Can't Decide Between 4mm and 5mm Permalip

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I am scheduled for January 3rd, however, still...

I am scheduled for January 3rd, however, still battling the decision of what size to get. I would like to go with the 5mm to make the procedure worth it, since my fear is that the 4 mm is playing it too safe and may be too subtle. Although I want to make my mouth bigger, I don't want them to look unnatural or like sausages. I don't have super thin lips, however I have a very narrow mouth that isn't wide, so I'm wondering how the implants would look with the shape of my lips. any feedback is greatly appreciated! Will update!

3-4 hours post op-can't believe I did it!

I am about 3-4 hours post-op and starting to finally feel as though the pin is manageable. When I first got into my car I was still numbed up but the pain was already kicking in and they swelled up right away. I had to say the pain was excruciating for a bit and did not settle until I took some pain meds, that really helped. It's hard to close my mouth all the way and have to force it shut therefore it's hard to swallow. However, definitely easier to close my mouth at the moment and I'm feeling a lot better about things.

As far as the procedure, it went better than I expected. It was a little uncomfortable at first until I told him to numb me more. Then I was amazed at how little I could feel. Couldn't even really feel the tugging. My dr. Recommend going with 4mm since it would create a pocket so that I could then go with the 5mm later on if I still wanted them bigger. Despite this I still decided to go with the 5mm becuase I wanted to see a difference. I may regret this in a week when I need to go back into work and look like sausage lips, but, who knows, maybe, they will turn out better than I expected!

I feel as though the swelling and pain after the procedure was awful I could barely function. So I hope I am past the worst.

Day 2

I woke up with my lips being more swollen then they where the first day, though they are no longer uncomfortable. They are also bruised on the inside of my lips. Eating isn't too difficult as long as I eat soft foods and need to drink carefully with liquids. I am worried about food getting caught in the stitches therefore I try to rinse my mouth under the facet after I eat.
Talking is still very difficult as I can't open my mouth very wide due to the stitches, therefore I have been only mumbling when I need to talk.
The images from today look a bit unsightly. I smeared my lips in tons of aquaphor and also did an at home chemical peel since I am out for a week anyways. Therefore my skin also looks a little rough around the edges.

Day 2

Day 3-about the same....

Swelling has not gone down any, It appears to be about the same? Maybe a little more swollen actually? On the left I can see the implant bowing out more than on the other side, I am hoping this issue resolves as the swelling goes down...

I'm no longer in pain at all, but I have to say the feeling of your lips being numb and so swollen is annoying to deal with. Right now I would really like to be able to 1. Go out in public. I'm getting so bored cooped up at home. 2. Open my mouth so I can talk and eat normally

Lips turning back. Tissue necrosis?

Woke up with the corner of my lip now being black. My lips are not painful but are still raw/sore to touch and feel numb. Really can't wait for this feeling to go away. I'm also nervous that the black on the corner of my lips isn't just bruising and is tissue necrosis due to the implant blocking the blood supply. Just tried contacting ps to see if I need to even worry. The implant is also bulging out on that side so I hope things settle soon ????

Happy with top, bottom still heavily bruised and bulging on one side

It's day 5 and the top is less swollen, while the bottom is about the same.... Still very bruised, and protruding on one side. I tried to cover the bruise with lip color but now the asymmetry on my lips is even more obvious. No way I am leaving the house! I'm getting nervous becuase I am scheduled to work Monday :( I have a feeling the bottom implant is too long so I will bring this up to my ps on Tuesday at my post-op. Still difficult to talk simply becuase the stitches are sore if I laugh or open my mouth. Really wish I could talk normally and brush my teeth...I have kept this a secret so I am nervous to go into work as it is obvious something is seriously wrong with my lips ????

Swelling going down

Day 5 night. Swelling is down a lot, and I am feeling a lot better seeing the results with makeup on finally. I am feeling slightly more optimistic.

Swelling gone down more bottom lip still not right...

My lips now don't seem to be that much bigger than they were previous to getting the implants. To make matters worse, my bottom lip is now distorted and I don't think he made the tunnel even on both sides causing the implant not to fit into the corner of my mouth correctly, thus it is still bulging out. I am only 6 days post op but I feel like this issue won't go away.

