was supposed to have it done but met my hubby, life happened, my husband loves me for me tells me I am fine but I want this since I was in my teens, I'm ready, no more kids, no more waiting for them to grow.


Wanting Subglandular placement (over the muscle). Inframammary Incision (breast crease) Natural look Type 2 from Mentor Round Silicone Gel Implants want moderate not high profile.

450R/400L sizers

This is with sizers in the doctor office

Doctor Appointment

Today had an appointment today with the Doctor and he said I could basically go any size I wanted that I was stretched out from breastfeeding. Husband and I choosed 400 on right and 350 on left moderate plus mentor memory gel silicone. I paid my deposit plus extra 500. They did the Mersa (misspelled I believe) test and go back on 22nd to get my medication I need to start before surgery. It's becoming so real. Counting down the days.

60 hours to BA

I'm excited, I have less than 60 or so I'm so happy but nervous not scared. Some of my friends found out that I'm getting BA and said why I didn't tell them. Lol now they are going to do a Boob Party for me afterwards and my gift is a new bra lol because I'm sure going to need them lol

1 day 20 hours 30 mintues till surgery

I have 2 days left of work then I will be off work for 12 days hopefully that's enough time, for over the muscle recovery.

Less than 12 hours

I have to be there at 6:45 schedule at 7:30am it is 7:51 PM right now I want it to be here already I'm the first one of the day. I am hurting in my shoulder I hurt my left shoulder on Thursday and thought it would go away but today I could not move finally went in I pulled a muscle so not been able to lift my hand above my head ...let's see how much pain I'm going be with my shoulder and boobs

Surgery today

I was so excited this morning, I had to be there at 6:45 got there 5 mintues early surgery was 7:30 I was in the surgery room last thing I remember he said your margarita was served he move it was 7:29 am. On our way home we stopped at Sonic and I ate I was starving lol got home and ate more, I've been eating all day they look normal not too huge they fit my body. I have been taking meds at 3.5 hours not 4 . I will keep you posted I will up load pictures soon (5:14pm)

PoSt Op day 1

In a couple hours it will be a full 24 hours, I feel great I only feel discomfort when I try to stand in my incisions. I have not felt nauseous or dizzy. My husband says I look the say as if I was wearing a push up ...which made me happy because that's what I wanted. If you see me you could not tell I had a BA because it fits my body or figure. I need to get my kids ready for school and then drive to doctor appointment post op checkup at 9:30.

1st post op appointment

Everything looks great, I get to start doing exercise and see me in a week.

48 hours post op

I took my last dose of narco yesterday at 9ish am, took Tylenol as needed but haven't had any since 1am, I drove my kids to school this morning, went to an award assembly, drove my dad to appointments. Now 11am back home. I feel fine massaging the breast, watching tv. I feel normal. Two out of 4 kids do not know or notice anything different. If they can't tell I'm not saying anything. Is this normal. I'm confused I figured I would be in pain in bed for weeks

Picture before and after

Here I am wearing a Walmart sports bra 36C, I was a 34a and got a 36 band for after the surgery just in case it touch my incisions. I love that I have fullness again

1 week post op

Went to my 1 week post op gave a more aggressive massage for 3 times a day for 3 months. I am good don't have no restrictions for work can do what I do to listen to my body, I also went to Victoria Secret to get a bra so when I go back to work next week I can have something versus a plain sports bra they give you. No underwrite No push up they said. Oh I was an A before and I measured 32DD but went for 34 and got 34D, if I stay a D I will be happy but hoping to go down to a C. Lol yes a C that's what I wanted no boob greed here wishing to go bigger. If I knew it would of been this easy of a recovery I would of done this way sooner in my life. Like I almost did 8 years ago. :-)
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