Restalyne for Tear Trough Correction

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This is my second time having tear trough filler...

This is my second time having tear trough filler with Dr. Hayes. I was very pleased with my results the first time and I have no doubt I'll be pleased this time as well. I decided to write a review because I see many people panicking after tear trough filler. The swelling, bruising and fluid retention in the area really freaks some people out. It's very common to not look fantastic in the first few days following the procedure. The eye area is delicate, you've had a needle or a blunt tipped cannula in your face causing trauma - swelling is very probable. Calm down, ice the area and be patient. I'm including photos of my progression in the hopes that it will help someone to feel better. I didn't look pretty the first time I had this done & I don't look pretty today, I'm a sweller and my skin is thin. I bruise easily. It gets better, I promise. I'll track my progression for you :)

48 hours after injections

I wish these photos truly captured how I look, but they don't. I look better in the photos, I think the flash takes away some of my swelling. The bruising is nearly gone. The swelling had gone down a lot when I woke up this morning. It's much better but I still look weird. The photo doesn't do it justice. There's a hard, full, puffy area under each eye. Most patients start to worry that it's been overfilled, but this is the point where you just have to stay calm and give it more time. I know it's swelling because it's still tender. I think it's the path the cannula traveled to get to my tear trough area. The entire area is still really squishy and weird feeling, my cheekbones are hiding under the swelling and my face looks a bit flat and odd. But it's a huge improvement from yesterday and I know it will be even better tomorrow. I've been icing, taking Arnica and drinking tons of water.

Day 4 - I'm doing well !

Alright, update time. I had my tear troughs filled on Tuesday afternoon and it's now Friday morning. I slept elevated again which I don't enjoy at all but it really helps with the swelling. The Arnica and lots of water helped the bruising tremendously. Some areas are tender still and I can feel the swelling under my skin but it's improved significantly and I'm really happy. I'm much closer to seeing my final result and I'm so relieved the swelling is diminishing. It gets scary, you look at your face and you pray it's just swelling, not overfill. Even though I've been through this before & know what to expect, it's hard to stay calm and wait.


I wanted to share photos from last time, I think I'm recovering faster this time. Because I had never had this done before, I was really worried about my swelling. I worried it was filler causing the lumps, I worried it wouldn't go away, I was scared that my results wouldn't be what I wanted. It all turned out wonderfully.

Day five - just a bit of bruising left

Hi, it's day five for me and my swelling is gone. I have a bit of greenish yellow bruising in a couple places, easily covered by makeup. I took a photo in my car, in natural light, so you can really see my results.

Tomorrow will be one week since my injections

I'm all back to normal, no swelling or bruising anymore. I still feel a little tender when I wash my face, maybe there's still some bruising deep inside. I'm totally happy with the results :)

One Year Update

It's been a year and my filler is still looking great. I haven't had to refresh it and I don't feel like I've lost much volume.
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Dr. Hayes is great, very professional and highly skilled. His staff is wonderful as well.

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