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Hi everyone! I decided to share my journey since...

Hi everyone! I decided to share my journey since reading so many others on here has helped me so much! So a little background, I am 23 and have been wanting an augmentation since I was 16. I waited it out hoping they would grow or that me wanting them was a phase but after 7 years I am deciding to go through with it and I couldn't be more excited!! I am doing 400 in my right and 350 in my left. My doctor chose to go over the muscle due to the fact that I have enough breast tissue and because of the way my rib age is he is worried they will slide off to the side significantly when I lay down if he were to go under the muscle. I was a little concerned about going over because not many people go over but after discussing my concerns with my doctor and researching I feel way better!! I am currently a 32d which sounds big but it is not. I worked for Victoria's Secret for 4 years and if there is one thing I can suggest before your consultation it is go in to VS and get measured so you can understand your actual size and have them explain sizing to you!!! Everyone thinks there's just one standard a, b, c, d cup etc but there is not!! For example a 32dd is the same CUP size as a 34D, only difference being band size is bigger around,so when you just say you want a full D cup there's several different D cup sizes which vary dramatically. Many women would come in to get sized after BA's and end up being a 32dd and would be like omg I only wanted to be a 34D not a double d which I then explain that they are the exact cup size they wanted they just didn't realize they are a 32 around which changes the cup size letters.I posted a pic to help explain but it is very important you understand bra sizing to fully understand what size you want!

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I am 5'7" 130lbs. Will be posting before pictures soon! Only two weeks away from surgery getting a little nervous but mostly excited!

Changed surgery date

So I'm pretty bummed but with starting a new job and moving into a new house in a month and half I had to push my surgery date back in order to be able to take the time off.:( so surgery will be early September, will make it August if work allows. I'm suuuuper bummed :( but I figure if I have waited this long a couple more months won't kill me.
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