Notice how the bruised side of the bottom lip doesn't tapper or fit into the corner of my lip very well...

Not sure whether it needs to be pushed into the corner of my mouth more or if I should try sliding it towards the other side of my mouth. I have a feeling the tunnel wasn't made correctly in that corner

Post op app

Had my post op app today at day 7 and dr says everything looks good! He explained the corner is most likely protruding on the bottom due to swelling still, therefore I hope that's the case! Can't purse my lips together and still looks/feels unnatural when I talk. What exercises did you guys to loosen up your mouth?

Before pic

Earlier I stated i didn't notice much change now that the swelling was going down. However after looking at old photos I now see a huge difference! My lips are more pouty and have a lot more volume, anyone that us seen me the past couple of days has asked me if I did something to my lips.... What I like the most is that my upper lip now seems shorter. However, I am still contemplating getting a lip lift as I still think my lips hang down lower than I like. I have young though and my top teeth do show at rest, so I'm not sure if an ps would follow through with it or not.

Bruising much better today, swelling continues to go down

Suture not sore when I woke up think it is due to suture rubbing against teeth on upper lip after eating or talking. Sometimes gets irritated after eating. Not sure when the sutures are supposed to come out?

Day 10

Ugh. Not sure if it was worth it honestly... Most of the swelling has gone down so now my lips look as they did before with maybe a little bit of filler... The corner of my lip is now also messed up and looks even more ridiculous if I wear lip color (which I need to do since my lips are still terribly bruised.) I have a feeling the tunnel was not made correctly on that side and I am hoping the dr. Will fix it free of charge, he said it is fine and due to swelling. Though I cannot feel the implant in the corner of my lip like I can on the other side, leading me to believe it's not even. I don't go in for another two weeks so I'm wondering if I should call before that Incase the tunnel closes up more??

Full smile

I can now smile fully but it takes a little more effort as my lips still feel like tight bands. I'm confident this will go away in time. Still can't make a kissing face yet, though it's getting better.

With makeup

I do have to say they look much bigger when I'm wearing lip color for some reason. So much so that I don't really like the look. Maybe I'm just not used to it, but had to do for now since Its my first day back to work and don't want people asking about my bruised lips.

I want them removed asap

EVERYONE so far has noticed my lips and that is NOT what I wanted. I wanted to look better but didn't want people to guess I got my lips done. It is very obvious due to the ridge above my lips. I feel very insecure and regret everything. I feel so down about myself and wish I could get them removed as soon as possible. :( I'm not sure what the down time would be if I had them removed I would need to speak with my dr.

I'll be more specific

The implants certainly made my lips bigger and there is a huge difference, so much so that I don't like it and don't think it looks natural. With my profession I do also do not think they are appropriate as they are not conservative enough and I look 'done' even without makeup. Now, some of you, this may be the look you are going for though I wish I would have preceded with more caution before getting the 5mm and perhaps the 4mm would have been enough. Likewise living in the Midwest big lips and injections are not as trendy as certain parts of the u.s. I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. My bottom implant is also still uneven when I smile and sticks out at the edge.

Lips before

They were small but I actually think they suit my face

Day 17 still uneven

Can't wear lip color

My lips look to big and obnoxious if i wear lipgloss or lip color. I used to over line my lips, I can't imagine what I would look like if I did that now. Even clear lip gloss makes me lips look unnatural becuase they look too volumized to be real. Again some people may like this look. But for someone who doesn't want to stand out from the crowd, it's too much.

Feeling a little better about them

So I do think that the bottom implant is still a little uneven in its positioning on the one side, HOwEVER, I do think it is WAY more visible in photos and looks much worse than it is. I believe it's similar to the way cameras captures my nose to make it look more wavy or crooked In pictures if that makes sense? I am still going to ask my dr. To try and fix the one side when I go in in a few weeks. Though I'm starting to realize I'm happier with them than I thought I was just embarrassed and concerned about the opinions of others so much after everyone kept noticing. I do think the swelling has gone down very slightly each day still.

Far away oic

Here's another pic from far away taken around day 14. Here you can see they look a little less crooked. There's still something about my mouth area I'm unhappy with. I think my nasolobial lines and down turned mouth are emphasized. Though these are things I did not like pre-op anyways. Not sure of a good long term solution for those as I don't want to get filler and Botox several times a year for the rest of my life (I'm only 23) I have thought about cheek implants as a permanent solution, though wouldn't that make my already full chubby face even fuller?

Much more even

So the swelling has continued to go down, thank god. I can tell the one side is much less uneven in person and in pictures. It's certainly not perfect but I k ow my lips weren't perfectly symmetrical to begin with, nor is the rest of my face. I've had a few more people notice them saying "your lips look good!" As in the new I us to have done something. But I am starting to accept it and just own it, many girls wish to be able to do this themselves. I can definitely feel the implant on one side of my lips if I run my tongue along it and not in the other side, therefore I'm surprised you can't see a very prominent difference in appearance on either side. I think overall my lips look great, though I'm not quite sure yet if they suit ME. When I go in for another app I'm going to request to see my before and after a so I can compare them. Maybe I am being to scrupulous, but becuase my lips are so pouty it creates a deep valley where it dips low between my lips and nasolobial folds, which I think looks a bit odd and add added attention to that area. I know my nasolobial folds weren't made bigger but are more obvious since this area used to be flat below my nose and now has an obvious curve. I know I could fix this with filler but I want a more permanent solution since I'm young. It's almost like you need several more procedures to adapt the changes your face makes with one! I'm still really contemplating a nose job as I have wanted one for about 10 years and it still hasn't slipped my mind. Though that's more $$$. I have a feeling that procedure would really change my face the most and make me the most satisfied.

Some more befores

My lips were really small before however I think they fit my face better. I think sometimes we take for granted the features we have

Smile now

Not sure if they look right with my cabbage patch cheeks. Too much puffiness/fullness going on down there

Still can't decide if I like them

I feel like sometimes they look crooked and sometimes they look alright but not great. You can tell in one of these pictures they actually do look crooked and I'm not making a face. They also hang wierd when my mouth is relaxed. I almost feel as if they are too heavy for my face. I think if they tapered into the corners on my mouth more they would look better. I'm getting a consultation for rhinoplasty in a month and will also consider either buccal fat removal or cheek implants for the fullness in my lower face and nasolobial folds

My mouth looks "saggy"

I'm only 23... I feel like the area around my mouth ages me so much. Really wish I could see my before and after

A lot happier!

So it's almost a month and I'm feeling like my lips are starting to become more a part of me. I think I freaked out at first becuase I was used to my old lips and the implants have changed my face a lot. I can tell they will stil continue to improve and become more natural, each day they feel and function more and more like my old lips. After playing around with some apps I think the thing I am not liking is my recessed chin and the fact that my now big bottom lip draws added attention to this. I think my lower face looks a lot more balanced if my chin were to project more and the pre-jowl sulcus area where to be filled in. I already had a ps mention that my pre-jowl sulcus was weak in a consultation. I am now considering moving forward with that operation. What do you think? I made a simulated before and after below

Check out the difference! Taken only month apart.

Only change was addition of implants

went back to unsure

my lips are def bigger but not convinced yet that I like this look on ME. My Dr. wants me to come back in 8 weeks to see how they are healing but he now agrees they are a bit uneven. He said the best thing to do would be to remove the bottom implant, let them heal, and then redo them. Now I am getting a rhino and buccal fat removal done in early may by a diff doctor. I am not super happy with my lips, but I do not think they look so terrible that they need to be removed or replaced right away. So far my feelings for them are "meh" don't LOVE them, but they also don't bother me. I also don't think they make me anymore unattractive, nor add to my appearance. I regret not getting a rhino right off the bat instead of some other small procedure that I think could benefit me. I am hoping my rhino and buccal fat removal will help change my appearance in the way I want it too. Perhaps in a year or two I will decide I am ready to revise my lips. I think when I do I will probably go down to the 4mm becuase I dont thin the 5mm suits my face and now actually prefer the small pouty mouth I had before. The 5mm definitely gave my lips a wider appearance, that I actually wanted in the first place since I hated how small my mouth was. Now I want that back.

Not sure


Issues: Bottom implant healed unevenly. Self conscious of my mouth. Lip corners turn down even more now. Nasolobial folds emphasized now.

Before my mouth was small but it had a nicer shape. I am getting them removed as soon as I can get time off to recover. Really really wish I would have done an upper lip lift instead...
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